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Mask Surf Lite: Surf With Anonymous Credentials To Protect Privacy

We have previously explained the benefits of anonymous browsing in a number of our posts. Concealing your actual credentials is a much safer way to browse the internet, rather than exposing your actual IP address and other information across the web. This is because, phishing websites and hackers attempt to log your location and online credentials for malicious purposes, and spyware, applications and harmful codes require personal IP addresses to initiate attacks. Therefore, using an anonymous proxy can protect you against such malicious agents by providing them with alternative credentials. Mask Surf Lite is an anonymous web browsing application that cloaks your identity from and enables you to browse the internet by concealing your location and other login credentials.

It must be noted that Mask Surf Lite is the free version of the Mask Surf application, and upon startup, you will be asked to either select the 15-day trial or the free version. Select the free version and click OK to proceed further. This will take you to the main interface, from where  you can enable anonymous browsing for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Unfortunately, Opera is not included in the list.

Mask Surf Lite

Mask Surf also automatically erases your online traces after each online session (e.g., cookies and history records). Many of the free feature are not available in the free version, including custom selection of a location, enable the use of only those anonymous relays whose speed exceeds a certain limit, and online credential masking. However, some of the more common features, like configuring manual proxy settings and custom port can be set in the free version as well (from Tools –> Options). Unlike other application of it’s kind, like Tunnel Bear and Surf Anonymous Free, it does not provide access to location restricted websites, but rather, focuses on concealing your online credentials for online security and privacy.


Mask Surf Light works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Mask Surf Light

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