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Advanced Onion Router: A Client For TOR Network To Enable Proxy

Onion routing is an anonymous communication technique, where message are encrypted and sent through several network nodes called onion routers. The idea behind onion routing is to protect the privacy of the sender and recipient of a message, as well as securing messages across a network. Advanced Onion Router is a portable client for the onion routing network, which is able to force applications and plugins to use the TOR proxy, even if the network is using a separate proxy. It is meant to be an alternative to TOR, Vidalia and Privoxy bundle. Before reading the functionality of the Advanced Onion Router, you can also check out information about TOR and onion routing, in our guide here.

Advanced Onion Router provides the option to configure your proxy port, proxy address, as well as run and intercept programs. You can specify banned IPs, HTTP headers, select bandwidth limitations (from Connections section), select bridge relays and encrypted directory connections (from Bypass ISP filtering).

AdvOR by Albu Cristian, 2009-2011

Once done, click Connect to get connected to the TOR network.


Additionally, you can refresh network information after connectivity (from Authorities), select router restrictions, including disabling the public key, update banned and favorite routers, configure circuit build settings, generate new identity seeds and configure other settings like plugin settings, IP blacklist, etc. You can also save your current settings and minimize Advanced Onion Router to the system tray.

AdvOR by Albu Cristian, 2009-2011

To conceal credentials, users can advertise a random operating system and TOR version, enable hardware acceleration for cryptographic functions, enter a control port, as well as set custom hotkeys for  hiding and restoring OR window, new identity creation, interception and releasing focused applications.

AdvOR Random

It must be noted that you will require exiting Advanced Onion Router (after disconnecting the connection) to regain your old network configurations. Unfortunately, Advanced Onion Router does not come with any useful documentation, and users who may not be acquainted to The Onion Router (TOR), will find this application to be of little or no use. Advanced Onion Router works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Advanced Onion Router

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