Use A Facebook Messenger Bot To Set Reminders

Facebook's Messenger Bots are so far being used to deliver news or provide customer support but they have the potential to do so more than that. Meet Jarvis; a Facebook Messenger bot that you can use to set reminders for yourself. The reminders are sent to you over Messenger and you will get them on both your desktop and your phone. The reminders can be set for a particular day or for a relative time such as ten minutes from now. Jarvis relies on your time zone to send you reminders. Here's how it works.Read More

Set Periodic Reminders For Taking Your Medication [iOS]

Reminder apps are a popular sub-category of productivity apps. These apps focus on organizing tasks and to-dos into smart lists that make it easier to keep track of the nature of the many tasks you need to do. Round is free reminder app for iOS with a very specific purpose; it remidns you to take your meds. If you're on any type of medication, especially if it's more than one type of pill, the app will let you add individual reminders for each one. It can add medicine from its existing database and you can specify the quantity (in mg) you have to take each time. Once you've taken a doze, you can mark the reminder complete.Read More

Create To-Do Items From An Email And Add Them To Your Calendar [iOS]

Reminder apps and To-do lists are an area where innovation is difficult. Just about every imaginable way of remembering to do things, or trying to be productive with lists and alarms has been developed. You can always improve on an existing concept but it is hard to think of something truly original. Google tried its hand at making email more manageable with its recent Inbox app. Something developed along those same lines is Handle, a free reminder app for iOS that can connect with your email account and create reminders from any email. In addition to email, the app can also connect with the Calendar app on your iOS device and let you create events from the email or add ones that aren't tied down to one.Read More

RemindMeAgain Repeats iOS Reminder Notifications Every Few Minutes

Ever since alarms started showing up in mobile phones, the snooze capability has been there for those of us who want just a few more minutes of sleep before we get up. Reminders and alarms aren't too different in theory, but you rarely see a reminder repeatedly nagging you to pay attention to it, especially if you use the stock Reminders app for iOS. Like any other app, Reminders just displays one notification banner when a task’s deadline arrives, and that’s it (unless you go to the Notification Center). A few weeks back, we told you about a solution to a similar problem on OS X, and now there is a new tweak in the Cydia store that shares the OSX app’s name and purpose. RemindMeAgain for jailbroken iOS devices makes sure that users keep getting notification banners from the Reminders app until they mark a task as completed. You get to choose the exact time interval after which the notification is repeated, making the whole operation really smooth.Read More

Temporarily Archive & Set Followup Reminders For Emails In Gmail [Chrome]

Reading all your new email messages everyday is a routine task that many do without any trouble. The real problem with email is remembering to reply to an important email or to follow up on one that you’ve sent. We’ve covered some reminder tools to help you manage follow ups. MailFred is a Chrome extension with the same purpose. It integrates itself in Gmail’s interface and allows you to schedule reminders for any received email. The reminder can be set for as early as 4 hours from the time it is set, to any future date. This is, of course, typical of such a tool; what sets MailFred apart is that when you schedule a reminder, the email itself can be archived, marked as unread, moved to your inbox, or starred. That is, you can choose to either keep an email out of your inbox until it is time to reply to it or follow up on it, or you can keep it marked as unread and in your inbox until you are finished with it.Read More

Task Paper Lets You Set A To-Do List As Your iPhone’s Wallpaper

Just yesterday, we covered the Reminders+ Cydia tweak that allows you to pin any reminder to their iPhone’s lock screen. Though being a Cydia tweak, you need to jailbreak your iOS device in order to install it. If you don't want to go through that and void your warranty, fret not - we've got an app for you that accomplishes something similar, albeit in a different manner. Task Paper adds full to-do lists to the lock screen or Springboard of your iDevice by converting the lists into customizable wallpapers that can be applied to your device like any ordinary image. The app does have its obvious limitations like the extra step involved to apply the wallpaper but in the end, it gets the job done.Read More

Pin Any Reminder To The iPhone Lock Screen With Reminders+

Setting an alarm for important tasks is useful to a certain extent but if you really want to get something done, persistent nagging often does the trick. Apple seems to realize that, as is evident from the constant presence of upcoming reminders in the Notification Center. While the idea is great, not everyone visits the Notification Center regularly. Your iPhone’s lock screen, on the other hand, comes into view quite frequently. Now, users of jailbroken iDevices have an easy way of pinning any reminder they want to the lock screen of their iPhone, thanks to a new Cydia tweak, Reminders+. Reminders+ calls this list of lock screen reminders 'Bulletin', and they are not shown in the form of lock screen notifications, so you don’t have to worry about inadvertently launching the Reminders app through them. Read More

Send Content From Web To Android As Notifications Using PushBullet

Android users who want to be reminded about their most important tasks, notes and to-do lists via custom notifications have several apps available for the purpose, such as Lotify, Notif and ReNotify. All three of these take full advantage of the rich notifications announced in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. While it’s pretty useful to be able to compose personalized notifications from your Android device itself, what's even more convenient is being able to do so straight from your desktop browser. This is precisely the idea behind PushBullet – a free web app that allows you to remotely push custom notifications from a desktop browser straight to your Android device over the internet. Of course, you’ll need the PushBullet mobile app running on your Android device in order to receive all the remotely pushed content.Read More

Create Scheduled Notification Panel Reminders With Lotify For Android

The Android notification bar provides you with a quick and convenient means to take a peek at all your important phone, social media and other events and updates. Be it the app update notifications from the Play Store, your upcoming calendar event, a missed called alert or a critical system upgrade notification, the bar serves as a dedicated spot on your device to remind you about virtually every important thing. With the previously reviewed ReNotify, we have already seen a very handy solution to create multiple custom notification bar alerts that can keep you apprised of your important tasks/notes without requiring you to rely on any overly complicated alarm, to-lo list management or reminder apps. New to the market, Lotify is yet another app belonging to said genre that can be called an enhanced variant of ReNotify. Besides supporting almost all the core features of the aforementioned app, Lotify brings to the table certain subtle personalization tweaks, as well as the option to create scheduled notification bar alerts.Read More

ReNotify Adds Notes Or Reminders To The Android Notification Panel

The Google Play Store is filled with all sorts of Android alarm, notification and reminder apps, but if you wish to be reminded of your most important tasks via personalized toast alerts or status bar notifications, you’d be hard-pressed to find solutions that are better or more convenient than previously-reviewed apps, toastr and Notif. While the former displays a user-defined text message via a customizable toast notification each time the device is unlocked, the latter allows you to generate custom status bar notifications. The catch with Notif, however, is that it’s meant to take advantage of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean’s expandable notifications, meaning that a large contingent of Android users out there is still unable to benefit from the app’s features. Envy not, as we have found a handy alternative that is compatible with any device rocking Android 2.2 or higher. ReNotify is a free Android app that allows creating custom status bar notifications, thereby helping you with staying apprised of your most important tasks via notification drawer alerts.Read More

Set Follow-Up Reminders For Important Emails With RSVP For OS X

Going through every unread email in your inbox everyday is how many people start the day, but going through new mail isn’t enough. Often emails from the previous day need to be followed up on, and it takes time to go through the old ones too to check which ones you were expecting a reply for. Even if you overlook the time you spend going through these emails, you can’t brush off the consequences of overlooking important emails, which is why you need a smarter way to keep track of them. RSVP is a Mac app, worth $1.99 on the Mac App Store, that lets you keep track of emails you haven’t received a reply for yet, so that you may send a follow-up mail to check on your recipient. The app beats out general reminder apps as it works with the Mail app and doesn’t ask you to copy a message to it first. It links to the original email so you don’t have to search for it when a reminder pops up. Reminders can be deactivated or snoozed.Read More

Sticky Notifications Lets You Pin Reminders To The OS X Notification Center

The human brain is a funny thing; it has the ability to remember the most horrific and embarrassing things about your life but will immediately forget something important and crucial. To deal with this behavior, people do everything from setting up reminders to using sticky notes and even tying strings around their fingers. What’s common among most reminder apps is that they are meant to remind you something at a defined time but forgetfulness doesn’t always give you a date. You might be working on something and perhaps you have a great idea that you need to get down on paper but get called away from your desk before you can. Sticky Notifications is a free Mac app (with a paid version available for $3) that is a reminder app for the present. The app is for recording an idea that you can easily view via the Notification Center the second you return to your desk. The free variant has no ads but will remind you occasionally to buy the full version.Read More

627.AM: Alarm App For Windows Phone With Weather & To-Do List Integration

The alarm clock functionality in Windows Phone 7 is enough to get the job done on most occasions, but it is very basic in its overall outlook, and does not have any extra features included either. You can use any feature phone to wake you up on time as well, so shouldn’t there be something extra in a smartphone’s alarm clock? If you agree with this, then you are sure to love 627.AM. It is a WP7 app that adds a lot of spice and usefulness to the concept of having an alarm clock on your Mango phone. 627.AM doesn’t just wake you up; it helps you get your day started properly. Most people take a look at the weather forecast soon after waking up, and with this handy little app, you will be presented with the temperature stats with each alarm, so that you don’t have to go to a separate app just to gauge the weather. Not only that, you can also create small to-do lists and pin them to the app’s main screen. This way, you can always be aware of your schedule for the day.Read More

Nextcall: Schedule Call Reminders For Individual Contacts [Android]

You may have hundreds of contacts stored on your smartphone’s address book. Some of them might belong to your social circles, while others could be business clients. Staying in touch with both types of contact groups on a frequent basis is equally important. As long as you can manage to remember whom to call when and how frequently, life is easy, but the problem arises when this list expands, and you’re required to remember calling preferences for each individual contact. This is where Nextcall steps in. Fresh to the Google Play Store, this free Android app brings forth a very simple yet effective purpose of keeping you informed about when you last called your contacts, and more importantly, when should you be contacting them next. To help you achieve said task effectively, Nextcall maintains separate logs for all calls made to your personal as well as business contacts, and lets you define default call scheduling preferences for both supported contact groups. The least contacted numbers are listed at the top, and you have the option to specify custom call reminders for every single contact.Read More

NotifyMe: Sync Reminders Between iPad, iPhone & Mac via The Cloud

You can use many different apps on iOS devices to create and manage your reminders and alarms (including the stock Reminders app in iDevices), but NotifyMe is an app that brings a whole new dimension to this genre of apps. NotifyMe might look like just another reminders app on the surface, but it offers a feature that really does make it stand out among the crowd. Using NotifyMe, you can sync your reminders across all your Apple devices with complete ease. The service has apps for iPhone and Mac, and whenever a reminder is created on your iPad, it is synced to the cloud and will instantly appear on your phone and computer if you are signed in to the same account across all devices. NotifyMe for iPad also offers some pretty good cosmetic features, and you can customize your reminders pretty thoroughly.Read More

LocKIEBuzzr: Location-Based Reminder App With Multimedia Notes [Android]

When it comes to note-taking and reminder-based apps, most users prefer simplicity over extensively feature-laden options. The logic behind this is quite clear, too, for the simpler such apps are, the easier it is for the users to avail the maximum out of them. Fresh to the Google Play Store, LocKIEBuzzr is one such location and time-based Android alarm app that combines pleasant aesthetics with ample functionality. Unlike most others apps that are based around the same concept, LocKIEBuzzr lets you create several custom folders that you can use to store your reminders accordingly. You can create reminders for a specific time, location or using a combination of both. Each reminder can be further supplemented with a relevant voice message, photo, text description and more. The app also sports a multipurpose homescreen widget that keeps you informed of the upcoming reminders and unread text messages, lets you create new photo, voice and text-based notes, and allows tagging current location to drafts (for easy reminder additions) with a mere tap.Read More

Easy Alarm Clock For Android Offers Multiple Alarm Presets & Widgets

If you find adding your task reminders and alarms to your current Android alarm clock app more hectic than the tasks themselves, you need to take a look at Easy Alarm Clock. The app is exactly what its name says: an extremely easy and user-friendly alarm clock app for your Android device. It makes the task of managing your various alarms and reminders immensely easy by presenting multiple alarm presets and homescreen widgets. All it requires you to do is just feed the task/event details to the relevant preset, and have your reminders finalized. In addition, it offers plenty of customizable options for your alarm sounds, titles, notes, reminder types, repetition intervals, volume levels etc. More than any other facet, it’s the app’s simplest way to keep you apprised of your upcoming reminders that makes it a true blessing, especially if you have too many reminders to take care of in a short span of time.Read More

toastr: Get Important Reminders via Custom Toast Notifications Upon Unlocking Your Android Device

It’s amazing as to how a simple little mobile app can prove to be a lifesaver under various circumstances. Take toastr for instance. This extremely lightweight Android app lets users define a custom text message that will automatically show up as a toast notification for a set duration whenever you unlock your device. What this means is that you’ll never miss out an important reminder again in a hurry, since the message itself will always be right before your eyes each time you unlock your phone. Whether it’s an important task related to the mobile device itself, or just a routine matter that you want to be reminded of at frequent intervals, you can trust toastr to be your companion in any situation. Imagine the convenience of receiving the most important notifications right on your Android device’s homescreen without having to set up multiple alarms or resorting to various to-do managers. Details to follow.Read More

days For iPhone & iPad Reminds You Of & Counts Down To The Days Left To Any Event

days is a reminders app for iOS, but there are a lot of those already out there, aren't there? So, what makes it special when there are thousands of other to-do apps in the App Store, and since iDevices even have a stock Reminders app that is pretty good. days is different from all these owing to the fact that it doesn’t remind you of your tasks just at the eleventh hour, it builds up to each event, counting down the number of days to go. It is also a useful app if you want to quickly calculate the exact age of any event or person, and the app certainly has the potential of becoming your default to-do list.Read More

TimeTask: Task Manager With Built-In Music Player, Shutdown Timer & File/Application Launcher

With each passing day, the pace of life is increasing all over the world for most of us. Compared to our ancestors, we are required to perform a lot more in much less time. With so many things to do in a day, one sometimes forgets about the all the tasks one has to perform. Nowadays, it is almost a must to have a good task reminder to help you remember and manage yourself efficiently. We have covered some very good task managers for both Windows and Mobile platforms, such as Conqu (reviewed here) and Concenturio (reviewed here). Today, we have another task manager called TimeTask that combines the features of a task manager, music player, shutdown timer and timed application launcher. More on TimeTask after the jump.Read More