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Use A Facebook Messenger Bot To Set Reminders

Facebook’s Messenger Bots are so far being used to deliver news or provide customer support but they have the potential to do so more than that. Meet Jarvis; a Facebook Messenger bot that you can use to set reminders for yourself. The reminders are sent to you over Messenger and you will get them on both your desktop and your phone. The reminders can be set for a particular day or for a relative time such as ten minutes from now. Jarvis relies on your time zone to send you reminders. Here’s how it works.

Visit Jarvis and click the ‘Talk to him on Messenger’ button. You will be redirected to the Messenger web app. Assuming you’re signed in, you will need to send Jarvis a message first. Messenger bots aren’t allowed to send users messages as a rule unless they initiate a conversation first.

Hello Jarvis

When you first say ‘Hi’ to Jarvis, it will ask you for your current city to set the timezone. Reply to the message with your city and country of residence. Jarvis will reply with a confirmation message and you can now set a reminder.

Tell Jarvis to remind you to do something either on a day e.g., Monday, or a date e.g., May 16, 2016, or on day and at a particular time. You can also set a reminder for a relative time e.g., remind to call mom after ten minutes.

jarvis set reminder

When your reminder is due, you will get a message from Jarvis that will appear on your desktop (if you have desktop notifications enabled), the tab you have Messenger open in will also alert you of the new message, and if you have the Messenger app installed on your iPhone or Android phone, you will likewise receive a reminder message from Jarvis on it.

To change your timezone or view all the reminders you’ve currently set, type Help and send it to Jarvis. It will reply with buttons for viewing reminders and changing the timezone. It seems you cannot delete individual reminders and can only delete them all at once.

This is hands down an excellent example of how great and exceptionally useful a Messenger Bot can be. Color me impressed.

Visit Jarvis

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