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Task Paper Lets You Set A To-Do List As Your iPhone’s Wallpaper

Just yesterday, we covered the Reminders+ Cydia tweak that allows you to pin any reminder to their iPhone’s lock screen. Though being a Cydia tweak, you need to jailbreak your iOS device in order to install it. If you don’t want to go through that and void your warranty, fret not – we’ve got an app for you that accomplishes something similar, albeit in a different manner. Task Paper adds full to-do lists to the lock screen or Springboard of your iDevice by converting the lists into customizable wallpapers that can be applied to your device like any ordinary image. The app does have its obvious limitations like the extra step involved to apply the wallpaper but in the end, it gets the job done.

Task Paper iOS Home Task Paper iOS List Task Paper iOS Settings

Task Paper has a couple of example lists on its home screen. To create one of your own, tap the ‘+’ button in the top-right corner. If you toggle the ‘Extended Keyboard’ option on in the settings menu, you can add numbers and Emoji in task descriptions or list titles as well. The app also has an Auto Correct toggle of its own.

Task Paper works like a standalone task management app. When creating a to-do list, just keep typing your entries, hitting the return key after each, and a checkbox will automatically appear next to each of the added entries. To mark tasks as done in bulk, use the checkmark icon in the bottom bar. It is also possible to view pending and completed tasks separately, using the ‘all’ and ‘todo’ filters.

Task Paper iOS Preview Task Paper iOS Color Task Paper iOS Lockscreen

Once you are satisfied with your task list, hit the small arrow icon at the bottom-right. There are two options available there; you can create a wallpaper featuring the list, or you can mail the list to anyone. The mail option is pretty neat, even letting you edit the tasks within the message before you send it, but the real usefulness of Task Paper lies in the wallpaper option.

When you create a wallpaper, all pending tasks of the current list are added to it. There are a few suitable images available within the app, but you can also import the wallpaper image from your camera roll, simply by tapping the ‘Photos’ button. Task Paper provides you with a full color palette to pick the text color for the tasks list on the wallpaper.

Once you have everything set to your satisfaction, hit the save button. You will now have the tasks list wallpaper available in the camera roll, and you can apply it as your lock screen or SpringBoard wallpaper, although the former option seems to be way more useful.

The biggest hassle you’ll experience with this app is that upon marking any task as done after creating a wallpaper, you’ll have to create a new wallpaper to reflect the changes on your lock screen or Springboard. Though this is entirely due to the app restrictions set by Apple that prevent regular apps from directly modifying lock screen or Springboard background and content.

Task Paper is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, and although you can apply wallpapers created through it to an iPad, the images appear a bit fuzzy on the larger screen. Like any decent To-Do app, Task Paper sports a badge to indicate the total number of pending tasks in all the lists saved in it. Task Paper works only on iOS 6, and can be downloaded for free using the link below.

Download Task Paper For iOS

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