Automatically Remove Duplicate Contacts From Outlook 2010 Folders [Add-in]

Although Outlook 2010 allows users to import contacts from numerous email services, it doesn’t provide an option to automatically detect and remove duplicate entries. For this reason, if you’ve imported contacts from multiple accounts, then you must’ve been dealing with a lot of duplicate contact entries. Since it’s practically quite tedious to select each duplicate entry, and then delete it from Outlook Address Book, we recommend using Remove Duplicate Contacts for this very purpose. It’s small add-in for MS Outlook that automates the process of deleting duplicate contacts from specified Outlook native and configured email accounts’ folders. Additionally, it provides a one-click duplicate contact cleaning option to quickly remove the duplicates in one go. Read More

Duplicate Line Finder Compares & Joins Text Files With Duplicates

Consider yourself in a situation where you are writing a code and you want line by line comparison of two different versions of files to check duplication. Would you open both the files side by side and check each line of code? Duplicate Line Finder is an application made for comparing and identifying duplicates in two text based files. The application is backed by two duplicate identification methods; by Word and by Line. You can either set it to find the duplicate lines in provided files or choose to find and strip only duplicate words. It offers some complementary duplicate finding options to create different versions of both files, such as, Strip Internal Duplicates, Build Excluded Versions, and Build Join Versions. The two file versions (with duplicates included and duplicates excluded) will help you compare both processed text files side by side. Moreover, it has the ability to join both types (text file with duplicates and text file without duplicates) of text file versions, separately. Read More

WeeDuplicateDetective – Delete Duplicate Files By Size, Name & Content

Many duplicate finders search for files only by their name or size. This limits the potential of such applications as sometimes a file containing the same or similar content can have a different size or name. For this reason, it can be quite effective if a tool can locate duplicate files not only by size and name but also by content. WeeDuplicateDetective is duplicate file removing utility which provides the option to locate duplicate files from specified folder according to file name, size and content. All duplicate files are displayed in convenient sub-menus with the option to move (to a directory) or delete the selected files. Read More

SimilarImages – Define Similarity Threshold To Find Duplicate Images

Duplicate image finder applications are backed by an algorithm which runs over all specified image folder to show information related with duplicate images and allows you to remove them, but what about all those photos which are not similar but get indexed? It often happens that duplicate image removers show images, which are actually not similar, as duplicates due to inefficiency of algorithms they depend upon. SimilarImages is developed to lets you define image similarity threshold to index only those image files which you want to remove off the system. Read More

AllDup Scans Every Data Byte-by-Byte To Find And Remove Duplicate Files

If you’ve found some duplicate files while visually scanning different folders, it’s an indication that all the drives must be checked for the duplicate files and folders. Before choosing a duplicate file cleaner, do check that to which extent it can search and apply filters using regular expressions and if it considers NTFS junctions as duplicate or not. AllDup offers a quick way of finding and removing duplicate files while supporting almost multiple types of filters to narrow down the search. It was developed to be light on system resources, so you can carry on with your work during the scanning process. An option to include or exclude NTFS junction points is also available to include or exclude folders from scanning which are referring to other (linked) folders. With AllDup, you can define search criteria according to your system current state. You can for instance choose to thoroughly scan the system for duplicate files by enabling file content byte-by-byte compare option or check most recently added folders and files only. Read More

Outlook Automatic Duplicate Remover

Sometime Outlook folders are overwhelmed by loads of data, containing lot of duplicates content, such as, emails, attachments, contacts, notes, and so on. Removing them manually can get very frantic and tedious. AODR is a free, portable tool which facilitates users to remove duplicate content in Outlook, it has a dead simple, nifty and intuitive interface, which lets you to choose folders to scan and remove duplicates from Outlook 2010/2007/2003. Read More

Clean Up Ubuntu & Remove Duplicates With FSlint (FileSystem Lint)

FSlint (FileSystem Lint) is a cool application which lets you identify and remove duplicates from your Ubuntu system. It is a very powerful and rich tool that has the capacity to find duplicate files, installed packages, bad name clashes, temp files, bad links, empty directories, and redundant whitespace.  Go through the following simple steps to install and use it. Read More

Remove Duplicate Music Files With Similarity

Removing Duplicate music files is nothing new, we have covered two posts before on removing duplicate audio files. Both DoubleKiller and Audio Comparer can find and remove similar audio files. But since no specific tool is 100% accurate in removing duplicate music files, it is always safe to test multiple software. Similarity is free tool for Windows that uses three different algorithms to find duplicate music files. These algorithms are content based, tags based and experimental respectively. It supports the following file formats, MP3, MP2, OGG, WMA, ASF, FLAC, APE, WF, and WMA, and the following tags ID3v1, ID3v2, ASF, WMA, and Vorbis. Read More

How To Find And Remove Duplicate Audio Files

There are plenty of audio tools out there which let you remove duplicate music or audio files. But these tools compare audio files by their name, tag, artist, etc which is not an accurate method. What if you have two similar audio files under completely different names? This is where Audio Comparer comes in. It actually listens to your music or audio files and compare them based on the audio content. This process is obviously a little slow, but the results are very accurate. Read More

Find And Remove Duplicate Videos, Songs, Pictures, And Documents Instantly

There comes a time when our hard disk becomes cluttered. There are multiple files lying around and we don’t know about it. Sometimes we download a software and few months later a new version is launched and we forget to delete the old setup file. Sometimes we have a same song, picture, or document in multiple directories. Having duplicate files can consume a good amount of hard disk space. Read More

Find And Remove Duplicate Files Instantly

The availability of internet has made it possible for us to download almost unlimited number of files, and since the size of hard disks are huge it is almost impossible to find duplicated files. Sometimes there can be 2 or 3 similar files scattered around different drives and folders. In large numbers, these duplicate files can take quite a bit of hard disk space. Read More