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Clean Up Ubuntu & Remove Duplicates With FSlint (FileSystem Lint)

FSlint (FileSystem Lint) is a cool application which lets you identify and remove duplicates from your Ubuntu system. It is a very powerful and rich tool that has the capacity to find duplicate files, installed packages, bad name clashes, temp files, bad links, empty directories, and redundant whitespace.  Go through the following simple steps to install and use it.

Open the terminal and run the following command to install it:

sudo apt-get install fslint

Once the installation is completed then you can launch it from Applications->System Tools->FSlint.


You will see different buttons for every search option on the left sidebar, choose any one as per your requirement and then add the search directory by clicking the Add button. Once done, click the Find button.  FSlint will go over the specified directory and display the search results according to your criteria.

FSLint duplicates

Click the Delete button to remove the duplicate items.  If you want to apply some specific patterns then  go to the Advanced Search Parameters tab.

Advanced Search

That’s it. Enjoy!

Advanced Search options

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