Disable Spelling & Grammar Check For A Paragraph In MS Word

Last week, we showed you how to disable spelling and/or grammar checks in MS Word for an entire document without turning it off for every document. While it may be useful to turn spell-check off for a document, the chances that you write one where it's completely useless or more of a hindrance than a helping tool are small. What you're more likely to find yourself writing is a document where portions of it need to be excluded from the spelling and grammar check while others need it. Here's how you can disable it for portions of a document but keep it running for the document on a whole.Read More

Disable Spelling & Grammar Checks In A Specific MS Word Document

MS Word is one of the most sophisticated word processors available in the market today. I'd say Pages is just as good but I'd be lying. You can use MS Word to write reports, make your CV, write up a great paper with citations and captioned images, insert a smart table of contents and even a table of figures, and much more. With it having so many great tools it makes it perfect for just about any sort of writing. Now imagine Tolkien writing one his epic books in MS Word and you know it would have more red than the flag of Turkey. Sometimes the grammar and spell check in MS Word saves our lives but at other times, it can be simply annoying. If you find you're writing something where the tool is a hindrance, here's how you can disable it for just that one document.Read More

Add New Words Or Edit Current Ones In Your Browser’s Dictionary

The world would be a terrible dark, and exceptionally misunderstood place if there were no spell check to help us sound articulate. Internet  Explorer, Chrome and Firefox all have a built-in spell check feature that underlines misspelled words. If you right-click on a word, you will be given options for what the correct spelling of the word browser thinks you were trying to type. This is super handy but what do you do if you want to add a new word to the browser's dictionary or remove a word from it?Read More

tinySpell Is A Lightweight Universal Spell Checker For Windows

Spell checking feature is usually incorporated in word processors, web browsers and feature-rich text editors, but it can't hurt to have it accessible across your entire operating system. If you are using Windows, tinySpell is a small application that will add this power to every application, utility as well as system wide locations of the OS. This small tool is fairly handy for ensuring you don't get your spelling wrong even in the most basic and sparse of tools like Notepad, which has always lacked this option. Furthermore, tinySpell also works even when you’re just renaming a file or folder on your computer, helping you quickly rectify any spelling mistakes on the fly.Read More

Smart Spellchecker Corrects Grammar & Adds A Handy Thesaurus To Chrome

There are two things you can find in abundance on the internet; bad grammar and grammar Nazis. English dominates when it comes to the internet and there is little tolerance for bad spelling and incorrect usage of words. Spell check in your browser has probably saved you tons of embarrassment when it comes to emails and social media updates but it has its limitations and the dictionary that browsers use isn’t really updated frequently leaving out many words that evolve to become part of everyday language. Smart Spellchecker is a Chrome extension that is a feature rich spelling, grammar and punctuation checker for your browser. At the backend, it relies on the Grammarly web service which has several additional features that help you write better including a plagiarism checker. As a browser extension it provides you definitions, synonyms, and live spelling and grammar check for multiple services like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Wordpress and Blogger.Read More

Typ-O: Mac OS X Text Editor With Grammar Check & Next Word Prediction

Spell check, as we’ve often said before, is a life saver in many situations, and perhaps that's why it exists universally in Mac OS X. Another equally useful feature, though not natively present in OS X, is grammar check. Normally, what you have to work with is a spell check and auto-correct feature that will correct those little typos you make, but can seriously alter the meaning of a sentence if it doesn’t predict a word correctly. Typ-O is a three-in-one Mac app with a text editor that creates and saves files in RTF format, a spelling and grammar checker, and a quick typing tool that allows you to insert a word via the function keys on your keyboard, so that you don’t have to type them out. Typ-O supports both American and UK English, and German. It adjusts its suggestions and the degree of corrections it needs to make, based on your language skills.Read More

Spell-Checker: Notepad++ Plugin For Adding Spell Check Functionality

Notepad++ is an open-source text editor that offers a slew of basic and advanced text & source code editing features that are not found in integrated notepad utility. It is very comprehensive and probably the best of its kind. Apart from supporting a number of programming languages, it includes a syntax highlighting feature, a great feature which simply enables application developers to easily detect and correct syntax errors in their source code files. It also supports an umpteen number of third-party plugins that help users extend native source code editing functions. The application is mostly favored by developers as it greatly helps then in programming and coding various scripts, however, there are lots of plugins available for people who are not coders and still find quite handy. Earlier, we have covered quite a lot of Notepad++ plugins, including details on how to install them. Today, we have another one at your disposal called Spell-Checker. Spell Checker, as its name implies, allows you to quickly correct spelling mistakes in plain text documents. The plugin supports multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Danish, German and more. Not only does it mark spelling errors, it also helps you fix spelling mistakes and even lets you ignore selected or all errors. Moreover, you can add new custom words to its dictionary after reviewing all the suggested words for the misspelled word. Don't stop reading for more details Spell Checker just after the break.Read More

Ginger: Arguably The Most Efficient Grammar & Spell Check Extension Available [Chrome]

Chrome as a browser wins mass appeal for its speed and cleaner interface. Most of the other features are like something extra. At the core of it, Chrome is preferred for its fast startup and being able to load pages faster. One of its somewhat less impressive features is the spell check, which relies on the open source Hunspell library and doesn’t always get all the words right. Additionally, it lacks a grammar check. Add to that the fact that when you use Chrome’s spell check via the right-click context menu, you have to go through a long list of non-spell check related options just to find the word suggestions. Ginger is a Chrome extension that adds a more reasonable spell check feature, less of a long menu to scroll through, and a reasonably good grammar check.Read More

Automatically Fix Typos, Spellings, Grammatical Errors With Ginger

These days, people have stopped caring about the grammar and spellings they use while writing anything on the internet. It can be anything from a YouTube comment, to a Windows' support forum, but the lack of grammar and incorrect spellings will be present everywhere. You can partly blame it on the carelessness of people, and partly on the availability of applications for both computer and mobile phones that automatically fix wrong spellings and grammar. Since no one gives a second glance to the sentence or word corrected by the software, it allows people to avoid learning the correct usage themselves. However, we cannot deny the fact that if it weren’t for the these applications, a lot of text on the internet would be full of wrong grammar and spellings. The usefulness of such applications is not limited to only correcting the grammar and spelling mistakes, but they also help out in fixing typos that are a result of trying to type faster than you actually can. We found one such grammar and spell checker application called Ginger, that corrects text based on the context of each sentence. Currently, MS-Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer and Firefox are supported.Read More

Ursa Spell Checker Monitors & Corrects Spelling Mistakes In Skype

Skype is one of the most widely used applications for text, audio and video commination worldwide. Launched almost a decade ago, it has now become the number one source of VoIP communication world wide. Such popularity even led the Redmond giant Microsoft to acquire it. Other than the communication services, it offers a bunch of features, including voicemail, group video calling and screen sharing. In addition, the folks behind it development also recently added Facebook integration for seamless experience. However, Skype still doesn’t have any native spell checker to help you locate and correct misspellings and typos. To cope with this problem, today we have a third party application that does the job, called Ursa Spell Checker. It is a lightweight utility that checks written text, and enables you to correct any wrong spellings or typos, while sending messages on Skype. When wrong spellings are detected, the application provides you with a list of correct words to choose from. It has support for multiple languages, and can be enabled/disabled through hot keys. More on Ursa Spell Checker after the break.Read More

VisualSubSync: Edit To Improve Subtitles & Get Real Time Video Preview

VisualSubSync is a subtitle editor that uses audio waveform representation with real time visual playback which allows performing accurate subtitle editing. It supports SRT and SSA/ASS subtitle formats and can also edit CSV, TXT and CUE files which can be later saved as subtitle files. Like many subtitle tools, it has an error and spell checker, as well as the utility to alter the time duration and text format of the subtitles. Other options include speed indicators, preview of real time changes from a source video and the option to set mouse actions. VisualSubSync functions in two modes; normal and the timing mode. Both modes have a different configuration of hotkeys. What distinguishes the timing mode from the normal mode is that you can change the behavior of the mouse for setting left/right mouse button to select the start/stop time of the video preview.Read More

Spell Checker For Visual Studio 2010 Corrects All Spelling Mistakes

Since Visual Studio doesn’t have native spell checker, you must’ve been missing those small squiggly red lines that appear whenever you make spelling mistakes in word processing applications. By default, Visual Studio doesn’t mark spelling mistakes in code comments and descriptions, license headers, associated code text files, etc. Thus it becomes an extremely wearisome task for user to manually scan each line of code to identify spelling mistakes. Spell Checker is a small extension for Visual Studio 2010 which not only marks spelling mistakes but gives suggestions as well to quickly fix them. This enables users, who often struggle to identify spelling mistakes in their code descriptions, comments and SLA details, to easily replace wrongly spelled words with correct ones.Read More

Speckie Adds Real Time Spell Check In Internet Explorer 9

Are you hanging on to Internet Explorer 9 and badly need an efficient spell checker to identify and correct spelling mistakes? Today, we have an awesome spell check extension for Internet Explorer, called Speckie. It highlights mistakes in real time and suggests you a list of corrections. The extension allows customizing numerous spell check related settings whilst supporting multiple dictionaries. You can alternatively replace the squiggly line that underlines the incorrect words with not only customized highlighting colors but fonts as well. Apart from this, you can switch between 4 default mistake tag styles, ranging from highlight, single, thick-dash, and wave.Read More

How To Enable Spell Checking In ‘All Text Fields’ In Firefox

Firefox has its own in-built spell check, but this spell check is available only in text area and one thing you may have noticed is that Firefox only checks the spelling on large text fields. Many times blogging titles have spelling mistakes which built in spell checker miss out, but a simple trick can activate spell check in text fields as well. If you want Firefox to check the spelling in all text fields, you just have to tweak one of the settings.

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