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How to fix spell check in Steam chat not working on Windows 10

Steam has a dedicated chat feature and it has spell check. You may or may not like spell check in Steam chat because it’s an informal communication channel and spelling isn’t going to be that important for anyone. That said, if you’re on Windows 10, and you want to use the spell check in Steam but can’t get it to work, there’s a fix.

Fix spell check in Steam chat

Spell check in Steam chat seems to be a feature that was added by Steam and that’s somewhat true. Steam chat has spell check but it works with the spell check in Windows 10. If you have spell check turned off on Windows 10, then the spell check in Steam chat won’t work.

Enable spell check in Windows 10

Open the Settings app and go to the Devices group of settings. Select the Typing tab and turn on the ‘Highlight misspelled words’ switch.

Enable spell check in Steam chat

Open the Friends window and click the cog wheel button at the top right. This will open the settings for the Friends’ window. Go to the Chat tab and set ‘Disable spellcheck in chat message early’ to Off.

For good measure, quit Steam and then run it again. Open the Friends window and select someone to message. Any misspelled words that you type will have a red squiggly line under it.

The spell check only highlights the misspelled words. If you right-click a misspelled word, you won’t see any suggestions. The feature neither auto-corrects words nor does it offer any corrections. It just tells you that your spelling is wrong.

You have to fix the spelling yourself. You have to remember, or guess, how the misspelled word is actually spelled and then fix it. It basically only works with spell check in Windows 10 but not with the auto-correct feature. It is useful for spotting typos.

If you still can’t spell check in Steam chat to work, you should check your language settings. Normally, if you’ve installed English as your default language, the spell check feature should also be installed. If it isn’t, you should download it and spell check should work. You can test the feature in Edge or in OneNote to make sure it’s working. If it works in both those apps but not in Steam Chat, you can check to see if the Steam client needs to be updated. If that doesn’t do the trick, and you really, really need spell check to work you can try a fresh install of Steam.

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