How To Enable Stacked Tab Feature In Chrome For Better Tab Management

I’ve used Firefox as my primary web browser for years. It’s fairly fast and functional, but for some reason during its last few updates, things didn’t turn out quite well, leaving me no other choice than to make a permanent switch to Google Chrome. And I'm glad I did. Chrome is even quicker than Firefox and simply has more extensions and better developers support. However, if there’s one thing that I wish Chrome could borrow from Firefox is tab stacking. Generally when you open many tabs in Chrome, for instance, the browser shrinks tab sizes to a point that the title of the pages is no longer visible over tabs. Firefox, on the other hand, shrinks the tab size to a predefined state only, and any new tab from that point is stacked to the right side, along with a small arrow that let you easily navigate between open tabs. Today, we’re going to share a small tutorial that will bring similar ‘stacked tabs’ functionality to Chrome. Read More

How To Sync Browser Data Between Desktop And Android In Firefox 29

Mozilla has finally launched Firefox 29, the latest version of the company’s massively popular web browser, for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. With version 29, Mozilla has debuted the new Australis interface borrowing heavily from Google Chrome. But besides  that, Mozilla has also revamped the sync feature of the browser; the new sync feature is better than ever, and doesn’t now require you to store the pesky auto-generated authorization code (as in previous releases), but rather all your data is now synchronized via email and password through a Firefox Account. In this guide we’ll highlight the difference between the new and old sync methods, as well as show you how to sync data between desktop and Android in Firefox 29. Read More

CloudyTabs Opens iCloud Tabs Synced From Any Mac Or iOS Device

Chrome dominates the browser usage share, this can be credit to the enormous app library, the blazing fast speeds or the ability to sync everything including Google Now, Open Tabs, Favourites and preferences to a profile and access its content on any version of chrome anywhere. With a simple tool, even Firefox can join the festivities. Android users have the best luck where they can close a link on their devices and resume from their desktop at any time. iOS users can do the same with Safari, only there aren't that many desktop Safari users out there. This means a lot of us on the iPhone who use Safari will have to use it on our desktops as well if we want our tabs synced. Fortunately, there is CloudyTabs which can read the tabs that iCloud has synced from Safari (mobile or desktop) and let you open them on any desktop browser you want. Read More

Improve The Way Firefox Opens, Closes & Orders Tabs With Tab Deque

All of us felt excited when tabbed browsing first emerged in early web browsers like the Firefox, which revolutionized the way we surf the complex world wide web of connected information, resources, and ideas. Since then, tabbed browsing has become pretty much a standard way of browsing websites on both mobile devices and desktop computers, although Firefox still has one of the most intuitive tabbed interfaces. We've covered a ton of Firefox add-ons that further improve this feature one way or the other. Supertab, for example, brings Windows’ Alt + Tab-like switching to Firefox tabs, allowing you to quickly switch between tabs using the keyboard. tabPreLoader is another handy add-on that loads all Firefox tabs on restart instead of just the active one. In this post, we're going to be discussing Tab Deque. Join us after the break to see how this extension can improve your tabbed browsing experience. Read More

How To Prevent Firefox From Opening Duplicate Tabs

Probably the most useful feature of any modern web browser is tabbed browsing. It’s a feature that has saved a lot of taskbar space since it emerged in early Firefox releases before making its way to other browsers. But when browsing a plethora of websites at the same time, even tabbed browsing can quickly get out of control, with users often ending up with same URL open in multiple tabs, not knowing it’s already there in another tab or window before opening it. This not only leads to more memory usage but also becomes less manageable and counter-intuitive. Duplicate Tab Blocker is a lightweight Firefox add-on that prevents you from opening multiple tabs of the same URL. In other words, it ensures that there is only a single page of a particular URL open at any given time, and that there are no duplicates across all open Firefox tabs and windows. Read More

Easily Find, Close, Pin, Refresh & Move Chrome Tabs To Another Window With Fruumo Tab Manager

Tabs make surfing the web more intuitive and fun; you don’t have to jump between a truckload of windows to spot your desired site. But if you’re like me who usually has a metric ton of browser tabs opened simultaneously, then you’d already be aware of how frustrating managing them becomes. On Google Chrome, organizing the tabs has always been limited to re-ordering them in one way or the other, or pinning some of them to the tab bar. If you want to enhance your tabbed browsing experience beyond that under one Chrome window, Fruumo Tab Manager from the creators of Fruumo and Fruumo Notifier  can help. Fruumo’s Tab Manager extension takes a novel approach to organizing things. How? Find out just after the jump. Read More

TabStats Shows A Graph For Number Of Chrome Tabs You Keep Opened Over Time

Google Chrome is packed with a wide variety of top-notch features that have helped make it the most well-regarded browser on desktop and mobile. One of those features, of course, is tabbed browsing lets you browse multiple web pages without having to open multiple windows. Another great thing about Chrome is the impressive number of extensions available at Chrome Web Store that further extend the browser's functionality including its tabbed browsing experience. For instance, TabInfoCopy is a handy extension that allows users to quickly copy the selected tab’s title and URL to clipboard and then paste the info anywhere they want. Likewise, Veritabs brings all the tabs in a sidebar for easier management. If you are curios about the number of tabs you have open at any time, and how that number varies across different times, give TabStats a shot. As its name suggests, the extension tracks the number of your open tabs, and lets you view their stats. Details after the jump. Read More

Quickly Find A Tab In Chrome By Typing Part Of Its Title Or URL

We often have a lot of tabs open in our browsing sessions, be it for work, research, looking at funny cat pictures, or watching YouTube videos. This usually means we end up with so many tabs that the titles of websites become hidden due to shortage of space in the tab bar. While site favicons can help a lot with this in case those tabs are from different sites, the situation can become even worse when most of them are from the same site and thus have the same favicon, and we often end up having to click all of them one by one till we find the one we’re looking for. We’ve seen several extensions in the past that make the process of managing tabs easier, with Veritabs being a great option that gives you a vertical tab bar so that you can always find them by title. Though if you’re a keyboard junkie, you’re bound to fall in love with Tab Ahead – a handy Chrome extension that lets you find the right tab by typing a part of its title or URL. The extension is super-effective in looking up the right tab in an instant, making all those clicks on tabs to find the right one a thing of the past. Read More

How To Cut, Copy & Paste Multiple Tabs In Firefox Windows

Cut, copy and paste operations have been a part of our computing experience since the very beginning days of digital computers in the primitive word processors of those times. With the advent of graphical operating systems, these have become even more ubiquitous, letting us easily organize all our digital content both within apps and at the OS level. If you use Mozilla Firefox and have ever wanted the same functionality for your browser tabs, you’re in luck! An add-on by the name of Cut, copy and paste Tabs lets you do just that by adding these options to the context menu for your tabs. The same developer has also built another extension called Allow multiselect operations on tabs that further extends this functionality by allowing you to select multiple Firefox tabs together; you can then use cut, copy and paste functions of the former extension on all selected tabs in one go. Details after the jump. Read More

Hide & Restore All Inactive Firefox Tabs With A Click Using TabStash

All popular web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari employ tabs to accomodate several webpages at once, without users having to opening additional browser windows for each website. They make the whole process of exploring the web easier, more organized and less cumbersome. Firefox is deemed as the first major web browser to establish tabs as the norm in the industry, and now they are found among all browsers one can think of. But even though they are very useful, having too many tabs open at the same time can make them completely out of control. Previously, I’ve covered a handful of tabs-related extensions such as Closed Tabs, Veritabs and tabPreLoader to help you with tab management. If you’re looking for a way to hide and unhide your Firefox tabs with a single mouse click, give TabStash a try. Read More

PinTabAlt Restores Pinned Tabs From Multiple Closed Windows In Firefox

The tab pinning feature was initially introduced in Google Chrome, but after seeing its popularity among Chrome users, Mozilla didn't waste any time in bringing the functionality to Firefox as well. However, as useful as it gets, the Pin Tab option of Firefox still has room for improvement. For instance, one major caveat with the feature is that when you have multiple Firefox windows open and you close one of them that has pinned tabs, all your pinned tabs in the close window are lost, and there is no way to bring them back even if you restart Firefox. Fortunately there’s now a quick solution to resolve this issue, thanks to a minuscule extension called PinTabAlt. Read More

TabFlip Offers Fast Tab Switching On Firefox With Mouse Gestures

The amount of tab extensions available for Firefox is mind boggling. Previously, we’ve covered many such extensions to help you streamline your tab browsing experience and make it as comfortable as possible. For instance, TabCross keeps popular web services like Facebook and Gmail active and accessible from a sidebar, while Veritabs is another brilliant example of what third-party tab extensions can achieve by taking tabbed browsing to a whole new level. Though when I stumbled upon TabFlip, it came as something entirely new to me. The add-on is designed to let you flip through tabs via holding right-click mouse button and then moving the cursor in the horizontal direction, saving you the trouble of having to take the mouse cursor to the tab bar for switching between your open tabs. Read More

tabPreLoader Reloads Multiple Firefox Tabs Upon Session Restore

There’s no arguing the fact that Firefox is one of the most feature-laden and powerful web browsers around. But despite that, it does have some shortcomings that effect the user experience. One such hindrance is Firefox’s inability to reload your tabs upon restoring a previous session. Depending on your selected restore settings under Preferences, Firefox reopens your previous tabs when it restores the last session, or when you manually execute the restore operation via its pertaining button that pops up upon launching a new browser session, but only the titles and favicons of the webpages are shown, and one needs to manually click the tabs to reload the content. If you’re looking for a way to resolve this nuisance the easy way, Firefox extension tabPreLoader can be of help. When enabled, it automatically reloads all tabs immediately after the restore. Read More

NiftySplit Opens Links From One Chrome Window In Another, Side-By-Side

Although most of us use tabs for opening new links or websites, sometimes you don’t want to open each link in a new tab to avoid jumping between different tabs one after the other. That said, it isn't very convenient to keep on pressing the back button in your browser either to keep navigating between different pages of the same website within the same tab. What if there was a way to keep two browser windows open side by side and have the links from first window open automatically in the second one? NiftySplit is an extension for Google Chrome made for just that purpose. The extension allows you to start a new browsing session dubbed NiftySplit, in which any link from the window on the left can be opened in the window on the right. This come in handy when you want to keep the primary webpage accessible to you all the time, while also browsing through further pages that are linked from it. Read More

Veritabs Lets You Manage Chrome Tabs From A Vertical Sidebar

Tabs are undoubtedly one of the most pivotal aspects of any web browser. They make surfing multiple web pages very convenient by allowing you to easily load multiple sites and pages within the same browser window, rather than cluttering the taskbar with several windows. Though many times, the default tab management features in a web browser is not very useful and doesn't fit every user’s needs. For instance, when you keep loading new tabs and the tab list gets way too long to be manageable, you can no longer see the titles and even favicons of the loaded web pages, and the whole experience of navigating between them becomes a hassle. This is were the Google Chrome extension Veritabs really shines. It enables you to organize your tabs vertically, letting you scroll through the tabs list using your mouse wheel. This can be really useful for those of us using high-resolution, widescreen displays because web pages don't often utilize all that screen real estate efficiently, leaving empty spaces on both sides where such a vertical bar can fit in perfectly. Read More

Arrange Chrome Tabs In Predefined Or Custom Grids With A Click

Tabbed browsing is a useful functionality of all modern browsers that many of us simply can't do without. It enable users to surf through multiple websites in conjunction without requiring to open multiple windows. However, tab management in itself can become a cumbersome task, especially if you keep lots of tabs opened at the same time. Previously, we've covered a handful of extensions for Google Chrome that make tab management a breeze, though if you're looking for a way to easily manage them by splitting them into multiple pre-organized windows, Tab Resize will do it for you. The extension is designed to split your browser tabs into additional windows in predefined or custom layouts, which can prove to be especially useful during times when your your tab list get way too long to be manageable manually, and you can no longer can see the titles and even favicons of the loaded web pages. The extension can also be useful for viewing a bird’s eye view of all your open tabs. Read More

Selectively Reopen Closed Chrome Tabs Beyond Default Limit Of 10

Google Chrome is known not only for being simple, fast and lightweight, and supporting the latest web standards, but also for its several decent features that come built-in, such as letting you easily restore or reopen recently closed tabs. If you are one of those people who work with many tabs open, you would likely be aware of the importance of the tab restore feature. For instance, sometimes when you accidently close one or more tabs the restore function allows you to get back up to 10 of your last closed browser tabs with ease. Although very useful, this option is quite unintuitive for a couple of reasons. Not only are you limited to 10 tabs max for restoration, but you also don't get any option to open a specific tab from the recently closed ones without having to go through them in chronological order. Closed Tabs is a small extension for Chrome designed to take care of these limitations. Read More

OverTask Is An Innovative Tab & Task Management Solution For Chrome

Tabbed browsing is one of the most intuitive feature of all modern web browsers, whether mobile or desktop. Having an excessive number of tabs open, however, can be overwhelming to manage for you, as well as taxing on your browser itself. For those of you who feel lost in this sea of tabs, OverTask is a handy Chrome extension to manage not only your tabs, but also your tasks in a new fashion. Instead of relying on some previously introduced, tried-and-tested formula, the extension comes with a twist and lets you manage your tabs as parts of tasks that you're performing. These tasks-based tabs can be organized in multiple task groups so you may make the best out of your web browsing session by keeping related tasks together. Furthermore, you can also prioritize these tasks and even assign due dates to them. Read More

Copy Title & URL Of Current Or All Chrome Tabs With TabInfoCopy

If there’s one thing that you spend most of your internet time on, it’s your web browser – a gateway that connects you to the ever expanding world wide web. For many of us, that would be Chrome, which has immensely grown since its inception to become the most widely used web browser in the world. What makes it so great - besides its speedy browsing engine, of course - is a variety of Google Chrome apps and extensions that further unleash its capabilities. Previously, we've covered a plethora of Chrome extensions to enhance user experience one way or the other. TabInfoCopy is yet another great Chrome extension that allows you to quickly copy the selected tab’s title and URL to the clipboard, enabling you to paste the info anywhere with ease. Read More

Have Chrome Sort Gmail Emails, Files, Links & Images In Separate Tabs

For many, Gmail has now become the de facto email service but despite being powerful, customizable and fairly intuitive, there are a few features Gmail fails to offer out of the box. Though that’s where a number of Google Chrome extensions fill the gap, with Mikey For Gmail being the newest one in this genre. If you fancy Gmail’s new tabbed interface, you’re gonna love Mikey, as the extension allows you to quickly find things in your account by sorting them out under relevant tabs. It does this by indexing results in your Gmail and presents images, links and files from sent and received emails under their pertaining tabs. No, it doesn't add a search box or anything of the sort, but the extension is just designed to present things separately from one another. Read More