Extend Or Expand Volume Of Windows Partition In Windows 7/Vista

Do you have Windows 7 or Visa installed on C Drive(or any other drive) and are looking for a way to extend it? After reading different blogs and forums I have found that most people are looking for it’s solution. My friend recently asked me the following question,
I have Windows Vista installed in C drive, my D drive is almost free and I don’t use it much. I now want to extend my C drive, and the “Extend Volume” feature is grayed out too. I don’t know what to do, please help !
If you are beginner or a pro, it doesn’t matter, today I will clear all misconceptions and solve this problem once and for all.Read More

Remove Recent Items From Windows Vista Start Menu

There is a big reason why you should disable (remove) Recent Items from Windows Vista Start Menu; if you are on a shared computer, your privacy can be breached easily, anyone can check what you have been up to. There are other reasons, such as, Windows MRU list that stores small temp files to retain the last/recently accessed items. When one chooses to remove Recent Items, it cleans those small temp files as well, but unlike Windows XP where temp files and shortcuts to recently accessed items are saved in a single location, Windows Vista saves the recently used documents and items in the User Profile folders, allowing Windows to read the user-specific MRU list to display the search suggestions as well as recently used items from Recent folder (accessible from the Start Menu). Cleaning MRU lists from Windows registry and system temp files removes the recently accessed items for all user accounts, including Administrator, Standard User and Guest accounts. However, if you just want to remove recently accessed items from your account's MRU list, you can easily do so from Taskbar Properties sheet.Read More

How To Transfer Registry Favorites To Another Computer

Do you access the same registry key again and again while using the Registry Editor and now want to transfer it to another  computer? In Windows Registry there is an option that you can use to add registry keys as Favorites, this can be done using the Add to Favorites option in the Favorites menu, so that the branch is automatically opened when you select the corresponding favorite item. To Transfer your favorites to another computer or operating system, follow this procedure.

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3 Killer Tools To Make Windows Vista UAC(User Account Control) Less Annoying

Are you annoyed by Windows Vista UAC but still want to keep it on for security propose? Windows Vista’s UAC is absolutely the most annoying feature on Vista but you’ll have to think twice before turning it off or else you can risk your computer to unauthorized changes by viruses and malwares. There is a better way to deal with this situation, which is to tweak Windows UAC to run quietly in the background without popping unnecessary prompts every second. We have listed three software that will help you in making UAC less annoying.

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Search For Missing Files Created Or Modified Between Two Dates In Windows 7,Vista

Do you want to search a file on your computer but don't remember the name of it? But if you remember the dates before and after the file was created or modified, then you can find it easily using a simple syntax in Windows 7 and Vista. In Windows XP you can use the Search Companion to search for files created or modified between two given dates. This tutorial will focus on Windows 7 and Windows Vista only.Read More

How To Connect Two Computers Wirelessly Or Over A Home/Office Network

Note: If you want to create a VPN(Virtual Private Network) between two computers you can check this tip.

Are you looking forward to connect two computers or laptops wirelessly so you can share some files? Or do you want to connect them over Home/Office Networks? You can do this by creating a wireless ad-hoc connection which is a build-in feature of Windows Vista. But what if you are using Windows XP? Those people who are looking for a simple software that can do everything without touching any setting in their Windows, should check out WiPeer.

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Enable “Show Folder And Search Option” If Disabled By A Virus In Windows

In Windows, NoFolderOptions policy hides the folder options from control panel and even disables the Show Folder and Search options from the command under Tools Menu in Windows Explorer. If your computer is not a part of an office environment or any other organizational network than you might be having a risk of a virus which disables these options as a part of infection. This policy in the registry also hides the file extensions to known file types so that the virus may infect your system in stealth. To enable this option, follow these simple steps.

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Quickly Find Your Computer’s Last Shutdown Date And Time In Windows

Are you are curious to find out when was the last date and time the computer was shut down? If you are monitoring when the computers in the office environment or at home were last shutdown then you might want to know the exact date and time. Many office employees do not shutdown their computers and at home heavy downloader's might not remember when there last shutdown occurred.

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How To Set Processor Affinity To An Application In Windows 7,Vista,XP

In Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 applications by default run on all available cores of the processor. If you have a dual or quad core processor, then you can set affinity to an application to control which core of the processor an application can use, in this way you can assign one application or a program to use only one processor while other application can run on other processor. Although you cannot set priority to system services but you can set affinity to applications like Google Chrome, Firefox or any Anti-Virus, in this way you can achieve a good overall performance.Read More

Enable, Restore, Or Recover Recycle Bin Icon In Windows 7/Vista

It happens from time to time that we mistakenly delete the Recycle Bin icon from our desktop in Windows 7 or Vista. You probably came here after tirelessly searching for a way to recover/restore the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop. Many users prefer having Recycle Bin on the desktop and Microsoft agrees. This is why Windows now always comes with Recycle Bin on the desktop. The good news is that it is very easy to restore it using Windows built-in feature.Note: This quick tip is for beginners who are new to Windows 7 or Vista.Read More

Remove Useless Items From Right-Click Context Menu By Hacking Registry

Have you ever noticed that some applications like Antivirus software, WinZip, SmartFTP, and others, add some items to the context menu when you right-click on a file or folder? Apart from Windows Vista, these software install shell extensions to add applications in the right-click context menu. If you delete the appropriate shell extension in the registry, you won't get these additional menu items.Read More

How To Check The Health Of Your System In Windows 7 / Vista

The advantage of Windows 7 / Vista over Windows XP is that it features a good set of troubleshooting tools so that you do not have to buy third party tools or you don't need a computer expert to tell you what is wrong with your system, you can easily check the health of your system, all you have to do is to use Reliability and Performance Monitor which is included in Windows Vista to generate a detailed health report to inquire the problem if any in your system.Read More

How To Display Multiple Clocks In Windows 7 / Vista

Do you want to know the time of the city where your relatives are living? Or do you want to do know the time of the city where you want to do business? If yes, then you need to set up a time zone. By default, this feature is disabled in both Windows 7 and Vista. The feature allows you to display up to two additional clocks.Read More

How To Resize, Extend, And Shrink Partition In Windows 7 / Vista

Prior to Windows 7 andVista, the ability to shrink and extend disk volumes has only been available through third party tools, although not as feature rich as some third party partition management applications available, Windows Disk Management console allow users to shrink, extend, create, and format partitions. You can shrink a single partition with unused space, and then create a new partition in the resulting free space, as well as extending a current partition if there is available free space after it. Read on to find out how to resize a partition in Windows 7 / Vista.Read More