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Open Multiple Websites at Once With A Desktop Shortcut

I visit multiple websites, multiple times daily. Typing the names of these websites over and over again becomes too time consuming and obviously, boring. I figured out a way to create a desktop shortcut for it through which you can open unlimited number of websites in multiple browser tabs.

Basically we have to create a batch file to open multiple websites. If you have read the post in the link above you will learn to make batch file for opening multiple applications, but for the sake of convenience I am going to teach you to make a batch file to open multiple websites at once. The method is almost same, but instead of application target, we will enter website URL.

To begin, create a new text document in the desktop and type,

@echo off

Now below it write,

start “website name” “website url”

and add as many websites as you like. After you have typed all the websites that you want to open, save the file as test.bat or you can name it anything, but note to save it as batch file(.bat).

Below is an example of my batch file,

 batch file for opening multiple websites

Now clicking the batch file will open multiple websites in different tabs of your default browser, in my case it was Firefox. It’s that easy. Enjoy!

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