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How To Fix AVI Video File Instantly With DivFix++

Did you download some AVI video and later found that it was corrupted? Most people will download it again, which is useless since it will waste more time. DivFix++ is a free opensource software that repairs your video instantly by checking and fixing the errors automatically.

All you have to do is extract the archive and run the executable file(no installation is required). The software will look like this,

image Now Select the path where you would like to save the output file and click Add Files button to add your AVI video file.

adding avi video file

You can set the options whether to keep original file, cut our bad parts(where error occurs) from it, or keep log errors. Click Check Errors button to begin the repair process.

processing avi video file

Once completed, it will show you the complete summary.

repaired avi video

Now play your video and enjoy!

Direct link for Windows version is here.

Other versions(for Mac and Linux) can be found here.

Update: For a much easier way, you can try out Fix Player.


  1. There’s a similar though more complicated way of doing the same thing over the eDonkey network for files that you can’t find on Bittorrent. Rebuilding the .met file using an external utility is necessary.

  2. Instead of using lossy “repair” methods like these, it makes a lot more sense to find a perfect copy of the file on the Bittorrent network, start the download briefly, then stop the download, replace the target file with the corrupted file (renaming to the target filename if necessary) and finally restart the download one final time. Since the corrupted file will likely be mostly complete and only corrupted for small sections, the download will pick up at a high percentage and finish quickly, ultimately providing a perfect copy of the file.

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