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Fix Player Can Repair And Play Corrupt AVI Video File

Fix Player is a small tool that can repair corrupt AVI files. Apart from fixing the corrupt video file, it also acts like a video player but I would not recommend using this tool for playing videos. We have 8 good reasons why you should prefer VLC media player.

So which AVI video files can it fix? Broken AVI files, partly downloaded files, and broken video files copied from CD, DVD or any other source. If your AVI video is freezing, you can try this app to fix it.

Go to File > Open File and choose the video file that you want to fix. If it shows a dialog box, click Yes.

Fix Player repair avi file

It will then analyze and fix the video file, to test it hit the Play File button.

Fix player fixing file

If this method doesn’t work for you, there is always DivFix++.

Download Fix Player

We cannot guarantee if this will repair all your AVI video file, but what harm is there to try it out. Enjoy!

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