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Free Up RAM Memory In Windows 7/Vista Quickly And Easily

Do you want to free up your RAM memory a little in Windows 7/Vista? You don’t need any software to clean up the memory, you only need to perform some basic maintenance tasks, that’s all.

Update: This is a very old post. If you really want to free up some memory, check the following tools:

I have broken down the procedure into three simple steps for your convenience,

1. The Windows registry contains information and settings for all the hardware, software, users, and preferences of your computer. Whenever you make a change to the Control Panel settings, files, system settings, or installed software, the changes are reflected and stored in the registry. Therefore registry ends up taking a lot of RAM cluttered, you must run a registry scan on your computer, and if you find registry errors then you must clean it up immediately. You can find software to scan and clean the registry here.

2. Clean all temporary files, it can stop your computer from using the RAM properly. To do so close all Internet browsers(such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc) and go to Start > Control Panel, from the left sidebar select Classic View , now got  to Internet Options and under Browsing History click Delete, it will now open a pop-up box with multiple options, now next to Temporary Internet Files click Delete Files.

Update: The above method will clean IE temp only, make sure you clean the Windows Temp and other browser’s temp files as well, such as, Firefox.

3. You must manage your start-up programs. If there are tons of programs that load at start-up, this means it is taking 90% most of your RAM. To manage start-up programs check this post.

Lastly, you can try out(not recommended) the following 3rd party tools – Minimem, RamRush, and VC RAMCleaner. Enjoy!

  • RAMRush

    1. Dear friends,I downloaded RAM Map but how 2 use it and what services/programs I can disable?I use Widow 7,Mostly surf and write on various Sites,Use MSO,No designing/Graphics etc.,Pl. suggest.

    2. Nakodari in 2008: You don’t need any software to clean up the memory, you only need to perform some basic maintenance tasks, that’s all.

      Nakodari in 2012/2013: This is a very old post. If you really want to free up some memory, check the following tools:


      Memory Cleaner

      Extra RAM

    3. Good day, can someone help me what to do with my computer, I install a software that give me 30days to use it, but i always format my system every month because of the software, is there anything i can do to erase the system memory, so the system will not remember that i have use the software before, when the 30days reach, it will keep saying i should buy the software or i have reach my 30days trial…I am talking about INTERNET DOWNLOADING SOFTWARE

      •  My suggest is to take A+ cert classes before you just start installing programs to fix the computer alot of time those programs are virus or after the 30 day trial they restore back to the problem you had before installing. So all else fails have someone who truly understand computers to take a look at the system. But if you want to narrow down some issues take a look at your processes if you have above 50 process you may be doing something wrong.A avg.user should only use about 15% of the processor and 20- 25$ of the ram on the system.

    4. 1. To clear Unwanted programs every time when you restart your computer:
      Click on Start, Type run and hit ENTER
      When the Run window opens, Type msconfig and hit ENTER
      Your system configuration window will open up, From the Tab click Startup,
      and Disable software’s that you don’t use, If you don’t know what to Enable and Disable, Copy the name of the program and make a Google search, that way you’ll know that its safe to disable specific software’s

      2. To Delete Temp Files..
      Click on Start, Type run and hit ENTER
      Type %Temp% and hit ENTER
      The Temp. folder will open up, all those files in that folder are safe to: Shift+Delete

      3. Uninstall programs you don’t use

      /* A Little Recommendation~
      Always check your H.Disk Space, even if its not getting full, try to free some space about, minimum 30 %
      I hope This helps 🙂

      • @Heramix
        Sure.. That might help..!! BUT Its not always the best solution.
        If you find a hole in your house, are you gonna buy a new house? when you could fix it really easily..
        My point is, there are actually people out there who cant afford things no matter how badly they want something.

    5. I know a program that maybe help….. it’s called CCleaner
      i try it myself …… it’s such make my computer faster and faster

    6. ok, first of all thanks for the tips, somehow I didn’t remember the simples steps to clear the ram, afterwards I clearly rode that this was totally wrong and not important, I have to say that cleaning the temp files in windows DO help, and even if windows only calls those temp files when needed I think the fact of being there affects some way the memory, I was looking to clean my lap without using any external software and I think it work by executing the cleanmgr and deleting temps files on IE and Windows, also shutting down some start up software worked too.

    7. You don’t have an idea what the hell in the eath is an operative system.

      First result on Google this crap? bah!

    8. Microsoft released a pretty nice RAM utility in their Sysinternals Suite that allows you to free up unused RAM most likely without messing around with Window’s own memory management system. It’s called RAMMap Which can be downloaded at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/ff700229.aspx or run from the web at http://live.sysinternals.com/RAMMap.exe (IE or IETab required) It shows you info on how your memory’s being used and allows you to empty different parts of the memory via the Empty menu.

      • Thanks for RAMMap.  I have it installed with x64 version of SISetup that I have used for years.  It works great.  I was down to 925mb or so and ran this and hit the Empty Menu, all of them, which probably wasn’t the smartest since haven’t read up on what they all do.  However system running fine.

        Have had PC on __for awhile__ with 2 or 3 different FF’s with a lot of tabs running at the same time (-no-remote) option.  Now I can safely run VMware 8 with Win7 and start using WebMatrix and WordPress instead of closing everything down and rebooting.
        Yes I only have 4GB of RAM.  But DDR2 is way too expensive.  I’ll just wait until I build a new DDR3, Sata 3, USB3 PC and then get 12-16GB ram, until then this will work great.

        Thanks again.

    9. He is a “non moron” That is how he knows 3rd party memory management programs are not only a waste of time and money, but they can cause more problems than they supposedly fix.

      If you are trying to run a modern operating system, such as Windows 7, or Vista and you are running anything with less than 2G of ram, you’re a moron anyway. ESPECIALLY since most box store machines sold nowadays have 4G to 8G in them.

      • Hey Megan
        The best advice I can give YOU is:
        1) Learn a language other than English yourself. And until you are absolutely fluent in it, please refrain from criticizing people for whom English is not a native language but who have made the effort to learn it so that they can communicate with the English-speaking MINORITY world.
        2) Stop being such a vile, catty person. You may receive better karma as a result.

      • megan dont be an ignorant biatch. not everyone has english as their first lanquage. Shaik, best boost for performance is getting more and better RAM. they are relatively cheap these days so it’s the best bang for your buck .. and yes you should avoid any 3rd pary software such as is mentioned here.

    10. this is completely wrong:
      1. the registry is a) relatively small and b) not loaded into memory. programs read and write the values they need and ignore all other values, it doesn't make any sense to delete anything from it.
      2. “Clean all temporary files” <– Windows has much more temp files than the IE cache, and that in turn doesn't have any effect on Firefox's cache. Doesn't make sense to delete it if you use Firefox (and of course, you don't need to close FF to clean IE temp files). And temp files are temporary (who would have thought this…), they are not being accessed if they are not needed, hence don't use any RAM.
      3. 90%? where does this number come from? still, it's essential to manage your startup programs, highly recommend autoruns from sysinternals.

      and as a final warning: DO NOT USE ANY “RAM CLEANER” TOOLS! they mess around with windows own memory management, which is the worst one can do.

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