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VC RAMCleaner – A Simple RAM Cleaner For Windows

Most programs do not completely free the memory resources even after being shutdown, and thus your system runs short of memory and resulting in very slow speed. VC RamCleaner is a free, light-weight and easy to use utility which helps you in cleaning your system’s memory, so that you can carry on working without having to waste time on restarting your system in order to free up memory.

VCRAM Cleaner Main

The memory cleaning process is very simple, click the Clean System Memory button and that’s it, it will take some time to process and will free up the memory. It shows the Total System Memory and Available System Memory.

VCRAM CLeaner Download VC RamCleaner

It hardly consumes up to 2 MB of memory and works perfectly on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. For more, try Minimem which reduces the overall memory usage. Enjoy!

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