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How To Stop Windows 7 From Automatic Reboot And Shutdown

How many times have you seen a driver, system update, or an application restarting or shutting down your computer after installation without even asking for your permission? Automatic restart or shutdown has always annoyed me since the day I started learning to use Windows(that was almost a decade back).

You leave some important work on your computer and visit your friend’s house. You come back shortly only to find that your computer has been restarted automatically, wiping away all the work that you have done. Imagine how difficult it is to recover all the work and tasks which you have forgotten to save. ShutDownGuard is a tiny application that makes sure that your system shuts down whenever you want it to. Thus, giving you full control over it.

ShutdownGuard dialog box

Just extract the files and run the program(no installation required), now when the application tries to reboot your system, it will show you a pop-up alert over the system tray warning you about the shutdown/reboot attempt. If you want to continue with the shutdown or reboot simply click this dialog, if you don’t want to do it now, then you can ignore this message. That’s all.

This application can also be helpful for those users whose computer is infected with W32.Sasser worm, which keeps rebooting the system. Enjoy!


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