Yahoo! News Digest For iPhone Intelligently Summarizes The Day’s Best Stories

Summly made quite an impact on the category of news readers in the App Store during the short period that it was around before its acquisition and shutdown by Yahoo!. Although Yahoo! did add Summly-like features to its official iOS app later on, it still wasn't the same as having a dedicated app aimed at giving you a quick dose of the news stories that really matter. If you still remember and miss Summly, or are just looking for the most convenient way of reading important news stories, Yahoo! News Digest might be your best best. The new iPhone app summarizes the eight most important news stories of each day and each night. The digest gets refreshed every twelve hours, although you can also read some extra stories if you are in the mood. The summaries created by News Digest aren't just shortened versions of the original articles; they consist of different ‘atoms’ - pieces of relevant information gathered from Wikipedia, social media, and maps.Read More

Hands-On With The New, Gorgeous Yahoo! Weather App For Android

Ever since Marissa Mayer took over as its President, Yahoo! has been making strides in terms of apps released for both iOS and Android such as Yahoo! Sports, Mail, News and Weather. What’s better than releasing quality apps? Keeping on updating them with new features and improvements, of course, and that’s what the team behind Yahoo! Weather has just done for the app on Google’s smartphone OS. Yahoo! Weather for Android features stunning user-uploaded pictures for locations, complete with themes based on the time of the day, sign-in support for syncing your locations across devices, widgets and more.Read More

Yahoo! Sports Comes To iPad, Gets Better Live Coverage On iOS, Android

Yahoo! might not be the most active publisher on Google Play or the App Store, but apps released by the company rarely disappoint nowadays. Yahoo! Weather, Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! News have all been enjoying considerable success on both iOS and Android. When it comes to sports, there are already genre-specific apps like Yahoo! Cricket available, but if you want all the goodies in one place, nothing beats having Yahoo! Sports on your device. The app has the ability to let users define their preferences, so that updates from across different leagues and countries show up in a unified and neat manner. The app has never been bad in the first place, but its latest update might have made it just about perfect. For one thing, the iOS variant is finally optimized for the iPad, and the app also supports logging into a Yahoo! account for anyone who wants to use the Sports app on multiple devices. There is a dedicated section for live games as well, so that you don’t have to jump between different screens to get the latest scores.Read More

Open Yahoo! Weather From Stock iOS Weather App Icon Or NC Widget

Whenever a Cydia tweak lets you replace a stock iOS app with a third-party one, it is usually a sign that the third-party app has got things right. We saw this happen after Google Chrome was released in the App Store, and now a similar option is available for the new Yahoo! Weather app as well. As we pointed out in our review of the new app a few days back, the Yahoo! app offers a lot more than the stock Weather app in iOS. It has beauty, shows you some amazing details regarding current weather conditions, and even lets you see the latest satellite maps to get an even better idea of the weather conditions for any region. Despite all this awesomeness, there are a few things that might have stopped some users from completely switching to Yahoo! Weather. The biggest problem is that the Notification Center widget still directs users to the stock iOS app, but if you have a jailbroken iDevice, this issue can now be resolved thanks to the Yahoo! Weather Is Better Cydia tweak. Read More

Yahoo! For iPhone Redesigned, Adds Summly-Like Summarized Stories

Yahoo! is rolling out new iOS apps and big updates pretty regularly these days. Just last week, we saw the beautiful Weather app from Yahoo!, and now the company’s eponymous app has been revamped as well. It is not a huge surprise though that Yahoo! for iOS has been updated with support for short summaries of all the posted stories. Just a few weeks back, Yahoo! acquired Summly - an iPhone app that intelligently summarized news stories and had a great UI. As we said in our Summly review, the app offered a very unique concept, and coupled novelty with usefulness. Yahoo! removed Summly from the App Store after its acquisition, but the app has made a comeback of sorts in the form of a feature in the Yahoo! app. You can now switch to a summary view of the stories pretty easily, and the overall user experience has been enhanced as well.Read More

Yahoo! Weather For iPhone Wows With Gorgeous UI, Maps & Detailed Stats

The stock Weather app in iOS gets all its data from Yahoo!, but the app’s interface and features are Apple’s doing. While that partnership is still going strong, Yahoo! has just decided to show what a really good weather app can look like on the OS. Yahoo! Weather is anything but just another app released in a crowded genre of the App Store. It has an interface to die for, and is no slouch in terms of features either. The app has unique backgrounds for most locations you add to it, and also makes it possible to view a detailed weather map of any area you want. The app supports a few basic gestures to keep accessing its features as easy as possible.Read More

Yahoo! Axis Web Browser For iOS Displays Search Results Within Websites, Syncs Desktop Bookmarks

Safari undoubtedly remains the most popular iOS web browser, despite the presence of some pretty good alternatives in the App Store. There are no official Chrome or Firefox clients for iPhone and iPad, but in a surprising move, Yahoo! has joined the ranks of iOS web browsers! The new Yahoo! Axis app has been released today, and comes with some pretty decent features. Yahoo! Axis is supplemented by web extensions for all major desktop browsers, and the app uses those extensions to sync your desktop bookmarks and read-it-later lists automatically across all your devices. Another innovative feature offered by Axis is its way of displaying search results. The browser makes sure that you don’t have to navigate away from the current webpage in order to view search results, made possible by the availability of a standalone search section within the app. Read on to know more about this sleek web browser for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.Read More

X-notifier: Receive Desktop Notifications For Gmail, Hotmail & Yahoo!

X-notifier lite is a Firefox add-on that lets you keep track of Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! email messages by letting you access multiple accounts through a compact pop-up and displaying desktop notifications. Users can customize the add-on and set a time interval for checking the emails and displaying notifications. The add-on automatically detects logged in accounts and displays the count for the total number of unread emails on the button in the toolbar. Read on past the break for details and screenshots.Read More

DevSearch: Search For Programming Technologies & Frameworks [Firefox]

DevSearch is an add-in for Firefox that provides numerous search features to make your web search easier. The add-in is specially designed for web developers, and gives programming technologies and frameworks-related search results from multiple popular websites. Apart from providing specified type of search results, it comes with a Magic Copy feature to quickly search highlighted word on the page. Moreover, it includes General, People and Technology search categories. Each category has different levels, such as level one, two and three etc., to help you customize the search results.Read More

Search Assistant: Get Results From Custom Search Engines In Chrome’s Address Bar

Often, when we browse the web for research purposes, we have to search the same keyword on multiple search engines. Typing the search term over and over again in different search engines can be a difficult and time consuming task. Search Assistant, a Chrome extension, solves this problem and lets you search multiple search engines for the same keyword with only a click or two. The extension adds a tiny button in the address bar, which, when clicked, displays a pop-up, with a list of search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay and YouTube. The extension is customizable, so you can delete the default search engines and add others according to your preference.Read More

Whitelist For Chrome Blocks Access To All Websites Except Allowed Ones

Wasting too much time on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter? There are many website blocking extension available, but most are either too complicated or only limit the time you spend on websites. Whitelist For Chrome extension quickly lets you focus on work, eliminating distractions by automatically blocking all pages from any website that is not in your list of allowed sites. Not only does this come in handy for avoiding distractions while working, but also if you have kids in your household and want to limit their use of the PC to specific allowed domains. When creating a whitelist you can also use wildcards to allow the subdomains for websites.Read More

Q-Sensei FeedBooster: Stylize And Enhance RSS Feeds With Filters [Web]

RSS feeds let us stay up-to-date with our favorite web content, but most of the free feed readers out there come with too much clutter, such as ads, videos, banners etc., that can make reading difficult. Q-Sensei FeedBooster, a web application, changes the way you read and access feeds. With Q-Sensei FeedBooster, you can add custom filters pertaining date, author, tag and folder etc. It comes with an interactive dashboard, which you can fully customize according to your preferences and needs. The service supports login via Facebook, Google, and Yahoo!, or you may simply sign up, after which you can start adding RSS feeds by simply pasting website URLs, or by importing them from your Google Reader account. FeedBooster lets you filters feeds by Source, Date, Author, Tag, Folder and more. In addition to that, you can also subscribe to various categories of feed-sets.Read More

Yahoo’s TV Show Discovery App IntoNow Released For iPad

IntoNow is Yahoo’s popular TV-related service which not only allows users to get all the information about TV showa of their choice but also lets them interact with friends or fellow fans while watching a particular TV show. The official client of IntoNow has been around for iPhone and Android for some time now (read our review of IntoNow for Android) and now, an iPad version of the app has been released to the App Store.Read More

Yahoo’s Livestand: A Smart, Stylish App That Adds Life To News On iPad

With iOS getting bumped to iOS 5 last month, Newsstand was introduced. This service, available for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad, has finally started to win over fans after coming under a bit of criticism in its early days. Specially for the iPad, this feature appears to be tailor-made. That is the reason there has been a flurry of newsreaders and other news-related apps for the iPad in the past few days. Just yesterday, we covered Smartr, and now Yahoo has launched its well-known Livestand app for the iPad as well. In addition to having some really cool features, Livestand can give any other iPad app a run for its money when it comes to having good looks and style.Read More

Yahoo! Weather App Updated With Flickr Images, Widget & More [Android]

The official Yahoo! Weather app for Android has just received a major update with plenty of new features. Amid all the other visually attractive, highly informative and feature-rich weather apps that are already present on the Android Market, why should a user consider yet another alternative? Well, for one, because this one comes from Yahoo! (enough said!), because it ticks all the aforementioned criteria that makes a weather app worthy of a consideration, and third, because it sports quite a few unique features of its own. For instance, real-time crowd-sourced photos from Flickr that approximately depict the exact weather ‘feel’ of selected locations, accurate and extended weather details from The Weather Channel that can be seen by just titling your device, option to receive up-to-date weather forecasts for as many as 10 different locations of your interest, an equally interactive homescreen widget that replicates a miniature version of the app itself and keeps you apprised of current weather conditions for each selected location, and lastly, the price of the app, $0.Read More

Google Privacy: Tracking-Free Search & Browsing Experience [Firefox]

Do you wish to opt-out of online tracking? Harvesting browsing information and cataloging a user's preferences is something certain websites have been doing for quite a while now, in order to deliver 'a more personal web experience'. While that may be so, cautious surfers on the internet have always been troubled by an anonymous party saving and analyzing their data. Mozilla's Firefox browser comes bundled with a 'Do-Not-Track' privacy setting, but Google and other search engines seem to override it and continually track online searches and other activities. Google Privacy Firefox add-on shows tracking-free links or can replace the tracked links, supporting Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook and Bing.Read More

MultiCopy: Copy Multiple Parts Of Text & Paste Sequentially [Firefox]

Copying multiple parts of text can be a big nuisance, especially if they're spread apart over different sections of a page and/or multiple pages. Since the native clipboard holds only a single piece of data at any time, copying something will overwrite the previous text, and you will only be able to paste your last selection. MultiCopy Firefox add-on aims to change that by allowing you to copy multiple parts of text and paste them sequentially from one website to another. Hit the jump to find out more.Read More

Page2Rss – Monitor Sites That Don’t Have RSS In Google Reader [Chrome]

Have you ever come across a website that had great content but for some reason lacked something very basic like an RSS feed? It may seem hard to imagine that a good site would lack this essential feature but it can happen nonetheless and that makes it difficult to monitor a site for changes. Page2Rss is a Chrome extension that allows you to monitor web pages that lack an RSS feed by creating a feed link for them that you can add to Google Reader, Yahoo and Twitter.Read More

Change the Default Search Engine In Windows Phone 7 [How To]

Some of us today have become so addicted to search engines that sometimes the impulse is there to look for your lost pair of socks on Google! Due to this essential role of search engines, many web browsers come integrated with search engines. You simply have to go to your browser’s address bar and key in any word you want to search. This is a time-efficient tool as you don’t have to go all the way to the search engine’s website and search from there. Being a pretty slick OS, Windows Phone 7 uses Internet Explorer as its default web browser and Bing search comes integrated with it. But if you are more of a Google or Yahoo fan, you can change this setting using a little registry tweaking.Read More

Yahoo! IntoNow For Android Identifies What’s Being Played On TV

Can't remember which episode of your favorite show is being played on TV? Or are you looking to share the best TV programs with your friends? Well, you're in luck because IntoNow has now hit the Android Market. The best TV show recognition/sharing app – IntoNow by Yahoo! has been enjoying its share of accolades and acknowledgement on the iTunes App store for quite some time and is now available for Android users as well. With IntoNow, you can identify live TV shows from your Android device, get detailed information on episode and cast of a particular program, easily access IMDb and explore a plethora of online sharing options. The app can be enjoyed with all its features by signing in with your email/Facebook account. If, for some reason, you don't have either, you can still give it a try by tapping the Try it now button on app’s home screen.Read More