DestroyFlickr: Complete Desktop Manager For Your Flickr Account

Flickr is a image hosting service that allows users to upload their photos, share them with others and follow photo streams put up by other people. Other than that, the service is also hugely popular among people who need a third party platform to upload images in order to use them in their own websites. The best thing about Flickr is that in order to view the images uploaded to it by other people, you don’t have to register with the service. You can view any picture uploaded by any user, as long as he has chosen to share it publicly. However, once registered, you get the privilege of uploading images to your own account. Others can follow you, check out what you are uploading and comment on the photos. Previously, we have covered some very useful desktop tools for managing online services, without accessing them from your browser. DestroyFlickr is an Adobe AIR-based desktop utility that allows you to control all aspects of your Flickr account. The application enables you to manage your Profile, follow activity of your Contacts, download images to your computer, View, delete and edit (change name, add description) your own images, and have an overall view of all the streams added to your account.Read More

Juicebox: Create HTML5-Based Photo Galleries & Embed Them Into Websites

Sharing a collection of your photos with your friends or family on the internet is nothing new. It has now become one of the integral parts of various social networks such as Facebook and Google+, and image hosting services e.g. Imgur, Picasa & Flickr. If you’re an avid photographer who wants to share your work on your own website, by creating gorgeous looking photo galleries, then Juicebox is what you need. It’s an Adobe AIR-based application (which means you need to have Adobe AIR installed on your machine to get it working, of course). It creates stylish, HTML-compatible photo galleries with fluid navigation that you can easily embed into your website. You may upload images either directly from your local drive or even from a Flickr profile. Furthermore, the application is based on HTML5 and JavaScript, which means anyone can access your albums using HTML5-enabled web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and more. Apart from being highly customizable, it supports a number of plugins, which allow you to extend the functionality of native features. More after the break.Read More

MyCurrent Displays Your Twitter & Facebook Feeds Within A News Ticker

TweetDeck is by far one of the most popular Adobe AIR based clients available out there for managing Twitter and Facebook accounts.  It not only lets you view incoming comments and updates, but also has a built-in viewer for images and videos. For some, TweekDeck might be slightly overbearing since the constant updates very likely to distract one. MyCurrent is an Adobe AIR based application that lets you view your Twitter and Facebook feed within a news ticker bar on your desktop. The app lets you view an item by hovering the mouse over it, opens it in your default browser when clicked, and allows you to reply to any update from the ticker. You can post updates to both Twitter and Facebook from the ticker, and if you find it too distracting, you can minimize it to a corner of the screen. It will notify you with a small numerical badge if there are any updates. Read past the jump for more.Read More

CloudDeck: Fully Functional Unofficial Desktop Client For SoundCloud

Being an avid music enthusiast, you might have already known about SoundCloud. It is an online audio distribution platform that allows collaboration, promotion and distribution of audio recordings by both amateur and professional artists. As SoundCloud lets you upload any kind of audio file and share it with other folks, it has gained a lot of popularity among the people. Sadly, SoundCloud service only has a web portal, and you need to open your browser every time you want to access the music. Previously, we covered a few different applications that allow to easily download music from SoundCloud, for instance SoundCloud Downloader, a desktop application for Windows and a user script called SoundCloud Super +2 that provides song recommendation and download facility. However, we didn't quite see a promising application that allows users to access SoundCloud without opening their browser, up until we came across CloudDeck. CloudDeck is a third party Adobe AIR based application that simply allows you to login to your SoundCloud account and access the musical database right from your desktop, akin to various desktop clients of other major websites. It enables you to search for music, create playlists, bookmark songs to playlist, download it if the uploader has enabled it eand so on. Keep reading to find out more about CloudDeck after a short break.Read More

Polarfox Lets You Edit & Upload Images To Multiple Websites At Once

Photo sharing is one of the frequently used element of internet. Social networks, image hosting sites and other file sharing services have provided a gateway to share all kind of photos among people around the globe. The usual method to upload image to an image hosting service is to log on to its URL, complete the required sign up process and then upload the image. The alternative method on the hand is to use an official or unofficial desktop client to instantly upload them. Previously, we have covered some very good picture uploading clients for different image hosting and social networking websites. Different software upload images to different websites, such as Picasa Uploader is a free plugin for Picasa which adds the ability to publish your selected photos directly to Facebook, and Dropico is another web application for sharing pictures across multiple social networking websites, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr etc. Today we have Polarfox, an Adobe Air-based application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux that allows you to edit and share images to multiple websites at once. More on Polarfox after the break.Read More

Scup: Cross-Platform Batch Audio Track Uploader For SoundCloud

Established in 2007, SoundCloud is arguably the most popular online audio distribution platform for collaboration, promotion and distribution of audio content by artists and music promoters. While the web version of the platform is a no brainer for anyone who is familiar with the service, we don’t usually come across a lot of desktop applications catering to SoundCloud. For that reason, when we stumbled across Scup (short for SoundCloud Uploader), we considered it worthy of being taken for a spin. In its essence, Scup is an Adobe AIR-based, cross-platform application that lets you upload multiple tracks to your SoundCloud account and create a set on the fly. The application supports specifying all necessary parameters, such as genre, set and track types, license, record label etc, making your sets ready for publishing in every sense.Read More

Search And Record Live Internet Radio Streams With Antenna

Antenna is an Adobe AIR application that lets you find and tune into hundreds of online radio stations according to Country and Genre. Antenna has quite a unique user interface, as it comes with an integrated map, which displays the radio player showing where the stations are located. Using Antenna, you can add stations to favorites, rate them, and also download radio streams. Furthermore, Antenna provides station reliability indicators and  a search bar for quickly locating radio stations.Read More

ReadCube: Search Google Scholar For PDFs & Organize Local PDF Files

PDF is a format you can’t escape if you frequently download and read eBooks, journals, or even boring office reports in this format. While PDF readers are a dime a dozen, something with a little more kick can never hurt. ReadCube is a PDF reader and research tool for Windows and Mac. This Adobe Air-based application integrates Google Scholar and PubMed, allowing you to search them directly from within the app. The application is primarily geared towards students and researchers, allowing them to use their university accounts and access journals that the university provides. However, that isn't a requirement, and you can use just about any kind of email address to sign up and use it. ReadCube also lets you open and switch between different files that are open, import your PDF library from hard drive, create lists, add notes and search and download PDFs.Read More

Calendar G: Stylish Application For Managing Google Calendar Tasks

Calendar G is a cross-platform application for Google Calendar that comes with a visually appealing user interface. It provides easy to use options for managing your Google calendar reminders and updates. Calendar G is based on Adobe Air and has been built for both desktop and smartphone users. While the browser based user interface for Google Calendar can be confusing, Calendar G provides only a handful, yet neatly displayed menus, which make it quite easy to access and manage Google Calendar tasks.Read More

Simpper Video Mail: Easily Record And Send Video Messages With A Click

Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. Akin to the fact that a picture provides a static idea of the situation, video makes the experience more flourished, proving everything in motion. Wouldn't it be quite awesome if you could send video messages to your friends and family, in case you both have different schedules. Consider your wish granted, as now you can easily send video messages and pictures to your friends and family with Simpper Video Mail. It has quite an intuitive interface, with an ability to begin recording with a single click, and allowing you to directly share it with your Gmail and Facebook friends. If you don't want to send the email to anyone, the application allows saving it to your PC only, as well. There is also an option for video chat through a Facebook web app for video chat with your Facebook friends. More details after the jump.Read More

Shrink O’Matic: Resize And Convert Images By Ratio

Resizing your images' resolution or shrinking down their size does make sense. Most of the web hosting services allow you to upload to image up to certain limit in size. Moreover, its better to reduce the size of your image before uploading them to forums or sending them as email attachment, because no one likes the image to take ages to download. Resizing one image file is easy and you can do it in most photo editing software, but if you have an umpteen number of images at your disposal, it becomes difficult to shrink them one at a time. In such situations batch image resizers come in handy. One such software we came across is Shrink O’Matic. It is an image batch resizer and image converter which works by simply dragging images over the application. It lets you choose the output size, output name and output format of the images. Currently, JPG, GIF and PNG formats are supported by the application. You can limit the output size according to pixels or resize the image using Ratio slider. The utility can auto-rename the files and save them in defined folder.Read More

TheGOOD Uploadr: Upload Images To Flickr Sets & Photostream From Desktop

Flickr is one of the biggest sources of images online, rivaled only by Picasa. There are plenty of third party desktop applications that let you upload pictures to your Flickr account but there isn’t an official desktop application from Flickr itself like there is for Picasa. TheGOOD Uploadr is another third party Adobe Air based application that allows you to upload pictures directly to your Flickr Stream or to one of the existing sets. The application lets you add a caption and description to all images, or to one image at a time. You can add tags and edit privacy settings for the image from within the application’s interface, open them from their source (where they’re saved on your system) and rotate them. It supports multiple accounts allowing you to easily switch between different Flickr accounts and upload images to either one.

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Email Large Files From Your Desktop With Kicksend

Email attachments sizes are limited from the best services to the worst. While Gmail allows you to attach files of 25MB, you cannot send them to to any other account except to a Gmail one. With restrictions like these and the fact that file sizes are now only getting bigger, Kicksend offers you a viable solution. Kicksend is a web service that comes with an Adobe air based desktop application for Windows and Mac. The service can be used to send files of up to 150MB but the desktop application lets you send files of any size you want. You can add contacts or import them from Gmail. Files that you send as attachments are uploaded to the service, a link to the file is sent in the email for the recipient to download from. All files that you upload are deleted automatically after two weeks. The desktop application only allows you to send or download files, to add contacts you will have to use the web interface.Read More

JamCloud Desktop Media Manager Streams YouTube & SoundCloud Videos

There must be close to a hundred media managers available for your desktop but how many of them let you search and stream videos directly from YouTube and Soundcloud? JamCloud is an Adobe Air based free media manager that not only lets you search videos from both these popular sites but also lets you create music rooms, music libraries and playlists from the videos you stream. JamCloud enables you to share what you’re listening on Twitter and Facebook, and also lets you import your playlists from YouTube.Read More

Adobe Muse – Design, Create And Publish Websites Without Writing Code

Adobe Muse is an Adobe Air based application from Adobe designed to simplify the task of creating a website without writing HTML code. It provides a number of handy tools and step-by-step management options to let you plan, design, preview and publish your website. Muse page layouts are designed to automatically adjust size to enable users to build websites without any size limitations. Adobe Muse toolkit comprises of a number of widgets, color management, slideshow and menu options which makes it easier to design and publish professional looking websites without involving the hassle of slicing website design, creating CSS stylesheets and coding HTML pages.Read More

Readefine Desktop – Google Reader Desktop Client With Magazine Style Layout

A while back, we reviewed Snackr, which is an Adobe Air based desktop ticker for reading your Google Reader RSS feeds. This time we have another one called Readefine Desktop which is a stylish desktop application for reading Google Reader feeds, plain text files and HTML files. It allows you to view multiple articles at a time as well as a single article in a unique magazine like multi-column layout. Redefine Desktop is also an Adobe Air based application and therefore can be run on Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems. Some of its main features include: division of text into multiple pages for easy reading, keyboard shortcuts to change font size, Instapaper Support, Next Page button in Magazine Layout marks the articles shown to you as read (in Google Reader), resize option for images and videos to make them fit within columns, remove stray newlines, and drag/drop support for adding plain text for easy reading.Read More

WebKut Is Adobe Air Based Screenshot Tool To Capture Parts Of Web Pages

WebKut is an Adobe Air based screenshot taking application that allows you to clip web pages in numerous ways. One problem which many users face with desktop screenshot taking applications is that they don’t offer a convenient way to clip complete web pages. WebKut, in contrast, enables you to not only capture whole web page but also converts captured web page image into PDF format. It offers a simple web browser to search and open the web pages which are to be captured. You can also clip specific part of web page and capture current view of web page in question.Read More

Secretly Use Facebook At Work By Disguising It As An Excel Sheet

Excelbook is an Adobe Air based application which you can use to browse Facebook at work without being caught by your boss. The interface can be easily mistaken for an MS Excel or Libre Spreadsheet. You can login to your Facebook account and get all important updates, while appearing to work on a regular task. To get started, login to your Facebook account from the File menu and allow access to Excelbook application from your Facebook account. Read More

Drops Offers Unlimited File Upload Storage And Online File Viewer

Drops is a simple file uploading and sharing desktop tool developed on Adobe Air, allowing users to upload unlimited number of files. Unlike other apps, it doesn’t restrict user in terms of total online space, however, you can only upload 30MB of data per each file. Drops is designed for users who want to share their uploads with colleagues and friends online without having to configure cloud based storage settings. You sign up with the service (takes hardly a minute, as it needs only email and password), and drag files which you wish to share over its UI, it will automatically start uploading them and show shareable links on the main interface, which can be directly accessed.Read More

Track Time While Giving Presentation With Trak [Time Management]

In order to give presentation you should split up the content of the presentation into different sections, so that target audience would take note of all the important points and map them with respective presentation sections. Allocating equal time slices to each presentation section is utterly important to efficiently utilize the total given time. If your presentation doesn’t contain sections associated with time slices, you’d probably fail to keep track of time limit. Trak provides a customizable presentation progress bar on screen to keep track of sections and most importantly the total given time. It allows specifying total number of sections and allocating time slots to customizable segments, so you wont lose track of time which you want to spend on different segments of presentations.Read More