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JamCloud Desktop Media Manager Streams YouTube & SoundCloud Videos

There must be close to a hundred media managers available for your desktop but how many of them let you search and stream videos directly from YouTube and Soundcloud? JamCloud is an Adobe Air based free media manager that not only lets you search videos from both these popular sites but also lets you create music rooms, music libraries and playlists from the videos you stream. JamCloud enables you to share what you’re listening on Twitter and Facebook, and also lets you import your playlists from YouTube.


To start using JamCoud you need to create an account first on the site; without an account you will not be able to login to the desktop application. Once downloaded, login and select whether you want to create or join a room or ‘Go Solo’. To Go Solo means that you are streaming music by yourself and not creating or joining any music rooms. A small Go Social button at the bottom left of the application window lets you change modes. The interface is simple; a search bar lets you search by album, artist or song name. By default, the search is done on YouTube, however, you can change it so that the application searches SoundCloud or both YouTube and SoundCloud by selecting the option from the dropdown menu next to search bar. To play a video, double click it. All songs in a search are played in queue, however, to add  different songs from different searches, you’ll have to add them to playlists.

JamCloud add to library

To create a playlist, click the small plus sign next to playlists in the left column or just drag & drop a video on to an empty place on the left panel. A dialog box will open and you can name your playlist. To add content to a playlist, drag & drop it on to the playlist from search results. The application has an built-in media player with basic play/pause buttons and three quick option buttons to add the current video to your library, to view it in either full screen mode or in your browser.

JamCloud invite to room

To create a music room, click the Go Social button in the bottom left of the window. You will be given a list of public rooms to join or the option to create your own room. You can invite as many friends as you want to a music room by sharing it on either Facebook or Twitter. Music from your library is played by default in the music room you create, however, you can search for more songs or play them from one of your playlists too. To start playing songs in a music room, click Start DGing.

JamCloud preferences

To control what quality videos are played by default, change passwords, modify your Gravatar or edit your profile, go to User Preferences on the bottom bar. The option only appears when the cursor is on the bar.

JamCloud bar

One noteworthy feature of this application is that it lets you import your YouTube playlists; hover the cursor at the bottom of the window and click the Import option when it appears. Enter your username and start importing. JamCloud is available for both Windows and Mac and is an Adobe Air application.

Download JamCloud for Windows

Download JamCloud for Mac

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  1. Well its very nice. I love it because it bring me out of my previous laborious searching activities. Now i can search freely what i want.

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