Ginipic – Find Photos In Multiple Image Search Engines From Your Desktop

Ginipic is a free advanced image search engine for desktop that searches multiple photo sharing sites and search engines and displays the results in a neat, simple-to-use window. Once you run the program it will open as a neat sidebar window. It is able to search images in the following sources: Flickr, Google, Yahoo, SmugMug, deviantART, Live Search, Picasa, Photobucket, Facebook, and Fotolia. By default the option is set to search images in all sources.

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Open Multiple Websites at Once With A Desktop Shortcut

I visit multiple websites, multiple times daily. Typing the names of these websites over and over again becomes too time consuming and obviously, boring. I figured out a way to create a desktop shortcut for it through which you can open unlimited number of websites in multiple browser tabs.

Basically we have to create a batch file to open multiple websites. If you have read the post in the link above you will learn to make batch file for opening multiple applications, but for the sake of convenience I am going to teach you to make a batch file to open multiple websites at once. The method is almost same, but instead of application target, we will enter website URL.

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Open Multiple Applications With A Single Click Instantly

I recently learned a small handy trick which allows us to start multiple applications at once. If you are like me who has to open 5-6 programs at once then it will come really handy. Running multiple programs turn by turn is too boring for me, that’s why I use this trick to open multiple programs instantly.

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How To Create A Website Or Email Shortcut In Windows Desktop

If you visit a website frequently, you can create a desktop shortcut for the website so that it can be accessed easily without having to open the browser and type the address over and over again. If you are a doing a business and send frequent emails to your clients, you can create a desktop shortcut for sending an email quickly.

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Disable NVIDIA Control Panel From Desktop Right-Click Context Menu

Do you have a Nvidia Graphic card? The latest firmware from Nvidia installs a script that enables Nvidia Control Panel on desktop right-click context menu. This can slow down the loading speed of the context menu when you right-click on the Desktop if you are using a low-end computer. In my case, I simply don’t need this option because it’s useless. If you are in same situation like me, its time to disable/remove it.

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How To Manage And Launch Shortcuts Quickly Using Microsoft Speed Launch

Do you have hundreds of applications installed, with even hundreds of icons spread all over your computer? It is hard sometimes to find the shortcut of a program when they are all cluttered up on ever single place on the computer. This is where Microsoft’s Speed Launch comes in(It requires .Net Framework 3.0). Start menu search in Windows Vista does help sometimes but Speed Launch even lets you assign multiple applications or websites to launch with a single click.

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How To Minimize Applications To Desktop As Thumbnails

If you are a multitasking monster, most of your time may surf on finding the right tab in the taskbar, because when you do multitask a lot you have more tabs in the taskbar which makes it cluttered and unorganized, even with Windows Group Similar taskbar items option, it takes time to find the right tab, there are some applications like utorrent which can be configured to move to tray bar rather than taskbar, the other solution for this is to minimize the applications as thumbnails onto the desktop.

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Remove Program Shortcut Or Desktop Shortcut Arrows In Windows 7 / Vista

Honestly speaking, I do love Windows 7 / Vista but there are so many small awkward stuffs around that makes it look just stupid. Desktop shortcuts is one of them. Have you ever noticed a large arrow on lower-left corner of the icon in every desktop shortcut program? I hate this arrow, and if you have same feelings like me, welcome to the post where I am going to teach you how to remove it in the most easiest way. There are two methods, tweaking the registry and through a software.Read More

How To Remove Nvidia Control Panel From Desktop Right Click Context Menu

Note: This post is for those who have Nvidia graphic card installed on their computer.

The "NVIDIA Control Panel" can be directly accessed from Start menu or Start Search menu in Windows Vista, generally its not used much often and doesn't;t require a separate item in the desktop context menu. If it annoys you then you probably didn't realize that it's easy to remove. For those who doesn’t know what we're talking about, see the screenshot after the jump, here's the menu item we're looking to remove.

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How To Increase Workspace Using Virtual Desktop Applications For Windows Vista/XP

Editor’s Note: You will need a very powerful or at least semi powerful computer to run virtual desktop applications smoothly, and yes plenty of free disk space too.

Virtual desktops are useful in a way that they provide extra desk space to place your applications. You can easily move your Windows from one workspace to another and sort them according to their functionality and if you constantly find your desktop cluttered and overloaded with programs and browser windows then a virtual desktop manager might be the solution for you. Virtual desktops are handy if you want to keep different tasks and programs separated. They are quite common on Mac and Linux computers. It may take some time but once you get used to using them, they become an essential part of a productive workflow. So if you’re up for it, below are some of the better Windows desktop managers out there:

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5 Web Applications That Can Easily Replace Your Desktop Applications

There has been a long running debate about web applications replacing desktop applications. While some functions are better suited to web applications, it is my belief that security concerns and legacy systems will prevent desktop software from becoming obsolete. What actually defines a Web Application Vs a Desktop Application? A web application is an application delivered to users from a web server like the Internet. Some businesses run web apps on an intranet, as well. They are becoming more popular due to the widespread use of the web browser as a client. Here are my top 5 Web based applications that have replaced my desktop apps.Read More

5 Best Free Remote Desktop And Screen Sharing Applications

Remote desktop sharing applications are the ones which sometimes save the day of a developer (specially the freelancers) or anyone who is working as a distributed team and need desktop collaboration, supporting a remote web application that you had built or need to manage the work computer from home. There are great free remote desktop applications which helps to build this remote connection.Read More