Reader2Go: Read & Manage Google Reader Feeds Even When Offline [WP7]

As a blogger, it's a must for me to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the tech world, and there is none more useful tool for that than Google Reader. The feed aggregator is also used by people from many other fields, and is certainly one of the most useful services available on the net. Despite the large number of Google Reader users on Windows Phone 7 , the Mango platform still does not have an official client for the service. A few good third-party apps exist which offer a pretty good replacement for an official client, and Reader2Go just might be the best of this lot. You will be hard pressed to spot any feature which is available in the web version of the service but isn’t there in this app. The app also supports live tiles, and you can know all about it by heading past the break.Read More

Icon Badger: View Count Of Unread Items For Pinned Tabs [Chrome]

While pinning tabs is quite convenient, you might lose the ability to see the unread item notifications that many websites add to the favicon. This is where Icon Badger, a Chrome extension, comes in handy. It takes care of the problem for you by placing a count of unread messages or items to the favicons of various popular websites.  This nifty little tool provides an easy way for you to see new items at a glance, even when your tabs are pinned or when you’ve got a bunch of tabs open. The extension works for many popular websites, such as Google Reader, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and more.Read More

Remove Clutter From Google Reader & Hide Left Sidebar [Chrome]

The new Google Reader  design hasn’t been received well. While the old layout wasn’t the most stunning way imaginable to present your feed, it didn’t need the cosmetic changes that Google made to ensure all its services and their interfaces blend well together. The new interface seems to be cleaner and incorporates the black Google bar well but Google Reader is still pretty cluttered. Google Reader Readable, an extension for Chrome, provides users with an extremely minimal interface for focusing purely on Google Reader articles. The extension is specially useful for people who tend to get distracted by sidebars and other content on Google Reader. It works by removing clutter and displaying articles in a neat and clean layout. Moreover, the left navigation panel only appears when you hover your mouse over the area, keeping it hidden so you don't get distracted while browsing RSS feeds.Read More

Auto-Detect, Subscribe & Launch RSS Feeds In Google Reader/ Feedly [Chrome]

TPGoogleReader is a Chrome extension that automatically opens unread items from Google Reader in new tabs and marks them read. The articles are opened in full-version and the number of unread feeds is also displayed on the extension’s icon. This Chrome extension makes reading and subscribing to feeds an easy and pleasant experience. TPGoogleReader lets you specify the number of unread items it should open in tabs which prevents an explosion of tabs in a single window should you have something close to 50 unread items in your feed. The extension also offers users with icon click functionality, which allows you to open the pop-up on a single click, open Google Reader on a double-click and open unread items on a triple-click. The icon-click actions are fully customizable and can be changed from the extension’s Options. Moreover, you can toggle between the automatic or manual mode, and open one, five, ten, twenty, fifty or all unread items at once. As the tabs are opened for the unread items, the unread item count on the icon is automatically decremented in the toolbar.Read More

Read New Google Reader Feeds When Offline [Chrome]

MagicCube FeedStore is a useful Chrome extension that allows you to read Google Reader feeds even when you're offline. After you’ve installed the extension, you can access Google Reader feeds through a button in the toolbar. MagicCube FeedStore works by checking new unread feeds and downloads them to the local storage automatically. The button in the toolbar comes with a count for the number of unread feeds. Feed Store is a powerful offline RSS reader that provides users with an iTunes-like user interface, and almost the same hotkeys as Google Reader. Users can easily customize the layout and style of the feeds according to their preference.  The style, fonts and layout of the feeds can be changed from the Preferences.Read More

Start!: Access Bookmarks, Apps & Google Reader Feeds On Chrome’s New Tab Page

Start!, a Chrome extension, is a useful tool for all those who want instant access to their bookmarks, Google Reader news feed and installed apps. Start! modifies the new tab page by adding bookmarks and all your installed apps to it. With it, you can quickly navigate to your favorite websites and apps. In order to add new websites to the page, simply add them to your bookmark bar and they will appear on the new tab page. At the bottom of the page, you will also find Chrome web apps and an option to add news feeds. The extension uses Flickr for the background photos, but you can easily customize it by entering a URL for the background image.Read More

Reader Filter: Get Rid Of Unwanted Items In Google Reader [Chrome]

A lot of us use Google Reader to read Atom and RSS feeds online, but sometimes, reading about the same topic over and over again can become quite boring. Reader Filter For Google Chrome is an extension that filters unwanted feed items in Google Reader. With it, you can filter and hide RSS news items in Google Reader by keywords or regular expressions (RegEx). Simply enter a name or word, and all items containing that word will be reduced to a colored bar or will be completely hidden. Moreover, filters can be applied to the subject line and the body, or only to the subject line. The extension also comes with a pop-up menu that can be used to add filters, and toggle them on and off.Read More

NewsBar: View RSS Feeds & Classify Them By Color On Your Mac [Paid]

Earlier last month, we reviewed two Mac apps, Blotter and Mindful, that put the current day’s iCal events in a translucent display on your desktop. Both apps present a convenient way to always have your daily events on your desktop. NewsBar is a Mac app available for $4.99 on the Mac app store that does the same to your RSS feed. It is feature rich app that allows you to dock your feed to any side of the display, or view it as a floating window. The app supports feed search, marking items as favorites, setting keyword alerts and choosing a unique color for each feed. It lets you add just about any RSS feed, or import your items from Google Reader.Read More

Read Google Reader Feeds In Full Form [Chrome]

Google Reader is a popular web-based RSS and atom feed reader that displays partial content for certain feeds. To view full content, you have to click the links, which are opened in new tabs. Not only is this process a bit complicated, but it also opens a large number of tabs  in your browser. Super Full Feeds for Google Reader, a Chrome extension, solves this problem and allows you to read full content feeds in Google Reader. Once the extension is installed, a Super Settings button is added to Google Reader. Settings can be changed for individual feeds, and you can convert truncated feeds into full feeds. Moreover, you can view feeds in three different modes; directly from the source feed, an entry link in an iframe, or the Original Feed. You can even pre-fetch content for unread items, so that they load in the background while you are reading other entries. Super Full Feeds For Google Reader picks the actual page and embeds it inside Google Reader. The extension also provides users with a few keyboard shortcuts, such as 8 for readable content, 9 for iFrame content and 0 for original feed content.Read More

Easy Reader: Access Google Reader Feeds & Get Real Time Notifications [Chrome]

Want to stay-up-to date with the latest Google Reader feeds without having to repeatedly check the website for new posts? Easy Reader, a Chrome extension, automatically retrieves and updates your Google Reader feeds. It provides instant access to Google Reader and displays feeds in a compact pop-up. Real-time notifications are displayed for new posts, and an unread count for Google Reader is displayed on the button. Each feed comes with a post title and website logo. To preview the feed, hover your mouse over it, and content will instantly be displayed in a small box.Read More

Terminal for Google: Instant Access To All Google Services [Chrome]

Looking for a Chrome extension that lets you quickly access all Google Services while you browse the web? Terminal For Google is a prefect tool for instant access to Google services. With it, you can open any Google Service with only a click or two. The extension displays Google services, such as Google Reader, Gmail, Google Docs, Blogger, AdSense, Analytics, Google Maps and more, in a compact pop-up with shortcut buttons. Furthermore, Terminal For Google allows you to mail or blog a particular page from the right-click context menu; also, an unread count for both Gmail and Google Reader is displayed in the pop-up. Click the Option Page to customize and change the settings for the extension.Read More

News Factory: All Your Favorite Websites And Social News In One Place [Chrome]

News Factory, a Chrome extension, lets you view and read social news in a unique and interesting way. The extension makes use of your browsing history to detect and retrieve websites that can be added to the News Factory list. In addition to that, it automatically retrieves and updates Google Reader feeds. You can add new websites by entering a search term or URL in the search field, and then clicking Add once you've found the website. The News Factory button also displays the number of new posts right in your toolbar, and real-time desktop notifications are displayed after specific time intervals.Read More

Cappuccino: Read, Manage & Share Google Readers Feeds [Mac]

Google Reader, as a service, is widely used to manage feeds, but not everyone is a fan of the web interface. After the recent redesign of most Google services, there may even be fewer users of the design. It is for this and other reasons that people turn to apps for RSS feed management. Cappuccino is a Mac app that lets you mange all your Google Reader feeds, syncing with your Google account and pulling all your feeds. You can view each item as as feed or as it would appear on the webpage. Any item can be opened in Safari and shared via email, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The app presents a clean reading interface in the Feeds view, is ad free, and has an excellent search feature.Read More

Google Redesigned For Gmail, Google Reader, Calendar & Docs [Firefox]

Do you find Google Reader’s or Gmail’s interface dull and boring? Google Redesigned, a Firefox add-on, completely redesigns the look and feel of popular Google services, such as Gmail, Google Reader, Google Calendar and more. Google Redesigned loads and manages several CSS style sheets that change the appearance of these popular services. Once the add-on is installed, you will be able to toggle Google redesign for independent services by accessing the add-on button in the toolbar. The new interface is slick, and allows you to browse Google services in a more effective manner.Read More

FeedSquares: An Eye Candy Interface For Google Reader Feeds [Chrome]

FeedSquares, a Google Chrome extension, lets you view and read feeds from Google Reader in a stylish and entertaining interface. All you have to do is open Google Reader and click the FeedSquare button in the toolbar. With FeedSquare, you can view your feeds in two different modes, night and day. The night mode has a dark purple background, whereas the day mode comes with a white background. Additionally, you can select feeds and scroll through different items. Furthermore, personalize, reload, mark all feeds as read, and enable the total unread count on the extension’s button are also available.Read More

Hands-On With Google Currents: A Flipboard-Like News Aggregator For Android & iOS

Google Currents is a brand new and innovative way of exploring your favorite news and RSS feed subscriptions on your Android & iOS smartphones and tablets in a magazine-like interface. Being a news aggregator, Currents lets you add and view your favorite news sources and custom editions created with Google Currents Producer, in addition to displaying top-5 trending stories of the hour from a vast pool of categories including business, technology, entertainment, sports, health and science. The app syncs with your Google account, lets you explore all the content in offline mode, customize sync settings and share articles with your friends on the go.Read More

NewsSpot: RSS Reader With Offline Reading & Live Tiles [WP7]

Although there isn’t an official Google Reader client for Windows Phone 7 from either Google or Microsoft, but there are a lot of third-party clients for the service available in the Marketplace (Samsung Zone's RSS Times for Samsung WP7 devices, for instance). Still, it’s always nice to have some more options available, and NewsSpot provides you just that. It is a third-party client for Google Reader that comes with almost all the features you will find in the web service itself.Read More

ReaderSharer Restores Sharing Options For New Google Reader [Chrome]

The revamped design of Google Reader is now considerably different compared to the classic look, and does not allow you to share like before. Anything that you share is now going to happen via a +1 to Google+. Yesterday, we covered a stylesheet fix for Google Reader that addressed the spacing issue, but if you want the old sharing options back, check out ReaderSharer. It is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to view your shared items and those from the people you follow. It will also display whether an item has been shared or not. Additionally, it, too, reverts the new fonts and spacing of feeds, providing a more all-in-one-package of sorts.Read More

Restore Google Reader Feed List Spacing With FixStyleSheet

Google redesigned their popular RSS reader with a brand new interface, and added some other features too. One obvious change is the font size and spacing between feeds, especially when in list view. This new outlook is troublesome for some users, as they find it difficult to browse through the feeds in this manner and keep track of what's read. Google has definitely made some of its users angry with this change, and if you are one of them, then FixStyleSheet For GoogleReader is just what you need. It is an extension for Chrome that reverts this feature and takes you back to the classic design, so you can still browse Google Reader with its new and improved features, but view feeds in the classic style.Read More

URL Opener Allows You To Open Multiple Links At Once [Web]

When you have to view multiple pages, or go through a list of URLs for any reason, clicking each link one by one to open them can become quite frustrating, not to mention time consuming. URL Opener is a handy web app that lets you open multiple website links by simply using the copy-paste function. With one click, all links will open in new windows or tabs, decided by your choice. There is no restriction on the number of links that you can open, making it even more convenient. Once you’ve selected your links, just paste them in the box and hit the Open URLs button.Read More