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Icon Badger: View Count Of Unread Items For Pinned Tabs [Chrome]

While pinning tabs is quite convenient, you might lose the ability to see the unread item notifications that many websites add to the favicon. This is where Icon Badger, a Chrome extension, comes in handy. It takes care of the problem for you by placing a count of unread messages or items to the favicons of various popular websites.  This nifty little tool provides an easy way for you to see new items at a glance, even when your tabs are pinned or when you’ve got a bunch of tabs open. The extension works for many popular websites, such as Google Reader, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Once you’ve installed the extension, you will notice that the above mentioned websites now display a count of unread items or messages right next to the website’s favicon. Moreover, the extension even works when you pin tabs.

icon badge

Icon Badge lets you keep track of all your unread items on popular websites, especially when you’ve pinned tabs and don’t have the time to check unread items on multiple websites. The extension is unobtrusive, has no buttons or settings whatsoever, and can be installed from the link below.

Install Icon Badger For Google Chrome

Update: The extension is no longer available in the Chrome Web Store. If you are using Firefox, you can check out Tab Badge Add-on.


  1. hello, this extension is exactly what I am looking for – where can I find it (or an alternative)? as you note, it is no longer available via the Chrome Web Store

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