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FeedSquares: An Eye Candy Interface For Google Reader Feeds [Chrome]

FeedSquares, a Google Chrome extension, lets you view and read feeds from Google Reader in a stylish and entertaining interface. All you have to do is open Google Reader and click the FeedSquare button in the toolbar. With FeedSquare, you can view your feeds in two different modes, night and day. The night mode has a dark purple background, whereas the day mode comes with a white background. Additionally, you can select feeds and scroll through different items. Furthermore, personalize, reload, mark all feeds as read, and enable the total unread count on the extension’s button are also available.

To start off, visit Google Reader and click the FeedSqaure button in the toolbar. This will displays all your feeds with image thumbnails. At the bottom of the page, you will find a number of options, such as personalize, mark all as read, reload feeds, day/night, options and reader. The personalize option allows you to hide read feeds, hide read items and scroll item to mark read. Furthermore, you can change the interface by selecting the day or night mode. Also, reload feeds and click options to change the settings for FeedSqaure. Click a particular feed, and its items will be displayed in a row at the bottom of the page. Either use your mouse wheel or the orange bar to scroll through different items.

FeedSquares - Google reader

Click on individual items to read, share, keep unread and more. You can also Mark All Read and close specific feeds. Click the article’s title at the the top of the page to go to its respective website, or cross out to exit and access other articles or feeds.


The FeedSquares options allows you to enable the Trackpad mode, select Show total unread counts on extension icon, Use secure HTTPS connection and Disable Image previews on feed items. You may also select to Show older items first from the Items Settings category.

FeedSquares options

FeedSquares is an unobtrusive and easy-to-use extension that lets you read your feeds in a visually appealing interface. Visit the link below to install FeedSquares, try it out, and drop a comment.

Install FeedSquares For Google Chrome


  1. Very nice  extension, I was looking for something like this a few days ago…

    The only cons I found, IMO, are:

    – There’s no way to hide read posts. Imagine that you have a feed with recent posts read and a few older posts unread. You have get past all those read posts in order to get to the unread posts.
    PS.: I just found this option under “personalize!”. Shouldn’t it be in “options”?

    – There’s no support for embedded videos. If a post has a video it’ll show as a simple image in FeedSquare.

    Thanks for the awesome suggestions!

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