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Tacts: Assign Groups To iPhone Contacts & Delete Them In Bulk

iOS might be the most popular smartphone platform in the world, but with so many users having almost the same interface on their phones, things can get a little boring. People have long had issues with the stock Contacts app in the iPhone, especially the fact that you can’t delete items in bulk, and there is no option to create groups of contacts. Also, it would be nice to have a new environment in which to view the saved details of people you know. Tacts is an app which brings all these features, and more, to your iPhone. It basically an alternative to the stock Phone app in iOS, and manages both contacts and dialer to make everything more convenient for users.

Tacts Tacts Groups

Tacts will automatically pull all your contacts from the stock iOS app, and you don’t have to got through any complicated procedure to get the data imported. There are just 3 sections within the app, Favorites, Groups and Keypad. All your contacts show up in the Groups section by default. Tap the All Contacts button and then you can start adding contacts to any group. In addition to creating new groups, there are a few pre-defined groups in the app as well, like Company, State, City, etc.

Tacts Group Tacts Contacts Info

Once you navigate to any contact, even the information inside is pretty neatly laid out. There are separate icons for every sub-category of information, and you can add any piece of info to your Favorites. Tacts also has a Keypad of its own, intended to make it a complete replacement app of the stock dialer and Contacts app. However, there is a catch; you can only launch the Keypad after making the in-app purchase of $1.99 or $0.99, depending upon the features you want to unlock in the Keypad.

Despite the in-app purchases, Tacts itself is a free app which can be downloaded from the link given below.

Download Tacts for iOS

Update: Tacts version 1.4.2 has brought Skype integration to the app! This makes the dialer as complete as you can ever want it to be. There is now a new Skype button below each contact’s details, and tapping it will patch you through via Skype. Another useful addition to the app is its new way of searching through the address book. Users have now got the choice to perform any search based on first name, last name or both. Although the app remains free, a few in-app purchases have been added to it and thanks to them you will be able to customize group icons in more ways then before.


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