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Check & Read Emails From Multiple Gmail Accounts In Chrome [Extension]

Checking emails from multiple Gmail accounts can be a cumbersome and a time consuming task, not to mention confusing. Google Mail Multi-Account Checker is a Chrome extension that keeps track of unread messages in all your Gmail accounts, and displays the total number of unread messages on the button in the toolbar. Once the extension is installed, a single click on the button allows you to open a pop-up, which displays the unread messages from multiple accounts, and clicking on any individual email launches the thread in Gmail. The extension’s options allow you to enter the number of accounts you have and save the login credentials, so you don’t have to sign in and out repeatedly.

Once the extension is installed, the button in the toolbar shows you the total number of unread messages, and when this button is clicked the pop-up displays all your emails. When an unread message is clicked, a new Gmail tab with the message opens in your browser window.


The options allows you to enter the number of accounts and the login credentials for each of them. The Custom Domain is optional for users of Google Apps, so its not necessary to enter a domain name in there.

options gmail

When a message is selected i.e., the checkbox next to it is checked, a small panel of controls appears just above it with buttons for archiving the message, marking it as read, marking it as spam or deleting it. A cross at the left of this panel lets you close it.

One of the best features of the extension is how well it displays an email message. It cleverly spaces the subject of the mail, the sender’s name and the first few lines of the message in a tiny row. The not so impressive feature is obviously that you can’t scroll down to view older messages. It is unclear just how many unread messages the app will show you but they will be limited with no way of viewing the older ones. This means if your inbox is bursting with unanswered email, the extension will give you a very modest scaled down view of the pending items to read.

Google Mail Multi-Account Checker is a useful extension, especially for people who regularly check multiple Gmail accounts. It quickly lets you check emails from numerous Gmail accounts at the same time, without having to log in and out.

Install Google Mail Multi-Account Checker For Google Chrome


    • Because this review is about a Chrome extension, not a Gmail feature. I don’t see any option in Chrome that allows you to check emails from the Omnibar without needing to open anything else.

      Criticism is always welcome, but not when it’s meant merely for sarcasm. 

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