How To: Jailbreak iOS 4.1 On iPhone 3G With Redsn0w

iOS 4.1 Beta ( developers Only) version has been released and now is available for download Via apple developers website. There is some good news for iPhone 3G users who have already updated to the latest iOS 4.1 and are looking to jailbreak their devices. The latest beta of iPhone Dev Team’s redsn0w can jailbreak your iPhone 3G running iOS 4.1 like it did for the iOS 4.0. Read More

Fix iPhone Recovery Mode Loop With RecBoot

It is certainly a nuisance to drag your iPhone out of the recovery by using the restore option in iTunes. Although stock iPhone might feel fine with it, but this caused the jailbreak users trouble as they needed to restore the custom firmware and then apply jailbreaks. Read More

How To: Jailbreak iOS 4 iPhone 3GS New Bootroom With Sn0wbreeze V1.7

Finally there is some great news for iPhone 3GS with New Bootrom owners who were looking to jailbreak their phones and install the latest iOS 4. Previously we posted a step by step guide on jailbreaking iOS 4 iPhone 3GS with new bootrom but it was a bit too complicated for regular users. ih8sn0w has released a new version of Sn0wbreeze that allows users to jailbreak their iPhone 3Gs with new Bootrom following some simple steps. Read More

How To: Sync Spirit Jailbroken iPhone 3G/3GS With iTunes 9.2

If you have your iPhone 3G or 3GS jailbroken with Spirit jailbreak, you must be missing the ability to sync it with iTunes, as the Spirit method of jailbreaking does not let you perform iTunes syncing post jailbreak. This can be a huge inconvenience, as most iPhone users manage all the content on their iPhone with iTunes. Fortunately, we've got some good news for you! An unofficial Spirit jailbreak fix has recently been releases that allows you to sync your iPhone 3G/3GS with iTunes 9.2 even after jailbreaking it with Spirit. Read More

How To: Find iPhone 3GS Bootrom Version

If you are an iPhone 3GS owner and are interested in jailbreaking your device on iOS 4, you might have come across the mention of bootrom. Confused about what's the deal with bootrom? Want to find out what bootrom does your phone have? We're here to help. Read on for more information and the complete method on finding your phone's bootrom version. Read More

Fix iBooks After iOS 4 Jailbreak

iOS 4 was recently released for most variants of the iPhone and iPod Touch and while the update seemed to be great and got jailbroken soon as well, there were some post-jailbreak glitches. After many users were able to jailbreak iOS 4 on their iPhone 3G/ 3GS and iPod touch 2G using redsn0w, most of them complained regarding iBooks not working after the jailbreak. The iPhone dev team has decided to respond, and has released a redsn0w 0.9.5b 5-4 upgrade that addresses the issue and and fixes the iBooks problem. Update: A fix is available for those who jailbroke using PwnageTool 4.0 as well. Read on for more information on both. Read More

Ultrasnow 0.93 iOS 4 Unlock All Baseband

Got yourself an iPhone 3G or 3GS that's carrier-locked but want to unlock it to be able to use any SIM card with it? Ultrasn0w 0.93 is now available that lets you do just that, on almost all baseband versions on iPhone 3G or 3GS. For more information and the complete guide, read on after the jump. Read More

Unlock Jailbroken iPhone 3G iOS 4 With Ultrasnow 0.93

If you've got an iPhone 3G and have upgraded it to iOS 4, while jailbreaking the device has still been possible, you were out of luck so far when it comes to unlocking your phone. Luckily, that is no longer the case. The iPhone Dev Team has finally released Ultrasn0w 0.93 and with this tool, you can now unlock your jailbroken iPhone 3G running iOS 4 as well! We've got more details as well as the complete guide right here for you, so read on. Read More

Unlock iPhone 3G/3GS iOS 4 With Ultrasn0w 0.93

Got an iPhone 3G or 3GS on iOS 4 that's SIM-locked to a carrier, and you want to break it free of carrier-restrictions to be able to use it with a SIM of your choice? Now with iOS 4 officially announced, you can easily jailbreak and unlock this firmware on your iPhone 3G and 3GS, regardless of what baseband it has. Let's take a more detailed look at it, consider any limitations, and get on with the complete procedure. Read More

RedSn0w 0.9.5 JailBreak For iOS 4 Released For Windows

Finally some great news for iPhone and iPod touch users relying on Windows OS for jailbreaking iPhone 3G/ 3GS and iPod Touch 2G running iOS 4. RedSn0w 0.9.5 has been officially released by Dev Team and now you can easily jailbreak iOS 4 on your iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod Touch 2G using Windows OS. Prior to this release, there was no way you could use Windows OS to jailbreak your iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod Touch 2G with iOS 4 . According to iphwn wiki, this non-Mac RedsnOw 0.9.5 release is still a beta and doesn’t provide “hacktivation” to iDevices. Update: You can now Jailbreak iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G iOS 4 on Windows. Follow the step-by-step guides given here. Update: There is a new version of Redsn0w 0.9.5 released by dev team for Windows and Mac. In this update, dev team has categorically emphasized the fact that this Redsn0w version is specifically for jailbreaking iOS 4 on iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G. Apart from this, there are some new interesting additions in this version,  you can now choose to enable/disable multi-tasking, home wallpaper and an option to enable battery percentage. It is also now confirmed that Redsn0w 0.9.5 Beta for Windows will only jailbreak iOS 4 on iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G.

Jailbreak iPhone 3GS iOS 4

The news is now confirmed that iOS4 GM is being jailbroken right after one day of it’s release. The credit for this goes to Msft.guy, who along with some hacks and tweaks accomplished this Jailbreak. The jailbreak was done on iPhone 3GS with some pwnage tools that were previously used for fixing the blacksn0w for iPhone 3.1.3 carrying baseband 05.11.07. The tweet describing the requirements for Jailbreak also wants users to update their Cydia and add OpenSSH etc to make this jailbreak work. Although this seems to be a valid jailbreak courtesy this video here, but still we will recommend you to wait for the official dev team version of this tool to come out. Dev team has promised unlock and jailbreak official release in June and we can speculate that it will be somewhere after the iPhone 4 is released on the 24th of June to the public. Update: The full step by step guide to jailbreaking iPhone 3G can be found here. Update 2: The details on how to jailbreak iOS4 on 3GS using MAC have finally been released and here is the step-by-step guide:
  • You will firstly need to downland the Jailbreak Bundle for iPhone 3GS plus pwnagetool 3.1.5 for Mac.
  • You will also need RedSn0w beta 0.9.5 Beta 4 and iTunes 9.2 beta.
  • Now once you are finished downloading all these tools, make sure to keep them in a directory together for easy access.
  • Now go to contents and navigate through resources to Firmware Bundles.
  • Once you are at the Firmware bundles, now copy the custome iPhone 2.1_4.0_8A293_bundle.bundle to the Firmware Bundles of the
  • Now go to the redsn0w app and click show package contents. Now navigate to the contents > Mac OS.
  • After you are MacOS root directory, copy the cydia.tar.gz on your desktop and extract the file.
  • After this you have to copy Cydia into the pwnage tool app. Just right click on the and browse to Contents> Resources> CustomPackages. Now click cydiainstaller.bundle and over-write all files with the ones you got for Redsn0w 0.9.5 Beta 4.
  • Now you need to load the and have to create the iOS 4.0 custom Firmware for iPhone 3GS
  • Once you get the custom .ipsw, restore your iPhone to iOS4.0 using iTunes.
This is all you need to do to jailbreak iOS 4 running on iPhone 3G. This is a very complicated method that will require you to be well-known to jailbreaking phenomenon. We will advise on waiting for the one-click tool to emerge from Dev team, which is expected after 24th June 2010.
Disclaimer: Please make sure that you have ample hands-on jailbreaking experience before trying your hands on this one. Addictivetips won’t be liable for any damages that may incur to your device during the process