Take Ownership Of Files And Folders In Windows 8 With TakeOwnershipEx

Taking ownership of a file in Windows involves a complicated procedure, which can be confusing for people who are not acquainted with user rights management and NTFS file permissions. There are numerous reasons why one may require taking ownership of a file including unlocking of system files, accessing files, which may have been restricted for the administrator by a local user and installing Windows tweaks. For example, the Windows 7 Logon Screen Capture tool requires taking ownership of system files to add a screenshot facility to the Windows logon screen.Read More

Something is Ready Alerts You When CPU Intensive Application Stops

It can be often hard to determine which application may be resource intensive and when the CPU may be relieved of heavy load. For example, a browser open with a single tab may not consume a lot of resources, however, if there were to be say 12 tabs open, then the system resources, including the CPU will be under strain. This is because most of the main stream browsers now come with hardware acceleration. If you require running resource intensive applications and would like to monitor when such an application stops, then try Something is Ready (SIR). It is a portable app, which monitors the CPU load according to user-defined threshold and displays a system tray alert at the end of a resource intensive application. SIR has been developed by the same developer who previously brought us Boray POWer.Read More

Depeche View Lite: Search, Load & Edit Thousands Of Text Files At Once

Depeche View Lite is a portable application for loading, viewing and searching text, CSV and log files within a directory tree. You can search a phrase (by simply clicking on it), fly through results by moving the mouse wheel, copy text and create bookmarks. For example, it can load thousands of text files in a single window, which provides you instant search facility (as you type). You can search a word just by clicking on it, by copying a line, creating bookmarks and adding self-defined commands on function keys. Details after the break.Read More

NirLauncher: Launch Any Nirsoft Application With This All-In-One Suite

We have previously covered a number of applications developed by Nirsoft, all of which have come from a developer named Nir Sofer. Nirsoft has always provided top quality software that have helped many advanced and novice users to perform laborious tasks easily, recover passwords, manage network connections, fix system issues and much more. Now, Nirsoft has released an application suite which contains all the useful Nirsoft applications, known as NirLauncher. It is a portable application that can be used to launch any Nirsoft application, and to get detailed information about each program present within the launcher.Read More

Trout: Portable Load & Play Audio Player With Last & Libre.fm Support

While there are several good media players capable of playing audio files, at times you might just want to load and play a list of songs conveniently. Furthermore, many media players do not display tags on the main interface by default, to maintain eye candy. Trout is a portable audio player, designed with standard controls and a simple interface, which allows instantly loading and playing audio files. It has been designed using AutoHotkey, and displays all tags tied to an audio file on the main interface. Moreover, it provides Last.fm and Libre.fm scrobbling, lyrics and album art display, support for internet radio streams, tag editing, as well as support for a large number of audio formats including, FLAC, WMA, WMP, WMV, ASF, MID, MIDI, RMI, KAR, WV, WVC, AAC, MP4, M4A, M4B, M4P, APE, AC3 and many more.Read More

My Startup Delayer: Improve Windows Load Time By Delaying Application Startup

When you turn on your PC, sometimes you might have noticed that there is a long delay before Windows becomes responsive. Before that time, you are not able to start using the computer. This can be quite annoying when you are in a hurry and just turn the computer on to grab an important file or send an important mail. The reason for your PC being unresponsive during the startup is that a lot of applications start as soon as Windows boots up. This puts a lot of load on the processor, as well as the memory, thus making the startup process quite intensive. To make the startup process a bit faster, you can remove some of the redundant and unimportant program entries from the Windows Startup, or you can use My Startup Delayer. It is a portable application for Windows that allows you to choose which processes are disabled and which are stared with a delay at Windows startup. It makes the applications launch one by one, making the PC responsive even during startup, since the processor and memory is not loaded up with multiple applications starting at the same time. It allows you to specify the number of seconds to start the applications after Windows Startup, and the delay between starting the other applications. You may also add custom applications in startup, enabling you to save time in opening the applcations that you use in a routine. Keep reading to find out more about My Startup Delayer.Read More

Batch Download All TED Videos With A Single Click via TED Downloader

TED (Technology Entertainment & Design) is a global set of conferences devoted to spreading ideas that address a wide range of topics. Various influential personalities have addressed the conference from time to time including Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Salman Khan, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, just to name a few. Due to this, the conference has attracted a large set of fandom and followers. Last year, we covered TED Grabber, an open source application that generates links for every TED video that can then be downloaded with any download manager, and supports downloading of subtitles in any language. If you found the download procedure a bit complicated and were looking for rather an easier solution then give TED Downloader a shot. It is another open source application aimed at simplifying the process of downloading videos from TED. Instead of grabbing each video individually, the application enables you to batch download all videos available on the TED website at once, in Low, Regular or High quality. Check out how TED Downloader works after the jump.Read More

D7 Is All-In-One System Backup, Maintenance, Repair & Tweaking Tool

D7 is a portable application intended for PC technicians, which provides a central interface to perform a variety of Windows tweaking related tasks. The applications displays an overview of your whole system, from your Windows version to the antivirus installed on your system. Its functions include offline and live malware removal, repairing Windows, general PC maintenance, CPU and RAM stress testing, OS branding, IP and DNS configuration, managing windows shortcuts, offline and live data backup, registry editing with search and delete, access to frequently used windows tweaks and components, etc. Read more about this extensive application after the break.Read More

Create HTML Snapshots Of File And Folder Structures With Snap2HTML

Windows is an elegant operating system and supports hundreds of thousands of applications. However, only a few ones seem quite worthy enough. Everyday I come across tens of different apps, but for me an application should be unique, intuitive and productive, only which feel worthwhile for a review.While browsing the web, i found Snap2 HTML, which is quite unique and handy application, and can help you troubleshoot various everyday computer problems. This portable utility lets you create an HTML snapshot of folder structures on your hard drive, with complete navigation. The snapshot is a complete copy of the real file and folder structure, and the user is able to navigate within them just like a real directory. This snapshot of folder structure can then be shared with anyone, for lets just say your friends, co-workers, your boos, allowing them to view where each file and folder is in the parent folder. This can be extremely useful in situations where tech support is required, as the troubleshooter can easily rectify the problem. The HTML file is created with a built-in search function that allows you to search any file and folder by name or extension.Read More

Add & Edit Items From ‘New’ Context Menu With New Menu Editor

Perhaps, one of the most frequently used elements in Windows is context menu. Context menu provides a quickest way to access different commands, programs, application properties, and other features. As new applications or features get added to the Windows, context menu automatically adds the supported commands and file types to the list, however, you can also manually add your desired files types, should you so need to. The conventional method to add or delete a file type from the New context menu available in right-click menu involves editing Windows registry, and we all know how dangerous that can be for novice users. If you want to avoid messing up the Windows registry (which is highly advisable, especially if you don't know what you're doing), you can use New Menu Editor. It is a context menu editor that allows you to add new file types to the New context menu through a simple GUI. If some of the original items are useless to you, the program also lets you delete existing file types to reduce cluttering. You can add an empty file or a predefined template to New context menu, based on your requirement.Read More

Shortcuts To Tray Adds A Customizable System Tray Shortcut Menu

Work always seems easier if all the required tools are available to you, doesn’t it? For instance, if you are repairing your vehicle, you don't want to use the wrong set of tools and end up paying extra bucks for damaging it even further. Same is the case when working on a PC. If all your required applications and tools are available on your desktop, you can save a lot of time. However, you cannot create shortcuts to all the files on the desktop. This makes it look very cluttered and you even ruin that look of your favorite wallpaper. A rather convenient way would be to use Shortcuts To Tray instead. It is a portable application that adds a system tray shortcut menu, allowing you quick access to your favorite links and application shortcuts. The application sports some pre-specified shortcuts, and allows you to add and edit new shortcuts for files, folders, applications, website links, disk drives etc. You can manage each category individually by adding, editing and deleting the shortcuts, creating groups within a category and moving shortcuts up and down the list. More on Shortcuts To Tray after the break.Read More

Correct / Manipulate Timestamps Of Your Files With NewFileTime

Timestamps found in the properties of files contain information regarding when the file was created, when was it modified the last time and the most recent date and time when it was accessed by someone. This allows you to quickly search, as well as group together a certain cluster of files that were created, modified, or accessed at a particular date. For instance, if you want to find a bunch of photos that were created (taken) at a particular date, or even if you just remember the month, you can set the date filters that will narrow down the search and reduce the number of results. Then, you can easily find the required set of images from the results. Previously, we reviewed dtouch, an application that let you add and subtract time from the timestamps of files and folders, but it was limited in the sense that you could not define a particular time and date to the files. NewFileTime is a portable application that takes care of this problem, and lets you change timestamps for any file or folder. The application allows you to modify Date Modified, Date Created and Date Accessed timestamps of multiple files and folders in one go. You can either set a specific time, or add and delete pre-specified time from the current timestamps.Read More

Benchmark Application Start Up Times With AppTimer

When creating an application, it is important for developers to know how much time it takes to load up once the user clicks its executable file. Imagine if you are trying out a new application, and when you run it, it takes ages to load. Most probably you will not use the application again, right? There are plenty of alternatives available for each type of software and if you want people to use your tool, you should make sure that everything is running smoothly. AppTimer is an application start up time bench marking tool that lets you run an executable file a pre-specified number of times, and check how long it takes for the application to be ready for use after execution. The application logs the start up times to a log file after each execution of the application. It comes in handy if you are trying to compare the performance of one software on different hardware, or multiple software on a single hardware.Read More

Network Uptime Analyzer: Get Network Uptime & Energy Consumption Stats

Network Uptime Analyzer is a portable network monitoring application for analyzing network load and gathering statistics about connected PCs, servers and devices that have an IP address allocated to them. It can monitor computers and numerous network devices from both a Workgroup, and via the Active Directory. Moreover, it provides detailed information about energy consumption of each device, and generates reports about energy costs, energy consumption and production.Read More

My Commander: Dual Pane, Tabbed File Manager For Windows 7

My Commander is a portable file manager that can be used as an alternative to the default Windows Explorer, and other widely used applications like Double Commander. It is a dual-pane, tabbed file explorer, which comes with a built-in file viewer to view files in hex, binary or text format. It provides nested archive handling with full Unicode support. You can also securely wipe files, modify file attributes, obtain favorites and folder history and send DOS commands from within the file manager. My Commander is a lightweight application and has a memory foot print of merely 5 MB (approximately).Read More

Align & Snap Application Windows With Each Other Using allSnap

While Windows Vista was close to be considered a failed OS, Windows 7 brought many new enhancements and changes to the table. It was not only more slick and snappier, but also less resource hungry, and some even called it Windows Vista done right. Albeit, introduced with Vista, Aero was further improved in Windows 7. One of the features Aero brought with it is called Aero Snap, which is quite handy to snap application windows at the edges of the screen. This makes it easy to not only adjust multiple application windows, but also compare them side by side. If you're looking for an application that can snap application windows with each other,  have a look at allSnap. It's a Windows program that lets you snap application windows with other active app windows. Not only does it snap multiple top-level windows together, it also snaps windows at the edges of the screen. During resizing and aligning windows, it uses a technique known as Hooking to automatically resize a window to the size of an adjacent window. The Constraint to Screen option disallows windows from moving off the screen, so you don’t need to be careful while dragging the applications to the side of the screen. allSnap includes a complementary option to send sound notification while snapping and un-snapping windows. More after the jump.Read More

DriverZone: Scan PC And Download Latest Hardware Drivers

Every component installed on your PC requires it own drivers to work as it should. With the missing drivers, think of the components as completely useless. Even when you have installed the driver, updating hardware drivers for your PC ensures that your computer works at maximum. It's highly recommended that you update your hardware drivers on a regular basis to avoid any compatibility issues, glitches or system crashes. New driver versions also ad further enhancements and improvements to the hardware itself. While Windows 7 automatically holds a huge library of device drivers, instances still arise where you need to manually download and install a driver yourself. It all seems good in talks, but when you're unable to find your particular driver, the result can be devastating and leave your hardware unusable. Before you give up, try DriverZone, a web-based application that is deigned to do three simple yet the most useful things. Scan your PC, inform you about outdated drivers and let you download the latest drivers for your hardware. There are not complications involved, all you need is a web browser installed on your PC to automatically search and install relevant drivers from over 2,600 GB of driver downloads. Details after the break.Read More

ConvertAll: Perform Mathematical Conversion Between Any Unit Formats

Many mobile devices and computer application provide unit conversion facility; however, they provide only a handful of formats and little support for inter-conversion of different unit types. ConvertAll is a portable application that allows you to calculate the different unit types with almost any format. For example, you can convert different kinds of units such as converting inches per decade, meter-pounds or cubic nautical miles.Read More

FocusWriter Provides A Distraction Free Environment For Writers

Writing is a task best accomplished when there is nothing to distract you from the project at hand. Whether you're a story writer working on your novel, a student who needs to meet the dead line of his assignment, or a journalist who must jot down the news broke out early morning. Sometimes, it so happens that even the interface of an application can start to distract you from the article or novel you are working on, causing you to lose focus. FocusWriter Portable is, as the name suggests, is a portable application that is designed to offer a minimalist interface, providing you with a distraction free environment, in order to keep you focused on what you are writing. The full screen mode of the application offers only a blank page with a cursor, leaving you and your mind with a cluttered free environment. It does not mean that FocusWriter portable is void of text editing features; it offers you all the basic text editing options such as Bold, Italic, Underline, Align Text etc. You can also change background themes of the application and set daily goals for writing a minimum number of words per day.Read More

Bear: View All GDI & User Objects Of Applications To Identify Memory Leaks

You may know that Windows native Application Program Interface, namely GDI (Graphics Device Interface), handles and represents all graphics-related objects and transmit these objects to output devices such as display monitor, multimedia projectors, printers etc. Not only does it keep all graphical objects present in running processes including Explorer, DWM (Desktop Windows Manager ), Client Server Runtime Processes etc stable, it also enables user and system processes to draw graphical objects on multiple output devices (display monitors, printers, etc). If you're a software developer who likes to check GDI objects memory footprint for your developed applications, Bear is probably just what you need. It's a portable application that is developed to show resource usage of all GDI objects & user objects, and handle count. You can check how many bitmaps, palette, Font, DC, Brush and other graphical objects are used by each application and process. Since it displays usage of all graphical objects that are being used by applications,  you can easily identify objects of those apps and processes, which are causing memory leak problems.Read More