Create Project Timelines In PowerPoint 2010 With Office Timeline

Creating timelines in Microsoft PowerPoint can be a lengthy and laborious task. One has to add several shapes, text boxes, images, etc in order to create a timeline. Office Timeline 2010 is an Microsoft PowerPoint add-in which helps create timelines with an easy-to-use wizard. The wizard guides you through each step, letting  you to create professional looking timelines in a matter of minutes rather than having to use PowerPoint native set of tools and shapes. Read More

Add And Customize Tab Behaviors In MS Word, Excel, And PowerPoint

Even though MS Office allows user to cascade multiple windows under unified interface, it cannot open cascaded windows in tabs, nor does it offer a convenient way to switch between views of opened windows. Take Excel 2010 windows as an instance, in Excel you may find an option to save layout of opened windows to restore them with a single click but what if you’re working on multiple worksheets? How would you switch between views without having to first minimize the window and open those worksheets lying behind it? Office Tab is a superior alternative to previously featured OfficeTab add-in. Read More

Analyze, Mark Errors, And Get Feedbacks On MS Office Documents With Information Analysis

Analyzing a huge document having diverse sections is not a easy task and those who require analyzing the content of documents mark out sections, create a separate note, or jot down important points to help team members fix the document content. Take project related emails from team members as an instance, you may sometimes need to specify the details for a certain part of email, elaborate the risks involved in crucial project development stages, question veracity of statistics and so on. In such a scenario, creating a new document just for elaborating the details which are to be added and for providing suitable feedback to team members becomes not only tiring but time wasting too. Read More

OneDrum Brings Real-Time Collaboration For Microsoft Office 2010

Google Docs lets you collaborate on documents and spreadsheets while working online but if you want simple real-time collaboration for MS Office you can use OneDrum. OneDrum is a desktop application that lets you invite people to collaborate on MS Office documents. OneDrum works in the background and acts as a gateway between you and the people you want to collaborate with. All work is done in MS Office (Word, Excel, and Power Point) programs while the app seamlessly synchronizes the changes as they happen in real-time. Read More

Enable Or Disable Add-ins For All Microsoft Office 2010 Applications

Office 2010 native Add-In Manager, which is accessible from File menu of all the applications, allows you to enable, disable and remove the installed add-ins of the respective Office application. Since you have to open each Office application to either enable, disable or remove add-ins, it would certainly be a lot easier if you can manage installed add-ins for all MS Office 2010 applications under one place. The previously featured Topalt EnableDisable not only supports Office 2007 but allows managing add-ins for all versions of MS Office, including 2000, 2003, 2007, and the latest Office 2010. If you’ve been looking  for a simple Office 2010 add-in manager, you should give it a try to enable, disable, or manage installed and native add-ins for Excel, OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, and Word. Read More

Add Subtitles In PowerPoint 2010 Audio And Video File With STAMP

STAMP is an open source add-in for PowerPoint 2010 (and PowerPoint 2007) to caption or to create subtitle for videos and audio files that are included in your presentation. Caption, just as with images, can be added to describe the part of video or audio being played. Subtitling audio and video files comes handy in many situations. You may want to caption the video or audio before presenting your points to people with different dialect. So they can easily understand what is being spoken in video or audio which you are presenting. It offers a simple way for adding subtitles to inserted audio and video files. It presents a media player with basic playback and navigation controls to select part of audio/video for adding description. You can add captions to inserted video/audio without having to worry about sorting them in an order, as it can sort all the added captions according to the defined timelines with a single click. Read More

Create And Customize Charts In PowerPoint With oomfo Add-In

Creating multiple charts in PowerPoint can become quite a task, as you have to practically create an Excel spreadsheet for each chart to plot data. If you need to quickly create presentations in PowerPoint with multiple charts, oomfo is a viable alternative to PowerPoint native Chart tool. It is an addin for PowerPoint with all the necessary tools that are required in creating, designing and customizing different chart elements. It presents a wizard with 9 simple steps for designing stunning charts. All you need is to go through the wizard to insert the chart in selected PowerPoint slide. Furthermore, you can change every bit of the chart, including, axis, gridlines, divisional lines, axis labels, specify chart legend type and transparency, while many chart layout related customizations are provided to make chart look as per your likings. Read More

Google Cloud Connect Syncs Microsoft Office Documents With Google Docs

If you’ve been following Google Docs improvements for a long time, you must have heard about Cloud Sync in November, last year. At that time it was offered to only few users for testing. Now that the private beta phase has come to an end, Google in conjunction with Microsoft has released this awesome add-in to the public. It works on MS Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 applications, including, Word, Excel and PowerPoint to seamlessly synchronize mutually supported documents, initiate simultaneous collaboration with others on the go, and to share documents with your friends and colleagues. It also brings other famous features of Google Docs, like, revision history to check the previously edited documents and instant backup to create document backup to MS Office applications Read More

PowerPoint 2010: Find Out The Most Suitable Presentation Style With VisualBee

VisualBee is a powerful plugin for PowerPoint 2010, which lets you create intriguing presentations without much hassle involved. Usually before starting off with a presentation, we look for build-in presentation layouts and themes for finding out the most suitable one. This plugin is built to lessen the time and effort involved in searching for desired layout, and offers an intuitive presentation text analyzing mechanism to provide you with most appropriate design. Read More

Insert Live Web Pages in PowerPoint Presentation Slide

PowerPoint LiveWeb is a powerful add-in which lets user insert web applications, i.e, whole web page on the specified presentation slide. This add-in comes in handy especially when there is a need of complementing presentation content by showing complete webpage on a slide. It can be helpful in demonstrating an ongoing progress on some web application project or simply for showing the content of specific website. The best part is that it can also dynamically update the web page content in real-time Read More

Add Classic Menu In Office 2010

Microsoft introduced a brilliant UI ribbon in Office suite applications in Office 2007 and revamped it in Office 2010. It seems great, flexible, scalable and easier-to-use but millions of users are still annoyed because of the fact that finding the right feature, tool, and options is difficult. The reason being, old menu items are dispersed in newly featured UI ribbon, also the fact that most users have gotten used to the old Classic Menu which could be found in Office 2003. UBitMenu is a small add-in which bundles almost every feature, tool, and option Office 2010 offers under single Menu tab providing all the classic menus and icons. Read More

PowerPoint 2010 Viewer

Unarguably PowerPoint stands out when it comes to creating intriguing and appealing presentations, thus, it is widely used everywhere. Considering the fact that it is abound but there are still many users out there who can't shell out to purchase the product. To cope up with this, Microsoft recently released the latest version of PowerPoint Viewer which allow any user view presentations without requiring PowerPoint installation. Read More

Convert PowerPoint 2010 Presentation To Different File Types

PowerPoint 2010 lets user convert presentation into different formats, which eventually allows user to share it with concerned people having different tools to view presentation. The supported formats are; OpenDocument presentation, PowerPoint 97-2003 for coping up compatibility problem and even in different image formats (PNG and JPG) which won't require PowerPoint installation to view slides. Read More

Change PowerPoint 2010 Presentation Resolution

It seems really bizarre when you are giving presentation having high resolution images or HD embedded videos but the system specification or monitor resolution not supporting it. It may look good on your system having extravagant specifications, but might not on your college/university provided systems (having low specification). So, while giving a presentation, system starts lagging because of high resolution images, animations or HD movies. To make your presentation seamless on other systems as well, you need to change the resolution. Opportunely, PowerPoint provides you with an option to change it as required. Read More

PowerPoint 2010: ppTPlex Add-In Brings Multi-Touch, Zooming, & More

Microsoft labs recently gushed forth pptPlex for PowerPoint 2010 which provides an ultimate experience of creating appealing and captivating presentations. With this small add-in, your presentation will be empowered as it wraps up the whole presentation in canvas which presents smooth sliding for navigating through the presentation, eventually modernizes the way of presenting presentations to audience. Read More

Directly Send Word 2010 Document To PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 provides a lot of features and tools to make an awesome presentation, creating one from the scratch takes a lot of time to summarize the content of the detailed document. Word 2010 now lets user send the document content instantly to PowerPoint presentation slide which lessens the time for creating a presentation. Also it saves multiple copy/paste operations. Read More

Compare Two Presentations In PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint 2010 includes Compare feature, which enables you to compare two different versions of a presentation. Through Compare feature, you can view changes in presentation versions in a very interactive way. Adding more, it also allows you to insert changes and merge revisions on the fly. Read More

Embed Excel Spreadsheet in PowerPoint 2010

Sometimes we need to add formulas and functions to elaborate the complex logics while giving a presentation. However, you can easily insert table and fill out data but showing rationale through functions and formulas would still be missing. PowerPoint 2010 does luckily provide an option to let user insert and embed Excel spreadsheet directly, thus one does not need to open Excel separately.

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