Draft Control Tracks Document Changes In DOCX, Pages & Other Formats [OS X]

The only difference between a professional writer and a drunk texter is the ability to edit. Some writers follow the simple process of "Pre-write, write, rewrite" and they seem to do alright. Some of us are a touch too critical for our own good and end up dropping a tonne of usable content in search of perfection. At some point during re-editing (it's about all we do) we realize that we should not have edited out some word or phrase, which we are unable to recall. There are built in revision tools in most word processors that let you track your text history. Microsoft Word lets you track changes alongside your document, Mac has a native version history with each file, so on and so forth. Now, we have a solution that lets you write in your favourite editor but track changes separately. Draft Control lets you track, search, archive and restore edits as you please. There is a $19.99 in-app purchase that lets you access multiple documents simultaneously, the free version lets you edit only one.Read More

MailTrack Tells You When Your Email Has Been Delivered And Read [Chrome]

Services like Outlook with Exchange Server allow you to request read receipts and get notified when your email is opened by your recipients. But since such feature is not offered in Gmail, you can now use the new MailTrack Chrome extension for the purpose. This ultra small tool for the Chrome web browser automatically tracks all your out going emails you send from your Gmail account and lets you know if recipients have read email messages or not. The extension uses a WhatsApp-esque feature which shows double checks besides read messages indicating that the message has been successfully delivered.Read More

Track, Delete Or Secure Gmail Attachments After You Send Them With docTrackr

Gmail is probably the best thing invented since the internet itself. That might sound like an overstatement, but it simply is that good. Even if sometimes you’re unable to achieve something that you wanted with it, third-party browser extensions come to the rescue, and help extend and enhance its functionality. One such Chrome extension I recently discovered is docTrackr, which allows users to remotely track or destroy Gmail attachments, and even set view, print and copy permissions to every PDF attachment for preventing any misuse by their recipients. Details to follow right after the break.Read More

Visualize How Websites Track You In Real-Time With Mozilla’s Lightbeam For Firefox

If you're a tech savvy internet user, you're likely aware that the websites you visit might track your browsing habits in order to present you with information custom-tailored to you. While browsing the web, the digital footprint you leave behind is used by advertisers to discover what your interests are, and in turn, lets them display context and interest-based advertisement on websites you visit. But recently, online transparency has become a highly debated issue after shocking revelations of NSA’s project PRISM, which involved many tech giants providing the National Security Agency with access to your private data. In the wake of it, Mozilla released Lightbeam for Firefox that aims to help illuminate invisible connections that intervene in your digital life. It reveals information to you about third-party sites that are watching your online activities as you browse.Read More

Get Rid Of Potentially Harmful Cookies From All Major Browsers With MAXA Cookie Manager

Web browser cookies are snoopy little text files that are put on your computer by websites to improve your browsing experience. Although cookies are useful for things like not having to sign in or providing a website with your site-specific preferences each time you visit it, they also raise privacy concerns by tracking your location and browsing habits to present ads (that you may not otherwise like), monitoring (and in some cases storing) your site login information and the like. Sure, you can get rid of them manually as well as by using extensions and various system cleaning tools like CCleaner, blocking all cookies may adversely affect your internet browsing. That’s why using an app like MAXA Cookie Manager to get rid of bad cookies while keeping the good ones can be a great solution.Read More

Track & Monitor Your Everyday Habits On iOS & Android With Chronos

Most of us have had moments when we just stop to think about what we’re doing with our lives, and often, that triggers a thought process that takes us way down memory lane, and also analyze whether we are spending the right amount of time doing the right activities that actually contribute to our goals, or just wasting our time in distractions that we might end up regretting later. However, it isn’t always easy to keep track of everything that we’re doing, and the forgetful ones among us (like me) can definitely use assistance in this regard. One way is to keep a journal of your activities, but that in itself requires time and effort. So, how about a solution that requires zero effort from you, and keeps track of your day-to-day activities in order to present you with that information in an actually useful manner? Enter Chronos – a web service that uses its iOS and Android apps to monitor your routine in order to give you insights on how you are spending your time. In addition, it also aims to help you with your goals and adopting a healthy lifestyle by showing you relevant alerts. More details after the jump.Read More

GeoLog By Chainfire Offers Adaptive Location Tracking On Android

If you're an Android enthusiast, you must have heard of Chainfire - the popular Android developer best known for his CF-Root for Galaxy S series devices, and developing apps like SuperSU, Hotspot Control and many more. GeoLog is the latest project that the guy has been working on lately. It's basically a location-tracking app takes full advantage of Google's new Fused Location Provider and Activity Recognition APIs that the search engine giant demonstrated at this year’s I/O conference. So, what makes it different? GeoLog is designed to precisely determine your position without hogging your phone’s battery, and it achieves this by using the device’s various sensors like GPS, Wi-Fi, accelerometer etc., to accurately guess whether you're standing, walking or riding a bicycle. Read More

MobiSpy Is A Remote Location, Calls & SMS Monitor For Android & iOS

While most of us don't feel comfortable sharing their phones with others due to the amount of personal data we have on them, at times it is unavoidable to do so, especially with friends and family members that you can't say no to. Though one can always be curious about what activities have they performed on your phone while it was with them. MobiSpy is an Android, iOS and BlackBerry app that allows you to secretly monitor incoming and outgoing messages and calls made from a phone. You can discover messages and call logs remotely over the web by installing and activating MobiSpy on your desired phone. The app is fairly easy to configure and can be setup within a few minutes. Along with call and message logs, you can also track the phone’s location on Google Map, its call and web browsing history, calendar, contacts, bookmarks and more. All this makes it a viable app to use for phone tracking purposes as well, in case your device gets misplaced or stolen.Read More

Protect Privacy On Facebook By Removing URL Tracking Tokens In Chrome

Facebook tracks your online activity, no matter where you go on the network. It uses the information to show you better ads, and we all know how very 'accurate' and 'useful' those Facebook ads are. You can avoid being tracked by Facebook by signing out when you aren't reading your feeds but Facebook has a huge presence; it’s integrated into operating systems and browsers like OS X and Firefox, and more. It’s also one of the easiest ways to sign in or sign up for a service, as well as comment on and share a lot of online content. Basically you’re at an impasse; signing out of Facebook means you can protect your privacy but it comes at the cost of having to sign in again, or not at all, to a service, and being unable to share content on the network. Do Not Track Me Facebook is a Chrome extension that gives you a solution. It prevents Facebook from tracking you so you can stay signed in and enjoy all the benefits of it, without compromising your privacy.Read More

Disconnect Blocks Data Tracking, Social Widgets & More In Chrome & Firefox

You may think of Internet as the best invention after the wheel, but this invention has turned into quite a nagware over the years due to constant advertisement pop-ups, cookies that track your data for marketing purposes, slow loading speeds caused by social widgets, malware, spyware, obtrusive notifications and whatnot. People tend to use multiple browser extensions to get rid of all browser-related annoyances, but what if you could get rid of all those and enjoy a private, safe and fast web browsing experience that you deserve using just a single web extension? Disconnect is an open-source Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome extension that lets you block all such nuisance for good. The web extension is designed to filter unwanted tracking tools and widgets that simply slow down your browsing speed.Read More

Track Your Habits, Activities & Work Hours With tenXer For iPhone

The first step towards solving any problem is identifying it. If you feel your life needs some changes but you just can’t put your finger on the problem, there are some apps out there that can help you. The idea of an app helping you get your life back on track might sound a bit too outlandish, but the popularity of apps like Lift and Juice clearly shows how much people can get out of such tools. Both the aforementioned apps, however, are a bit limited because you can’t track everything about your life using them, and the level of automation they offer is close to zero. tenXer, however, has the potential to become a frequently used app on your iPhone by letting you keep an eye on your real-life routine and social media habits. The app can even track your working hours automatically by monitoring your location.Read More

Easy Finder Is An Android Anti-Theft App With Remote Contacts Backup

Hop on to Google Play Store and you will find plenty of security apps designed to track your smartphone. Fresh out of the oven in this genre is NQ Mobile Easy Finder. While still being in beta, this Android app does a marvelous job of tracking your device if gets lost or stolen. The app can track your device, wipe any data stored on it, remotely snap a photo from its camera and email it to you, and more. It can also additionally back up your contacts. You can control the lost phone via your web browser by signing up for an NQ Mobile account. Read More

Anti Tracks Helps Hide Or Remove Web Activity Traces & Maintain PC

When you visit a website, history of all your activity including URLs of all the pages that you visit, passwords that you save, and website preferences that you set are recorded by your web browser in several files. Browser cookies are small files that holds information about everything that you do on a particular website. Even though having this information saved is useful as it saves you the trouble of entering all the information again, and helps the website determine the type of content you would be interested in, it can be used by malicious websites to breach your privacy and track your activities. Anti Tracks is an application for Windows that allows you to protect your privacy by allowing you to easily remove history and temporary data saved by web browsers as well as local operations such as searches, opening files etc. Its large collection of tools enables you to easily remove traces of all your activity from all possible locations on your hard drive.Read More

Digital Pigeon: Send Large Files Through Email From Web, Desktop & Mobile

Email services like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo do not allow attaching large files, let's say, 300 MB in size. The maximum combined size allowed for files attached to an email is 25 MB. Digital Pigeon is a comprehensive solution for sharing large files via email, particularly for businesses. It allows you to send files up to 5 GB in size and tracks them for you, i.e., it notifies you if your sent files have been accessed by the recipient. The latter is one of quite a few accompanying features meant for businesses, such as security for private emails and file download page customization for, say, press releases or newsletters. Digital Pigeon claims to provide "fastest uploading and downloading" through Amazon's secure file hosting network. In addition to speed and security, the service comes supports instant previews for media (video, audio or image) files.Read More

Speedometer GPS+ For iOS Is A Nifty Trekking & Driving Companion

An iPhone can make you lazy if you fall in love with some of its really absorbing games, but it can also lead you to a more healthy lifestyle as there are many fitness-related apps available in the App Store. You can start jogging each day without an iPhone, but it is really motivating to track your progress and view it in statistical terms. Speedometer GPS+ is an iOS app that has all the functionalities of a speedometer, and even looks like one, too. The app can be used while walking, biking or driving, and has separate views for different ride types. It is also possible to use Speedometer GPS+ as a compass, and it shows its users both true and magnetic north in real-time. To make the app a complete trekking companion, you can use it as a route tracker and music player.Read More

TrackUrSelf For Windows Phone Automatically Logs All Your Travelling For The Day

There are a few really decent maps and navigation apps on Windows Phone 7, and the Apollo update will bring Nokia Maps to all WP devices. So, while things might be looking on the rise for Windows Phone (in terms of maps apps), there is still a lot of room for improvement if you are a WP7 user who likes to take full advantage of the GPS unit in your device. TrackUrSelf is a Homebrew that might not prove to be the most useful app available for Mango phones, but it is based on a pretty neat concept, and is sure to appeal to a lot of users. This app will automatically track all your movements for any period of time, and you will be able to see your movements plotted on the map at the end of that period. In addition to that, TrackUrSelf also provides its users with a list of all the GPS coordinates of the places you have visited throughout the day.Read More

Phone Finder: Track Multiple iOS Devices With Different iCloud IDs On A Single Map [Cydia]

iOS devices usually cost quite a lot of money, and that is why it is natural to worry about losing them. This is perhaps the reason tha there are many services which help you track your iPhone in case it gets stolen. The idea of tracking stolen devices got so popular over time, that now there is even an official service by Apple named “Find My iPhone”, which makes use of iCloud to help users view the exact location of all their devices. However, that app has a few limitations. For example, it is not possible to track devices on different iCloud accounts, and you cannot see all your devices on a single map, and have to keep switching between maps to track each iDevice. Phone Finder is a new Cydia app which overcomes all these drawbacks, and shows its users how Find my iPhone should have been in the first place. Read on to know more about this useful app for jailbroken iOS devices.Read More

AirCover: All-In-1 Mobile Security & Optimization Tool [Android, iOS]

AirCover is one of the most comprehensive and multipurpose system protection and optimization Android and iOS apps that sport some very handy features that would otherwise be availed using, at least, a couple of different apps and services. Features offered by AirCover include an extremely effective mobile antivirus that guards your device against all sorts of malice, a device tracking tool supplemented by real-time notification alerts, a remote alarm trigger to instantly find your lost device, remote data wiping to protect your precious mobile data from falling into wrong hands, advanced system access and authorization control for individual apps, efficient and convenient cloud storage option to back up your precious mobile content, several system optimization tools including task killer, cache cleaner, 1-click memory optimizer et al, built-in battery-life enhancement tool, and plenty more. In addition, the app also lets you check-in to locations of interest, specify various commonly visited (and/or safe) places/locations on map, send emergency mail and text message to your loved ones, check geographical coordinates of friends and family members, specify time frequency at which your mobile data would be automatically uploaded to cloud, set the time interval/action after which all the opened apps would be automatically shut down, check extended battery stats and status, get useful battery saving tips/suggestions and lots more.Read More

LiquidPlanner Brings Feature-Packed Project Management App To Android

LiquidPlanner is a fast-flourishing project management-based web service that provides its clients with simple yet very effective tools to schedule organizational tasks, collaborate with teams and task groups, track project and task times, share files with required team members, and prepare detailed reports regarding project progress; all in real-time.The service also has a dedicated client for Android and iOS-powered devices through which you can always stay in sync with the updated LiquidPlanner content, and view all your projects, manage tasks, create new projects, tasks and subtasks, check and reply to comments, set milestones, indulge in team conversations, track task time and progress via graphical representation, assign project deadlines, and view file attachments on the go. In addition, the app lets you balance team resources, check any deadlines that are approaching the risk levels, and manage your team portfolios regarding any projects/tasks that you've already prioritized.Read More

Collusion: Visualize Online Tracking & Cookies In Real Time [Firefox]

If you’ve enabled cookies on your browser, the online activity undertaken is usually sent from websites to third-party tracking websites. This creates a network of company-tracker linked list, which can be used to construct your long-term usage history. Although this is a major privacy concern by some, Collusion, an experimental Firefox add-on, lets you access this information for better and safer activity. Moreover, understanding the concept of intricate dependencies within websites has been simplified by the user-friendly animated layout coupled with relevant information displayed on the sidebar. Using this add-on, you can easily identify websites using third-party cookies, to track your activity while monitoring a spider-web of data dependencies, which motivates you to further pursue your online interests. Read More