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MobiSpy Is A Remote Location, Calls & SMS Monitor For Android & iOS

While most of us don’t feel comfortable sharing their phones with others due to the amount of personal data we have on them, at times it is unavoidable to do so, especially with friends and family members that you can’t say no to. Though one can always be curious about what activities have they performed on your phone while it was with them. MobiSpy is an Android, iOS and BlackBerry app that allows you to secretly monitor incoming and outgoing messages and calls made from a phone. You can discover messages and call logs remotely over the web by installing and activating MobiSpy on your desired phone. The app is fairly easy to configure and can be setup within a few minutes. Along with call and message logs, you can also track the phone’s location on Google Map, its call and web browsing history, calendar, contacts, bookmarks and more. All this makes it a viable app to use for phone tracking purposes as well, in case your device gets misplaced or stolen.

The usage of MobiSpy is dead easy. After downloading and installing it on your phone, simply tap its icon to run the app, upon which it asks you to enter your email address to register a free MobiSpy account. Simply fill the provided fields and hit the Register button right below it. MobiSpy then sends a confirmation email to your inbox, along with an auto-generated password that you will use in the web interface.

MobiSpy acts as a cellphone tracker on your device and automatically goes into hiding. It simply means you can’t access it from your home screen or the app drawer, but it still keeps running in the background. The only caveat is that the app places an entry in the notification drawer on Android, which may blow up your cover. Tapping this icon does nothing at all though, but its still a major nuisance to say the least. A transparent icon and notification text that wouldn’t give away the name and purpose of the app so obviously would have been a better idea.

MobiSpy_Android MobiSpy

After setting up the app on your phone, it’s time to turn to the web interface, which looks quite intuitive and minimalistic. You can use the web version on your desktop, tablet or smartphone, whichever platform you prefer. The web control panel requires your login details (email and password). You can also change the auto-generated password to your desired one upon first run.


The web control panel lets you navigate between the supported tracking options from the left pane. As stated earlier, MobiSpy can track and monitor loads of phone activities such as the device’s current location, bookmarks and web browsing history, call logs, messages, calendar events. On the downside, however, most of these features are only available to paying customers. Moreover, users with free accounts are eligible for tracking only a single device. On the flipside, everything that the free account offers works like a charm. For instance, you can access call history for up to 5 calls in a day. Likewise, you can read up to 5 incoming and outgoing SMS. You can even view all the contacts saved on the phone.


The location tracking feature of MobiSpy also works as advertised. During testing, we were able to locate exact location of the device on the integrated Google Maps view.


If one thing that might turn many users away is MobiSpy’s steep pricing scheme. Besides a free account, the service also offers Pro and Pro Plus plans for $32.99 and $44.99 per month respectively. These plans offer additional features and increase or remove limitations from several free features, as shown below.


Testing of the app was carried out on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and Mozilla Firefox 21 running on Windows 8.

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  3. Try childer tracker
    it doesn’t have notification problem, and far better Web UI;
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