How To Manage Playback Quality Over Cellular And WiFi Networks For The TV App In iOS 10

A dedicated TV app is coming to iOS. It has already debuted in the iOS 10.2 beta that is available for developers and users part of the public beta. The app lets you download content to watch,  and sync your library to your Apple TV. It also looks like the app will function even if you don't have an Apple TV. The TV app can download/stream content over both WiFi and cellular networks. You have the option to prevent it from downloading content over a cellular network and choose what quality it downloads the content in. Here's how. Read More

Block TV Show, Movie, And Sports Spoilers On Facebook & Twitter [Chrome]

This post contains no spoilers. If you're a Game of Thrones fan you might have been walking on egg shells browsing the internet yesterday because you had yet to see the first episode of season 6 that would answer one major cliff hanger. In no less than 24 hours, the internet was quickly posting about the episode. Many people were careful to preempt a post with a spoiler tag, but now that 48 hours have passed since the episode aired, all bets are off. Game of Thrones is not the only show you'll ever watch, or want to avoid spoilers for and it's a fact that the internet will spoil TV shows, sporting events, and movie endings just because it can. It's also fact that you can't avoid the internet forever or until you can catch up on your yet-to-watch list. Spoiler Shield is a Chrome extension that helps you tread social media without having to worry about spoilers. It lets you choose what spoilers you're trying to avoid and then blocks them. Read More

Find A New Anime To Watch Based On Your Favorite One [Web]

Anime is a wonderful sub-genre of animation with amazing stories. Some people might look down on that segment of animation but anyone who's seen a good series knows how very complex the stories can be and how exceptionally awesome the animation style is. If you're an anime fan, chances are you've seen all the popular ones and you aren't afraid to try the ones that have a questionable synopsis. If you're just getting started with this genre and have more conservative choices, Anime Suggestions is a free web app that can help you find a good series to watch based on what you've already seen and liked. Read More

Tunity Is A Shazam-Like App That Sends TV Channel Audio To Your Device

Shazam is a very popular service that helps identify songs. All you need to do is let the service listen to a small snippet of what's playing on the radio or on TV, or maybe blaring out from someone's headphones, and it can correctly identify the song. Tunity is an app for iOS and Android that does something much like that but for TV channel audio. Think of any scenario where you're sitting staring at a muted TV. The news might be on, a re-run of your favorite movie or series, or maybe just a really interesting documentary. Unfortunately, given the place you are, the audio is muted. That's where Tunity comes in; it lets you scan the TV screen, and streams the audio from that channel directly to your Android device or iPhone. Read More

Enjoy Nickelodeon Content On Android With The Official Nick App

Who doesn’t love cartoons? And when it comes to characters like SpongeBob SquarePants, even many of the macho ones among us have a soft corner in our hearts for the adventures of the adorably funny sponge and its gang. And then there’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – a show I remember growing up following with such religious dedication that no amount of homework or parents’ threats for exam prep would make me miss an episode. To ensure that you get your daily dose of SpongeBob, TMNT, The Fairly OddParents and more, Nickelodeon has released its fun-filled Android app on Google Play. So, let’s dig in and see what it has to offer the kids out there, as well as those inside us adults. Read More

Get Notifications On Android & iPhone When Your Favorite TV Shows Return From Commercial Break

Smartphones and television have recently started becoming good partners, thanks to apps like BuddyTV and Live 140. Most TV-related apps, however, offer nothing more than additional content or scheduling details for programs. While these features are useful in their own right, they don't bring a whole lot of convenience to your life. Commercial Break, on the other hand, is an app that can have an impact on the way you watch TV in your daily routine (Update: Now available on Android as well). A lot of people are in the habit of changing the channel, going to the kitchen to grab a bit, or doing other quick chores every time ads come on during a show. Even if you are watching your most favorite show, going away from a channel has the potential to make you lose focus of what you were viewing. You might end up getting busy elsewhere, or come back to the channel too late, missing some important part of the show. Commercial Break for iPhone makes sure that this never happens again. The app lets you choose a TV show that is currently being aired, and every time a commercial break ends, you get a push notification, urging you to get back to the screen. Read More

Convert Videos To High-Res Cinema & Broadcast Formats With Cinec

Cinec is a powerful Windows application that allows you to encode or convert video files to high-resolution cinema and broadcast formats such as ProRes, DNxHD, XDCAM and H.264. It can accept a multitude of video files as input including AVI, MPEG, MTS, M2TS,M2V, 3GP, MP4, M4A, 3G2, MJ2, MOV, WMV and more. The app's aforementioned output formats are basically designed to work with high bandwidth and bitrates during post-production processing as well as broadcasting of videos. For instance, Apple’s ProRes codec can easily output videos at up to 4k resolutions. Likewise, Digital Nonlinear Extensible High Definition (simply referred to as DNxHD) is also be used in high-quality video editing. Cinec takes full advantage of today’s multicore processors for fast and optimum conversion of video files. Details to follow after the jump. Read More

Browse & Watch Free Online TV Channels On iPhone With Universal TV

There are already a number of TV streaming services that offer iOS clients of their own., Ustream and even relatively newer names like Vinson have a presence on the iPhone. You can also enjoy YouTube’s live channels on your smartphone but despite all these choices, one might argue that there is still room for an app that doesn't make it overly complicated for users to find a channel. Universal TV is a Cydia app but while using it, you might easily forget that you didn't download it from the App Store. The interface of Universal TV is pretty neat, and it supports gestures to let users easily switch between channels. The search feature is quite comprehensive as well, and can be used to browse through channels from different regions and categories. Read More

Audials Light Is A Stunning, Skinnable Media Center With Radio, Music TV Streaming & More

Radio apps are available in all shapes and sizes on all major desktop and mobile platforms including Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.  If you have been on the hunt for one that also lets you listen to podcasts and the music stored on your hard drive, try Audials Light. On the surface, it looks just like any other radio app that allows streaming a plethora of online stations, but deep down, you will find some really great features in addition to just that. For instance, it allows you to stream music TV channels, find and subscribe podcasts, search and stream music of your favorite artists, access your local music library and on top of that, it bundles it all in a great-looking UI. Read More

Vinson Is A White-Label Mobile TV App For iOS With VOD & Live Channels

There are many iOS apps that are popular mainly for their interface, like Any.DO and Clear. On the other hand, some apps are based on a very good concept, but lack any finesse in their looks. Vinson is a new release on the App Store that might not be the most practical app around, but it deserves a lot of acclaim just for its interface and concept. Vinson is a white label mobile TV solution aimed at iPhone and iPad users, letting them stream live TV channels and on-demand videos in a neat UI. The app comes with a touch of social media integration, allowing you to share your favorite moments of any TV show with your friends. To cap it all off, you can jump to any point in time in a Video, thanks to the app’s amazingly detailed navigation options. Read More

Configure Your Home Theater To Perfection With THX tune-up For iOS

For decades, cinemas and commercial theaters have been making use of THX standards to ensure high quality of audio and video. THX offers a set of rules for the optimal viewing experience on any medium, complete with guidelines to set up speakers, displays and projectors with ease. Until now, THX has mostly been useful for cinema owners but with the advent of home theaters and better television sets, the brains behind the standard set have resolved to make THX mainstream. THX tune-up is a newly released iOS app that helps you set up your own media equipment properly, according to THX standards. Not only does it have detailed tutorials, but the app also scans your devices for perfect sound, color, screen and connection settings. The instructions are available in both text and audio formats, making THX tune-up a perfect companion for configuring a full home theater without being a rocket scientist. Read More

Official AOL On App For iPhone, iPad & Android Now Available

News can prove to be a tad bland at times. Sometimes, one just need some spice and glamor, with a little bit of current affairs thrown in. That is what AOL is all about. The service offers a perfect blend of news, technology articles, showbiz stories and some pretty great humor. The best thing about AOL is its dependency on videos and visual content, rather than written items. Now, you can access all that and more on the go using the official AOL On app for iPhone, iPad and Android. The app lets you view breaking news and regular video segments from AOL, search by keyword and category and share any video clip to social media, making sure that you're never out of touch with the latest from around the world in a way much less dry than your conventional news video app. Read More

Peel Brings Its Personalized TV Show Recommendations App To Android

After making its mark among iOS users, the popular personalized TV shows discovery and recommendations app, Peel, has made its way into the Google Play Store for Android users. Laced with plenty of visual goodness and an endless stream of high quality TV content recommendations, the official Peel mobile app ensures that you don’t have to look across multiple TV guides and other online resources to find your daily dose of infotainment. Using Peel, you can curate your TV program schedules as per your own liking, and get timely recommendations from the app, as well as other app users. The app also lets you search for your preferred TV shows and movies, sift through various content-intensive program genres from a chosen category, check in to shows, rate favorite programs, load complete program schedules for your favorite TV channels, share your favorite shows with your Facebook and Twitter friends, cut out the shows that don't match your liking, and check out what other users think about a particular show. Read More

WSJ Live: Watch Video News From The Business World On Your WP7

The Wall Street Journal is one of the most important and popular news source of the world. No business-related news can possibly be big enough if it isn’t in Wall Street Journal. With the advent of technology, the financial tabloid had entered the cyber age as well. Now many people prefer watching the video content available via Wall Street Journal’s website and TV channel, instead of reading whole articles. A video can certainly enlighten you more on any topic as compared to a written story, and that’s why WSJ Live can prove to be the perfect app for all Windows Phone 7 users who are even remotely interested in financial matters and the stock market. The app presents users with news stories, but only as videos. You can also use WSJ Live to watch some of the most popular Wall Street Journal programs, right on your Mango phone’s screen! Read More

Watch Channels From All Over The World With TV for Google Chrome

Want to watch TV on your computer and surf the web at the same time? TV For Google Chrome is a handy Google Chrome extension that lets you stream online TV channels directly from the browser. It provides TV channels from all over the world, and allows you to choose genres ranging from business, religious, educational, sports, music, news, movies, lifestyle, entertainment and more. Moreover, the channels are updated regularly and are sorted by, Countries and Categories (genres). All you need is to select the country, and then select the TV channel. It will open a separate window, and start streaming the TV channel right away. Read More

Viggle For iPhone: TV Guide That Rewards You For Watching Shows

No matter if you are a couch potato, or just follow one or two shows, watching TV is a passive activity we all spend some part of our day. However, Viggle is a new iOS app which makes sure that watching the tube doesn’t remain as unproductive an activity as you previously thought. It’s every TV lover’s dream come true, and now you will actually get paid for watching your favorite shows. The app will shower you with a ton of prizes from various popular outlets, like Burger King, Best Buy and a whole lot more. Not only that, with Viggle, you get all the relevant information regarding any TV show, and a bunch of other useful features as well. Read More

TWC TV: Control TV Channels & Watch Your Favorite Programs On iPhone

Time Warner Cable TV is a widely used service all over the US, and if you are a subscriber of TWC TV, here is the good news; you can now control the service from your iPhone via the newly released app. TWC TV has been around for the iPad for quite a while, but recently the app went universal, and if you are a user of Time Warner Cable, you can now control your TV via the iOS app, and not only that, you will also be able to stream live TV on your iPhone or iPad whenever you are connected to your home network. This spells the end of all those fights about which channel to watch, as thanks to the TWC TV app, you can have as many screens as you want. Watching TV shows on your iPhone's small screen might not be too much fun, but it's still better than nothing, and TWC TV has got some extra features on offer as well, like a detailed TV guide and DVR control. Read More

Official NBC TV App Hits The Android Market

The official Android client of the highly renowned US-based commercial broadcasting television network, National Broadcasting Company (NBC), has been released in the Android Market. Replicating the looks and functionality of its long-ago released iOS counterpart, the official NBC client for Android brings you videos, photo galleries, trivia games, schedule (with support for local listing), reviews, previews and lots more from the network. That’s not all; subscribed users can also access their personalized NBC feeds and TV programs via a customizable dashboard. Read More

SubtitleDownloader Auto-Fetches Subtitles On Basis Of Video File Names

SubtitleDownloader, as the name suggests, is an easy to use subtitle downloading application for quickly fetching subtitles for your movie and TV series collections. It works by identifying videos from specified local folder(s), and downloads subtitles in the same directory as the videos. The subtitles are downloaded with the name of the respective video file, with SRT extension. This ensures that any video playback device can recognize the subtitles for video playback. Read More

View TV Show Schedules, History & More With Next Episode For WP7

Next Episode for Windows Phone 7 has had us impressed ever since we started using it. Not only does the app have a really cool design, the concept behind it makes it extremely useful as well. We all have one or more favorite TV shows for which we wait the whole week, and it really is annoying when the whole wait proves to be in vain, and it turns out that the broadcasting company has cancelled the show. Using Next Episode for Windows Phone Mango, not only can you find out when your favorite show’s next episode will be aired, but view detailed information about it as well. Read More