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Find A New Anime To Watch Based On Your Favorite One [Web]

Anime is a wonderful sub-genre of animation with amazing stories. Some people might look down on that segment of animation but anyone who’s seen a good series knows how very complex the stories can be and how exceptionally awesome the animation style is. If you’re an anime fan, chances are you’ve seen all the popular ones and you aren’t afraid to try the ones that have a questionable synopsis. If you’re just getting started with this genre and have more conservative choices, Anime Suggestions is a free web app that can help you find a good series to watch based on what you’ve already seen and liked.

Visit Anime Suggestions (link at the end of this post) and enter the name of your favorite anime series or movie. If you don’t know any good ones, try Fullmetal Alchemist (series) or Akira (movie). Both are exceptionally popular, enjoy wide appeal, and can get you hooked instantly.

As you type the name of the anime, the app searches for it and lets you pick it from the suggestions. You can qualify the suggestions that the app will give you from the drop-down and have it show the best, the most popular, the newest, or random, animes that match the one you’ve entered. Click the ‘What should I watch’ button to get suggestions.

Anime Recommendations

For each suggestion, you can hover your mouse button over its thumbnail and read a synopsis for it or you can click the ‘Get suggestions’ button that appears on the thumbnail to get suggestions for animes similar to that one, instead of the one you previously entered. Happy watching!

Visit Anime Suggestions


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