40 Best Windows Phone Apps Of 2013

Apps have always been the weak point of Windows Phone, but 2013 was the year that finally saw the WP Store expand to a considerable size. Major apps like Vine, Instagram and Tumblr were released on the platform, but thanks to the special attention given to WP8 by Nokia, there were many other OEM-specific apps that garnered a lot of popularity. Since a lot of people have just started switching to Windows Phone 8, they might not be aware of everything they have missed on the platform so far. So, if you're a Windows Phone owner, take a look at the list we have compile to get fans of Windows Phone up to speed with the best WP Store releases of the past year. Read More

Video Messaging Finally Arrives On Skype For Windows Phone

Skype was a latecomer on Windows Phone, but everyone thought that once the app became available, it won’t be too different from its counterparts on iOS and Android. With the passage of time, this assumption has been proven wrong many times over, as despite being owned by Microsoft itself, the WP app of the service seems to have always been way down in the priority list when it comes to rolling out new features of the service. A few months back, Skype introduced video messaging on all other platforms, but WP7 and WP8 were left out of the picture. Now, however, the feature has finally been added to the Windows Phone app of the service, which means you can record video messages for anyone easily, and then share them even if the other party is not online. Thanks to Skype’s latest update, you can share as many videos with your friends as you want, and that too without having to worry about all the awkwardness that comes with live video chatting. Read More

Tapatalk For Windows Phone Now Available As A Free App

If you are an active user of multiple community forums, the name Tapatalk shouldn't be completely unfamiliar to you. The service has been around on major mobile platforms for quite some time, letting you discover interesting online communities on the go. On Windows Phone, however, the official Disqus app beat Tapatalk to the Store. When Tapatalk was finally released a few months back, it came with an early access price tag of $2.99. Though it was understood that the app will go free some time in the future, and that time has finally come. Tapatalk has evolved into a decent app that's is up to the standards set by other variants of the service. You can search for forums based on their categories or topics, create new accounts for almost any forum, and participate in discussions. Read More

Get A ‘Back to Top’ Button In Internet Explorer On Windows Phone

The release of Windows Phone 8 brought a lot of changes to Microsoft's mobile platform, but one thing it didn't change too much is Internet Explorer. Sure, IE 10 offers some improvements over its WP7 counterpart, but the basic features and UI remain unchanged. Internet Explorer isn't too bad for a mobile browser, and a testament to this is the fact that not many third-party web browsers have managed to gain a considerable user base on WP8. Having said that, there are still some shortcomings that IE 10 suffers, like the lack of easy tab switching, much-needed buttons like ‘forward’, and page search. In the past, we have discussed ways of overcoming these issues with the use of bookmarklets. In IE 10, there is yet another button that can be added to the mix by using the ‘add to favorites’ option of the browser. Read on if you want to discover a rather convenient way of adding a ‘Jump to Top’ button to all webpages in Internet Explorer for WP8. Read More

TinyDO Is A Neat, Gesture-Based Reminder App For Windows Phone

Windows Phone doesn’t have any shortage of to-do list apps, and even big names like Indigo grace the WP Store with their presence. Having said that, many of he truly unique apps belonging to this genre are yet to arrive on the platform. In the recent past, no reminder app has gained more popularity than Clear for iOS. The thing that makes Clear such a success is its ability to perform almost all of its tasks through gestures. This is exactly why TinyDO for Windows Phone might prove to be a hit with users. The app comes with a host of gestures, along with some additional useful features like voice commands and the ability to organize playlists into multiple folders. You can also make the app place upcoming tasks on the lock screen. Read More

Marvel Comics Alamanac Offers Info & Video Clips For Your Favorite Superheroes On Windows Phone

While Windows 8 has recently been getting many comic book-related apps like Manga Z and Echo Comics, Windows Phone has never been too strong in this genre. There have been the odd promotional apps for upcoming movies like Man of Steel and Spiderman, but that’s pretty much all. If you are really into comic books though, there is an app available in the WP Store that can make up for many other shortcomings of the platform’s app ecosystem. Marvel Comics Almanac is not about letting users read comics; it is actually about catering to your daily dose of Spiderman, X-Men, or whichever Marvel series superhero you fancy. The app offers a detailed profile of all Marvel characters, complete with attribute charts, biographies, and other related content. You can search for characters by name, or just see what's popular among your fellow fans these days. There are also videos, which may even include full episodes of some TV series or long clips from movies. Read More

Collaborative Project Manager Papirus Comes To Windows Phone

iOS and Android both have a lot of project management tools available, including smartphone clients of big names like Basecamp as well as several lesser-known names. On the other hand, the best options Windows Phone users have ever had in this regard so far are apps like Trelllizzo, which is a fairly basic Trello client useful for creating task lists and inviting your friends to help you get through them. This is not the same as having a proper project management tool by any means, which is why Papirus is such an important release for WP7 and WP8. This project manager has been around on the web for quite some time, garnering a reasonable fanbase owing to its comprehensiveness and the way it lets multiple users take control of a project. The Windows Phone app doesn't disappoint at all, and isn't very different from its web counterpart. You can even attach any file you want with tasks from sources like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box.net and your device’s camera roll. Read More

Easily Convert MP3, WMV & M4A Songs To Ringtones On Nokia Lumia

Just a few days back we discussed #trending, a Windows Phone app that lets you get ringtones of your favorite songs from Twitter's new music discovery service, among other things. While ringtones were just one feature in the #trending app, Windows Phone has had plenty of other apps that focused solely on loading your phone with tons of free ringtones. Trying to find readymade ringtones can be a bit tough though, since you might not be able to find the right tone of your favorite song despite having it in your music library. If you are really desperate for it, there is the possibility of exporting the music file to your computer, and then cutting it to an appropriate length using a desktop tool of your choice. Thankfully, users of Lumia devices have a much easier solution to this problem. The Nokia Ringtone Maker has been around for quite a while, but the beta of its latest version has taken the app to a whole new level. The app can now handle several file formats, rather than just MP3. Read More

Browse Twitter #music On Windows Phone & Download Track Previews As Ringtones With #trending

For some reason, Twitter chose to make their new #music service really tough to access, with iOS being the only smartphone platform having an official client for it. Even Android has been ignored so far, which means there is little chance of #music appearing in the WP Store for a long time. Apart from lack of support for various platforms, there are also a bunch of region restrictions that have so far limited the availability of #music to only a lucky few users when seen at a global scale. Despite all these adversities, a Windows Phone developer has somehow managed to bring an unofficial #music client to WP7 and WP8. #trending displays the latest charts from #music, keeping users in the loop regarding the tracks gaining popularity on Twitter. You can listen to a 30-second snippet of all the listed songs, and even download these samples as ringtones for your device. Read More

Ding Is A Vibrant, Gesture-Based Alarm Clock App For Windows Phone

In the past, we haven’t covered a lot of alarm apps for Windows Phone, or any other platform, for that matter. Most people aren’t in a particularly rosy mood when they get up in the morning, and a feature-laden alarm clock app is likely to annoy you more than anything. While apps like 627.AM and Clever Alarm are useful in some situations, you are likely to prefer a more run-of-the-mill app in your daily routine. Ding for WP7 and WP8 doesn’t come with a host of customizable features, but it looks good and is very convenient to use as well. It reflects the accent color you have chosen for your phone, fitting right in with the overall theme, and sports a unique gesture-based UI for quicker, easier setting of alarms. Read More

LinkedIn For Windows Phone Gets Live Tiles, Voice Controls & Dynamic Lock Screen Support

A month shy of its first release anniversary, LinkedIn for Windows Phone has received a major update. Windows Phone has native integration with the world’s largest professional network since WP7, but you do need to have a decent app if you want to properly go through your updates, message someone or explore new jobs. The previous version of the official LinkedIn client for Windows Phone was pretty decent, but it did not take full advantage of all the awesome new possibilities added to the mix by WP8. With LinkedIn 1.5 however, you get to control many aspects of the app using WP8’s native voice commands; resizable live tiles are supported now, and it is possible to configure your lock screen to automatically cycle through images taken from the LinkedIn Today section of the app. Read More

Unification Is A Combined Notification Center For Windows Phone & Windows

Since the days of Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has been claiming that the ‘Me’ section of the People hub is fully capable of serving as the notifications area of your phone, but most users haven't been satisfied with the somewhat limited functionality the Me tile offers. The People hub is enough if you are only interested in social media updates, but what about all the notifications you might miss from third-party apps just because the device was in your pocket when the toast notification showed up? Unification is a new app that has the potential to act like a notification repository for all the apps you use on your Windows Phone. The app has been released only on WP8 at present, but it is slated to arrive for Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 pretty soon, which is sure to make it a truly universal notification center for the entire Microsoft ecosystem. Read More

Evernote For Windows Phone Gets Checklists, Note Tiles & Improved UI

Thanks to OneNote and Windows Phone’s seamless integration with SkyDrive, a lot of people didn't think that Evernote for WP7 (and later for WP8) would gain a lot of popularity. Existing users of Evernote, however, are not likely to switch to a new service just because it has better integration with their smartphones. This has kept Evernote quite relevant for Windows Phone so far. Another contributing factor in the app's rise to fame in the WP Store is its Modern UI and regular updates. Despite all that, a few small but important features have been missing from the app's WP client so far. Evernote's latest update doesn't make it perfect, but it does bring some much-needed features to the mix. You can now pin notes to the app's main screen, browse through tags more conveniently, view your account's basic information in one place, and add checklists to your notes. Read More

Al Jazeera Brings Its Live Audio & Video News App To Windows Phone

News integrators like Flipboard are great if you are looking to stay in touch with latest happenings from around the world without having to spend a lot of time. However, these apps can not serve as true replacements for official clients of popular news agencies and TV channels. Dedicated apps offer access to exclusive content, news stories that are hot off the presses and other interesting material. So, it is certainly good to see official clients of famous news services coming to Windows Phone. The BBC and CNN apps have been around in the WP Store for quite a while now, but it has taken Al Jazeera more than two years to come to Windows Phone after Android. Better late than never, and the app turns out to be pretty decent as well, bringing live streaming, picture galleries and the ability to preload articles for offline viewing. Read More

Pin Live Tiles & Get Push Notifications For Facebook Pages On Windows Phone

Windows Phone’s Facebook integration has always been pretty good, thanks to its presence in the People hub, along with a decent Facebook client. While Mango users have had some complaints regarding push notifications in the past, they work pretty flawlessly on WP8. Having said that, there is a limit to the kind of content that is pushed to users via notifications. If you follow a lot of Facebook pages, there is no way of getting notified whenever there is some new activity on them. That’s where Pages comes handy. This aptly named Windows Phone app has been designed to let users pin Facebook pages to their Start screen, and configure notifications for them. The app also offers quite a good way to discover pages and make your timeline more interesting. Read More

Shoopix Is A Great WP8 500px Viewer With Dynamic Lock Screen Support

Despite having some of the best cameras, Windows Phone devices have always been plagued by the lack of good photography apps to go with the hardware. While the official Instagram or even 500px apps might not have arrived for WP8 just yet, the WP Store now has some really good third-party clients for such services. Shoopix is a 500px client that is just about perfect for casual users of the photography website. The app lets you browse through the most popular sections of 500px in a really neat interface, and even lets you download photos to your camera roll. In addition to all this, if you like the dynamic lock screen feature of Windows Phone 8, Shoopix just might prove to be the app that you have always been looking for. Read More

Nokia Releases SophieLens, Glam Me Lenses & A Plea-For-Instagram App For Lumia

Camera quality has always been a major bragging right of the Nokia Lumia series. You can point out many shortcomings in the Windows Phone platform but when it comes to hardware, Windows Phone 8 devices can certainly hold their own against most competitors. Nokia realizes this advantage, and a lot of their apps focus on image editing and photography. Once it really catches on, the whole concept of ‘lenses’ is sure to make Lumia popular among photo-freaks even more. For now, Nokia is taking steps in the right direction, and has released three photo-related, apps exclusively for Lumia devices! Glam Me, SophieLens and #2InstaWithLove all let you make changes to your photos in one way or another, and that too without spending too much time. Read More

Disqus Releases Its First Mobile App & It’s For Windows Phone

All bloggers and most of their avid readers must be aware of the amazingly useful Disqus platform that has become near-ubiquitous for blog commenting. The service is great for those wishing to easily manage discussion threads on their website, and for readers who don’t want to create a new account for every blog they follow and comment on. Most major services have their smartphones apps these days, but Disqus has been a clear absentee from the app collections of all mobile platforms. Rumors of an official Disqus client have been flying around for a few days, but we are sure not many expected to see it land on Windows Phone before any other platform. The app just arrived, and is surprisingly good. You get real-time push notifications, live tile support, a complete feed of activities containing posts from those you follow and of course, a full-featured dashboard for moderators. Read More

Twitter For Windows Phone Gets New UI, Lock Screen Notifications & An Improved Live Tile

It might have taken longer than expected, but Microsoft’s promise of bringing better apps to Windows Phone 8 is finally coming true. After the WhatsApp overhaul last week, Twitter has received a significant update as well. Until now, Twitter’s Windows Phone client resembled the service’s web version rather than its smartphone counterpart, but finally the situation has been rectified, with the new update bringing a tabbed interface and better notification support. The ‘Connect’ and ‘Discover’ tabs have finally been added to the app. You can also configure lock screen notifications on WP8 devices quite easily. No Windows Phone app update is complete unless it improves the live tile, and Twitter is no exception. The app now supports a double-sided tile that shows alerts for mentions and direct messages. Read More

WhatsApp For Windows Phone Gets Backup, Lock Screen Notifications & More

Although WhatsApp has been around on Windows Phone for quite a while now, the app has never been as good as its Android and iOS counterparts. Apart from the usual interface and live tile support issues, WhatsApp (both on Mango and WP8) didn’t even have lock screen notifications. Thankfully, the app’s latest update has brought this much-needed functionality to Windows Phone. In addition to a better notification system, it is now easier to personalize the app as well, thanks to a host of new options in the app’s settings. The attachment options have seen some improvement as well, letting you share media, contacts and your location with your contacts. Read More