YouTube Video Preview Shows Multiple Rotating Thumbnails In Chrome

There are many websites that display multiple rotating thumbnails of videos, except for the world's largest video sharing site - YouTube. Showing multiple rotating thumbnails (clips) is actually quite useful since it shows more about the video than a single thumbnail. YouTube Video Preview is a Chrome extension that enables getting a video preview by hovering the mouse over the thumbnail of any video on a YouTube page (e.g. search result). This also makes it easy to identify fake videos by viewing more clips within the thumbnail of the video.Read More

Auto-Set Size Of YouTube Videos In Chrome With Smart Video Enlarger

Since there are not many scaling modes available with YouTube videos to upscale and downscale the size of videos, many users find it a bit tiring to view related videos and comments by switching viewing mode from full-screen to normal. Smart Video Enlarger is an extension for Google Chrome, which is out to give you best video watching experience by providing seamless scaling of videos. With this extension, you wont need to double-click the video to toggle fullscreen mode, it let you decide the best suitable size of video player by rolling scroll wheel in upward and downward direction.The main player here is the mouse wheel. You just need to roll it in upward and downward direction to set the size of YouTube video. Smart Video Enlarger aims to bring the very same effect of intelligent mouse scrolling as you have in many other applications, such as, Windows native Image Viewer, MS Office suite apps - OneNote, Excel, etc. Checking out comments and suggested videos can't be more easier, as you start roll down the scroll wheel, it will start reducing video size, letting you view related videos, comments and suggested videos. Sounds great, right?Read More

Better YouTube Makes Watching Videos On YouTube Better [Chrome]

Better YouTube is a Chrome extension that enhances the video streaming experiences on YouTube by reducing the clutter and giving a minimalist look. It alters the look of YouTube pages by stretching the video and moving it to the center for comfortable viewing, centralizing comments, removing ads from the home screen, auto hiding suggestions, removing promoted videos and ads from the search and much more.Read More

Add Subtitles To YouTube, Vimeo, Videos With Universal Subtitles

Universal Subtitles is a web service that allows users to create and share subtitled versions of YouTube, Vimeo, and USTREAM videos. It supports famous video formats, such as, MP4, WebM, theora, HTML 5, etc. After a video is subtitled, it can be shared across Facebook, Twitter and with an embedded code that is provided by Universal Subtitles. The transformed video can be further edited by anyone to add translations.Universal Subtitles is a project of PCF (Participatory Culture Foundation), the same organization who is behind the popular Miro Video Converter.Read More

yTunes – Organize And Play YouTube Videos In iTunes Interface

yTunes is an online service that plays YouTube videos in an iTunes like interface. On the yTunes homepage, videos can be sorted by most recent, most popular, most discussed, top favorites and other categories. A video type can be selected to further sort the result with options related to searching music, films, entertainment, comedy, education, animals, sports, travel, etc. To snatch a video directly from the YouTube website (via yTunes), type a search criteria in the search box.Read More

Internet Security Controller Restricts Time Spent By Your Employees And Family On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc

Internet Security Controller is an excellent tool for restricting the time spent by people on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Bebo, YouTube, etc on a specified computer (e.g. employees in an office or children at home). It is protected by a master password which can be used to adjust settings. It provides precise day, date and time options to customize access settings.Read More

Watch YouTube Videos In A Pop-Up Window In Chrome [Extension]

Search On YouTube is a Google Chrome extension that allows watching YouTube videos  within a pop-up window. A video can be picked from the search result and played without leaving the web page. After installing this extension, click on the Search On YouTube button, next to the address bar and type the desired criteria in the search box (within the pop-up window).Read More

Control YouTube From Chrome Toolbar And Play Videos In Loop

YouTube Controls is a Google Chrome extension that adds a button on the toolbar to control YouTube video. With the auto-play option of this extension, videos can be played in loop, which may be useful for people willing to listen to a song repeatedly without having to manually play it again. Moreover, the functionality to stop, resume or playback a video from the Toolbar also provides the convenience of not having to go to the original window/tab.Read More

Create And Play Your Own YouTube Music Playlist With YouTube Music Player

YouTube is probably the best way to watch videos and listen to music for free. But it happens all so often that we browse across several search criterias to find related or favorite YouTube videos, and are unable to play them in sequence. For example, one might be interested in creating a list of songs one after the other. To some extent this issue can be resolved with the help of MultiPart Tube (an extension for Chrome) which we reviewed a while back. While MultiPart Tube only played related videos, YouTube Music Player is a Firefox extension that allows users to create a custom playlist of miscellaneous videos (mostly music videos) which are then played in the YouTube Music Player.Read More

Resize And Customize Flash Videos In Firefox With FlashResizer

Websites like YouTube provide minimum options for managing the size of the streaming videos. This creates the void for customizing and managing size options. A while back, we reviewed Windows Expander For YouTube, which is a Google Chrome extension that enlarges YouTube videos to the size of the browser. Hence, making it easier to resize the video by changing the browser height and width. FlashResizer is an even better extension for Firefox that not only allows size and quality management options for flash videos on YouTube and Hulu, but websites from all over the internet.Read More

Play All Parts Of YouTube Videos With MultiPart Tube [Chrome Extension]

It can be quite a nuisance to find multiple parts of  videos that are often divided in separate chunks due to YouTube upload restrictions. Wasting time on finding the next part of a video can very much ruin the fun of watching programs, movies, documentaries, etc.. MultiPart Tube is a Google Chrome extension that resolves this problem, as it automatically plays the next part of the video after it concludes.Read More

myTV – Personalized YouTube Video Player For Your Desktop

myTV is an Adobe Air based cross-platform application designed to create a personal TV for directly accessing  YouTube channels. It can be used to subscribe to video channels and playlists by simply copying and pasting links from your browser. You can also organize favorite videos by category, channel type and links. Since myTv is an Adobe Air application, therefore it can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux based OS.Read More

EmbedPlus Embeds YouTube Videos With Advanced Playback Controls

EmbedPlus is an excellent online video-based online tool, co-developed by AddictiveTips reader Shola Tay Omojokun, that brings advanced playback controls to embedded YouTube videos, which are not found in many popular video players. We know that YouTube offers basic playback controls which are not enough for many users, Embedplus allows one to enhance embedded videos with real time reactions whilst offering advanced DVD-like controls to handle video playback.It offers movable zoom to let user dynamically magnifies the embedded video. Slow motion option is available for videos with faster playback or with elusive videos like tricks, illusions, etc. Scene skipping is another useful control, just as you can move through different DVD video chapters, YouTube embedded videos can now be tracked forward and backward chapter-wise. Sounds awesome, right? Wait, there is more.Read More

Search Definitions, Videos, Pictures, And Sounds From Multiple Sources With Wikitup

Wikitup is a search engine which aims to bring ease in searching the widely-common content (videos, images, articles, etc) from your desktop. Every so often, we need to search for a particular video or image,  look up meaning of complex words/phrases, and translate a document into our native language. This application caters to most celebrated searching platforms to show results for specified search keywords under one window. It fetches content from multiple websites, for images it uses Google Images and Flickr, for videos it uses YouTube and Veoh, and results from Wikipedia and Wiktionary are shown against word/phrase or article search. Since it features Google Translate service, you can translate on the fly.Read More

Quisple: Free Desktop YouTube Music Player

Music is said to be the only remedy to sooth your nerves, especially when you are stuck in maze of complex & hard-hitting project. Music enthusiast do have an enormous library but always miss out on something. YouTube is one of the most prominent video sharing site which almost caters all sort of genres & artists, bands, and what not. Whilst stuck with work or project, no one wants to open the browser to start searching for specific artist, song, or for specific genre. Considering this, Quisple is a freeware music player built to search music instantly on YouTube and play it for you without much hassle.Read More

Browse Online Videos Socially From Desktop

With the advents in all kinds of social media, video sharing has become more and more popular. Take Facebook’s video sharing for example, it has become so easy to find and share videos of your liking with your friends and family. Even the most popular video hosting services like YouTube, Metacafe,, etc seem focused on bringing any user ‘recommended’ content based on the user’s viewing preferences.Read More

YouView – Desktop YouTube Viewer For Mac

YouView is a free Mac utility that allows you to watch, comment and download YouTube videos right from your Mac desktop, with streaming speeds faster up to 2x as compared to the Flash-based browser version of the website. YouView also supports high-quality videos and comes with HD support for 720p YouTube content.Read More