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How to Watch Eurovision 2024 Live From Anywhere


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The grand final of Eurovision 2023, one of the world’s largest song contests, will take place in less than a week and has already thrilled music lovers from all across the globe to bits. 

World-class streaming platforms such as BBC iPlayer will broadcast this event, and the good news is you can watch it from home for free! Read on to learn how.

TLDR: Watch Eurovision from anywhere for free with PIA

What Is Eurovision?

Eurovision is a multi-national song contest with cultural origins organized annually by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). 

Participating broadcasters from different countries nominate a song and a performer to represent their nation in Eurovision and put immense effort into preparing acts for the contest. What makes this event even more exciting is the fact that all songs and acts are entirely original. 

Every act gets two separate sets of scores; one by the people watching Eurovision and one by the participating broadcasters. At the end of the competition, the one with the highest score points wins. 

When Is Eurovision 2023? 

The grand final of Eurovision 2023 will take place on Saturday, May 13th, in Liverpool. Emerging from the semi-finals (taking place on May 9th and May 11th), 26 acts will be performed in the grand final at Liverpool Arena. 

Watch Eurovision 2023 Live for Free with PIA VPN

Premium online streaming platforms are going to broadcast Eurovision 2023 live in the following countries:

  • The UK
  • France
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Australia

Residents of these countries have free access to Eurovision 2023’s live broadcast via their national broadcasting platform, but this does not mean you won’t be able to enjoy the contest if you live in another country. 

All you need to watch Eurovision 2023 live and completely free of charge is a fast, reliable VPN, and we have just the thing for you. By downloading and installing PIA VPN, you can connect to any of the above-mentioned countries’ servers and watch the live stream.

To get a 30-day free trial for Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN and watch Eurovision 2023, just follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the PIA download page and click Download PIA VPN for PC
  2. Run the setup file and install PIA according to the installation guide. Installing PIA VPN
  3. When the setup is complete, launch and log in to PIA VPN.Log in to PIA VPN
  4. Select the VPN server based on the website you want to watch the competition.Select a server
  5. Click on the power icon to connect. Now navigate to the streaming platform and enjoy Eurovision 2023 live and for free. 

Connect to PIA servers

Best Free Eurovision 2023 Live Streams

As we mentioned earlier, only seven streaming platforms offer live and free broadcasts of Eurovision 2023, and you can watch the event on any of them. You just have to adjust your PIA VPN server accordingly. These platforms and their corresponding servers are as follows:

1. BBC iPlayer

Watch Eurovision 2023 on BBC iPlayer using a VPN

BBC iPlayer is a streaming platform offering live broadcasts of BBC’s latest TV shows, documentaries, and other entertaining programs. It is available on cell phones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs. 

If you want to watch the UK’s version of Eurovision 2023, just set your PIA VPN server to the UK and enjoy watching the contest on BBC iPlayer’s app. 

2. Rtve.es

Enjoy Rtve.es for free using a VPN

You can use PIA VPN to watch this show on Rtve.es from anywhere in the world. However, you should set your VPN server to Spain, and enjoy the grand Eurovision grand final.

3. France.tv

Enjoy France.tv using a VPN

Eurovision 2023 will also be aired in France on France.tv, and by setting your VPN server to France, you can watch the contest on this channel. 

4. SBS on Demand

Watch live streams on SBS on Demand using a VPN

Set your server to Australia to gain access to SBS On Demand’s unlimited streaming of TV series, movies, and events. This will also allow you to watch Eurovision online for free.

5. ORF

Watch live streams on ORF for free using a VPN

ORF is a media company and public broadcaster in Austria, and you can select Austria as your VPN server to watch Eurovision 2023 on this channel. 

6. Daserste.de 

Enjoy Daserste.de using a VPN

To watch the event on Daserste.de, type Germany in the PIA VPN Server search bar and connect to the server. Then navigate to this German streaming website to enjoy the Eurovision song contest.  

7. Svtplay.se

Watch Svtplay.se streams using a VPN

You can also enjoy Eurovision live stream on SVT Play. This streaming service will stream Eurovision 2023 live and free of charge on Swedish television. Just don’t forget to set your VPN to Sweden.


Eurovision 2023 is a grand event in which performers from different countries gather to present their top-notch acts. This popular songwriting contest is cherished globally by music fans, but only a limited number of broadcasters in specific countries livestream it. 

These include BBC iPlayer in the UK, Rtve.es in Spain, France.tv in France, SBS on Demand in Australia, ORF in Austria, Daserste.de in Germany, and Svtplay.se in Sweden. However, you will not miss Eurovision 2023 even if none of these platforms are available in your country. 

If you want to know how to watch Eurovision 2023, all you need to do is download and install PIA VPN and use its 30-day free trial to access any of these broadcasters. PIA VPN’s fast and reliable servers will bring you an uninterrupted, high-quality live stream of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. 

With PIA VPN, you don’t have to worry about VPN detection systems employed by streaming services because they offer obfuscated servers. Thanks to this feature, you can bypass VPN detection systems and country restrictions without them knowing you’re using a VPN.


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