Accelerometer Mouse: Control PC Mouse Movements Using An Android Device’s Motion Sensor

There’s no shortage of Android apps in the Google Play Store that let you use your device as a mouse, keyboard or trackpad for your computer. However, most of the available solutions require you to drag your finger over the device’s screen to control the mouse cursor. New to the market, Accelerometer Mouse (currently in beta) is yet another Android app that lets you take control of your computer’s mouse movements over WiFi, but to achieve said purpose, it uses your Android device's accelerometer. That is, mouse movements are controlled by tilting your Android device to various angles. The app works in combination with a Java-based desktop server that reads the mobile device’s movements transmitted over a common WiFi network, and translates them into real-time mouse movements on your computer’s screen. The mobile client’s is extremely easy to use, with a UI that incorporates the looks of a regular PC mouse, complete with left, right and scroll buttons. Read More

Reddit Sync: ICS-Themed Reddit Browser With Offline Viewing [Android]

Previously reviewed BaconReader by OneLouder Apps might be one of the most complete and comprehensive third-party Reddit clients for Android, but there are quite a few other candidates consistently vying for the top spot. One such app is Reddit Sync that has been around for quite a while now, improving considerably with each update. For instance, in its current version, the app is perhaps the only Reddit browser to have a good Holo UI. Other than pleasing aesthetics, the app provides most of what other clients have to offer - up/down voting and commenting on posts, managing your favorite subreddits, previewing posts, inline comments and images, and viewing images (in full-screen) and other content natively, as well as via an external browser. Additionally, the app lets you select the color of its theme, toggle between day and night reading modes, access your Reddit inbox, post custom links, images & texts and specify the number of subreddit pages that you wish to sync to your device for offline access.Read More

Warnygo: Create & View Alerts For Emergency Situations In Your Area [WP7]

There are many apps in the Marketplace, but only a fraction of them are meant for social welfare, which is what makes Warnygo for Windows Phone 7 a rare entry. The app allows you to help others, providing an opportunity to form a community in which everyone can contribute by reporting emergencies in their vicinity. The app is not just for emergency situations, though. You can use it for staying up to date with other incidents as well, such as a celebrity visiting your city, or a gig taking place nearby. More after the break.Read More

Maxthon Skyfile Brings 6GB Of Free Cloud Storage To PC, Android & iOS

Google’s very own cloud storage service, Google Drive, is finally alive and kicking, but it’s not, by any means, the only good online data sharing and syncing solution available to users. The competition among some of the reputed cloud storage services and brand new entrants was getting fierce by the day, and now Maxthon – the team behind Maxthon Web Browser for Windows and Android – has unleashed its own cloud storage service by the name of Skyfile. Currently available for web, Windows, Android and jailbroken iPhone, iPad & iPod touch, Skyfile brings an initial offer of 6GB of free cloud storage space to anyone who registers for a new account. The desktop client lets you keep selective Skyfile folders in sync with your PC at all times while the Android & iOS clients allow remote access to all your Skyfile cloud content. However, more than any other aspect, it’s the advanced and secure file sharing features of Skyfile that deserve to be commended. More after the break.Read More

Weather Sky: Android Live Wallpaper That Depicts Weather & Time Of Day

As stated in our huge compilation of some of the best Android Live Wallpapers, GO Weather is arguably one of the most comprehensive and easy-on-the eyes weather apps to have arrived in the Google Play Store to date. The aspect that catches the eye out of the entire package is its LWP, which displays weather info, along with a graphic to depict it, and the time of day on your homescreen. If, however, you've already tried GO Weather and want a change of scenery on your home scenery on your homescreen, then you must try Weather Sky – a free standalone and fully customizable Android Live Wallpaper that beautifies your screen by displaying the current time and animated graphics to depict weather from virtually all major cities in the world. The app fetches all its weather-related info from the WorldWeatherOnline web service.Read More

[Giveaway] Turn Your Portraits Into Facial Animations With LiveFace For iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, then you probably would have  come across many apps that let you create animations with relative ease. Usually, you have to perform a few steps before the animation is actually created, and then it mostly has a few shortcomings or flaws. LiveFace for iOS  is a fun app that lets you bring your portraits to life, literally. It lets you easily create animations from face shots, allowing you to export the results as GIF, MP4, SWF or JPG files. You can animate faces in photos in several different ways with no more than a few taps, making your friends wink or appear extatic regardless of what mood they were in when the photo was shot.Read More

TuneUp Mobile For iPhone Released; Fixes iTunes Library Metadata & Provides Song Recognition

Quite a long time ago, we covered a now-quite-popular iTunes plug-in called TuneUp, which allows users to, well, tune-up their iTunes music library, filling in all the missing metadata and finding cover art for tracks. If you like to pay attention to detail, then you are sure to love TuneUp. Now, won’t it be really useful if there were some way of directly diagnosing the mistakes in your iPhone’s library, without having to connect to iTunes? Well, with the release of the official TuneUp Mobile app for iOS, now there is. The app not only helps you fix song titles from within your iDevice, it also recognizes any song that is being played around you (much like the famous track recognition apps, Shazam and SoundHound).Read More

Official LinkedIn App For The iPad Now Available On The App Store

LinkedIn is the best social network out there if you want to improve your professional clout and make new contacts in your field of expertise. Another reason for the popularity of LinkedIn is the fact that it lets you stay up to date with the latest happenings and developments in your profession. Due to this nature, you have to keep checking your account regularly, and what better way of doing that than having a LinkedIn app on your smartphone or tablet. LinkedIn has had an official iPhone client for a long time, but it was a nightmare to use it on the iPad’s bigger screen. Fortunately, you don’t have to face this dilemma anymore, as the LinkedIn app just went universal! The app has been fully optimized for the iPad, and brings a few pretty neat changes to the mix as well.Read More

Wonder Kids For iPhone & iPad Makes Learning Fun For Children

If you've got kids, and want to keep them busy for hours while you can catch up on some important work, an iPhone or iPad can prove to be your best friend. Out of the staggering number of apps available in the App Store, there are quite a few that are focused on children of all ages. However, if you want to make this distraction educational, Wonder Kids is the app you are looking for. This app, available for both iPhone and iPad, helps children learn new stuff and improve their creativity by allowing them to do a number of fun tasks, like coloring, drawing, solving word puzzles and other similar activities. Read on past the break for more about this cute little app.Read More

IntelliScreen: Set Different Screen Timeout Intervals For Individual Android Apps

You’d hardly find a smartphone or tablet user these days who doesn’t gripe over the rather limited battery life of their devices. Among the most common culprits that contribute to hogging your device’s battery resources, the display is the one that overpowers all the others. This holds true especially if you’ve set the screen brightness to maximum, and/or have extended the screen timeout beyond the default value of 15 seconds. While you may get a bit more juice by reducing the screen brightness or decreasing the screen timeout interval, there could be a situation where you might require your screen to remain active for a prolonged time period (for example, when you're reading off the web or using a book/RSS readers). PyroByte Studio’s IntelliScreen (currently in beta) lets you specify separate screen timeout intervals for individual apps, and set screen timeout to be disabled when the device is in a particular position that is saved using the accelerometer.Read More

How To Set Any Image As The Splash Screen Of Your WP7 Device [Homebrew]

Anyone who says that Android is the only platform that offers true customization obviously hasn’t used a jailbroken iOS device, or even a Windows Phone 7 with root privileges. The Mango platform might not be able to do everything an Android device can, but it has slowly started to catch up. We have covered quite a few Homebrew apps that are capable of doing some amazing stuff, and the latest to join the ranks of such apps is Splash Changer. There are many apps that let you do this for Android phones (like this one), but Splash Changer is the first WP7 app that lets you set any image as the splash screen of your rooted Mango phone (the screen that appears when your device boots up). Read on for details.Read More

EyeEm Is An Instagram-Like Photo Sharing & Styling App For WP7

One of the most desired apps among Windows Phone 7 users is Instagram. Despite its popularity, there is no sign of its release for the Mango platform any time soon. No doubt, there are many third-party clients for Instagram available in the Marketplace, but you cannot publish or edit photos using them. Fortunately, now you might not have to wait for Instagram at all, as EyeEm is here. Some might call it a replica of Instagram; it does seem somewhat inspired from the photo-sharing giant's mobile clients. The basic functionality is the same, of course (you can beautify your photos and then share them with your social network friends and other EyeEm users), but the available filters are very different.Read More

Clean/Remove Junk Files On iPhone With iCleaner [Cydia]

A huge Android fan, I do admire iOS for its fluidity and app loading and exit times. Android on the other hand has been improving at an accelerated pace but is subject to slowing down on accumulation of junk files, like most computer OS as well. iOS however is believed to be resistant to such issues, but that’s how we perceive it and to be blunt, we take the speed and fluidity for granted (but why not?). iOS does keep caches and temporary files that become redundant over time and do nothing but slow your device down while taking up precious space. Well not enough for you to notice, but it always bugs me when something useless takes up space in my phone. iCleaner is to iOS what CCleaner is to Windows and Mac OS X – that is, to clean up junk files. Read on after the break to learn more about this app available for free on the Cydia store.Read More

Get ICS Tablet UI Mod For Samsung Epic 4G Touch

We already have ICS running on the Epic 4G Touch, but there’s nothing quite like the UI of an ICS tablet. You might have seen this before on the Galaxy Nexus and it certainly did look sweet running on that huge screen. Now the Epic 4G Touch may not be as huge as the Galaxy Nexus, but a 4.3” Super AMOLED screen will not disappoint either. The tablet mod is only meant for ICS based AOSP ROMs such as CM9 and AOKP and comes in from XDA-Developers forum member Xylograph. If you already have such a ROM setup on your device, you simply need to flash the mod over the existing ROM, however, you will need to take care of a few more things before proceeding with that. Read on after the break, to learn more about the mod and how you can have it running on your Epic 4G Touch.Read More

Hands-On With The Google Drive App For Android [Review]

No cloud service these days can be complete without a companion Android app and the latest talk of the cloud town i.e. Google Drive is no exception. Now that Drive is finally out and about, and we have already taken it for a spin as a web and PC/Mac sync service, let’s turn to its Android app that’s also available on Google Play Store, and see what Google’s entry into the cloud storage arena has to offer us on their own smartphone platform. More information after the break.Read More

HeyCheck For Android & iPhone: Apply Effects & Filters To Local, Facebook & Instagram Photos

Social media giant Facebook might have acquired the photo-sharing and editing wonder Instagram, but so far, users haven’t been able to see any worthwhile impacts of this acquisition. However, with the slew of extremely feature-rich photo editing and sharing apps for Android and iPhone already floating in the market, users can easily make do without having to rely on Facebook to come up with a solution of their own. Options are aplenty, and picking a favorite photo editor can sometimes prove to be a pleasant activity. If you want a neatly designed app that lets you apply gorgeous effects, retro filters and catchy frames to photos from local storage, Facebook and Instagram, then you try HeyCheck for Facebook.Read More

Picox Is A Third-Party SkyDrive Photo Viewer & Uploader For Android

Microsoft finally released the official SkyDrive desktop client for Windows and Mac (only preview build) yesterday, and with the official mobile clients of the service already available to iOS and Windows Phone users, it’s the Android users who’ve been (yet again) denied an official SkyDrive client for their respective mobile platform. What this means is that Android-using Windows Live account holders still have to look for alternative means to access their SkyDrive cloud content via various third-party apps that are available in the Google Play Store. With the previously reviewed music player, SkyAMP, we’ve already seen a rather satisfactory solution to stream all your SkyDrive audio tracks straight to your Android device. However, what about all those photos that you have saved to your SkyDrive gallery? With Picox, a free third-party online photo viewer for SkyDrive, not only can you browse through all your SkyDrive photos, but upload new ones as well.Read More

Snotify: Turn Off SMS, Email & Toast Notifications On WP7 [Homebrew]

If Microsoft allows all the stuff from Bazaar into the Marketplace, Windows Phone 7 can become a true competitor of other smartphone platforms. For now, if you tell someone about your Mango phone, they are mostly likely to say something like “isn’t that the phone in which you can’t even copy/ paste properly?” Although WP7 has come a long way since the copy/ paste update fixed that issue, there are still a lot of basic functionalities that are missing. Take a look at notifications, for an example - there is no way you can turn off notifications on your phone, and until recently, there wasn’t even any Homebrew app available for that. Not anymore, as Snotify is here. This homebrew brings the much-needed function of letting users turn off notification for SMS, email and other apps if you have root access on your device. Even a Homebrew with the ability to silence all notifications at once would have been pretty useful for most users, but Snotify goes a step ahead and adds the option to let users choose the individual alert types that they want to silence. Sounds cool? Read on for details.Read More

Official Android App Of HP’s Photo Sharing Service Snapfish Released

From a giant of the electronics industry, Hewlett-Packard (HP), comes Snapfish - a simple but innovative online photo sharing and printing service that lets you upload, manage and share your most memorable photos and albums from both your computer and mobile device. The official iOS client of the service has been available in the iTunes App Store  for quite some time now, whereas its Android variant has just recently seen the light of day. Using the official mobile client of Snapfish, you can instantly and remotely access your personal as well as shared Snapfish photos and albums, upload newly captured and locally stored images from your device to your Snapfish cloud storage, and share all the content with your mail and social media contacts on the go. As compared to the web interface of the service, the mobile client seems rather subdued in terms of the number of features. For instance, while the web client lets you order real prints of your favorite photos, allows creating photo-based projects and supports playing slideshows of your albums, the mobile client is just restricted to letting you explore, capture, upload and share images from your Android device.Read More

Add Speaker Mode Toggle For Incoming Calls To SBSettings [Cydia]

The Cydia store is all about bringing convenience to users, and although it is a bit unfair to single out just one tweak, one of the most useful tweaks available in the jailbreak store for iOS devices is SBSettings. This collection of shortcuts and system settings is based completely on gestures, and lets you perform many tasks with just one touch that ordinarily require users to navigate through a lot of menus. The tweak’s usefulness, however, does not end here. The number of toggles supported by SBSettings is always on the rise, with newer tweaks related to SBSettings coming out almost each week. Speaker SBSettings Toggle is one such tweak that has been designed exclusively for SBSettings. If you have it installed on your iPhone, you will get a new toggle on your device, and you will be able to enable or disable speaker mode for incoming calls quickly. Of course, the button to switch to speaker during a call is featured quite prominently in the call menu, but what if you want to make sure that every incoming call is received in Speaker mode? iOS allows that, but the default method for doing that is pretty complicated, and Speaker SBSettings Toggle solves this problem.Read More