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View The Location Of Any Smartphone Or Internet-Enabled Phone With Space-time For iPhone

Find My Friends by Apple (reviewed here) is a pretty decent app for always knowing the current location of your contacts. Apart from that, there are many other similar apps available in the App Store that perform essentially the same task. So, why should another location-tracking app be covered by us? Simply owing to the fact that Space-time is different from all the apps of its genre. First of all, Space-time will not eat up your battery unnecessarily, as it does not run in the background, but comes into action only when you have to request a friend’s location. Another advantage this app holds over similar apps is the fact that your friends won’t be stalked indefinitely after they allow access to their location just once. Space-time sends its location requests via SMS, and you will have to send a new SMS through the app each time you want to know where your friend is.

Space-time Location Space-time SMS Space-time Map

Using Space-time is easy, and the main page of the app has just one button, located in the bottom right corner of the app. Just tap Request Someone’s Location, and the app will compose a text message for you automatically. Just key in anyone’s phone number (or choose one from contacts), and then send the text like any other SMS. Now, you will have to wait for your friend to click on the link you just sent them. This will only work if the recipient has an internet-enabled device. As soon as the receiver hits the link, their name in the app’s list will turn green, and you can view the person’s current location on the map. Space-time will even let you view the directions to the specified location, so you can easily get there.

Space-time is a free app, and due to it being cross-platform, can come in handy even if most of your friends don’t own an iOS device. So, despite requiring an internet connection, you can consider the app to be a Find My Friends-like tracker for feature phones. The app is available in only an iPhone-optimized version (although everything, except the display, will work fine on an iPad as well), and you can grab it from the link given below. Remember, the text messages you will have to send for using Space-time will cost you just like ordinary SMS, although your friends won’t be charged anything except the negligible internet charges that are necessary for finding out their location on maps.

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