How To Disable The Touch Screen On A Two-In-One Windows 10 Laptop

Touch screen laptops have been around a while but it was Windows 8 and 10 that made them somewhat more common than they were before. Windows 10 is built for both a normal desktop or laptop but also for a touch interface. It works best if you're using a Surface Pro but it works reasonably well with a touch screen laptop as well. If you've bought a touch screen laptop and found the touch interface to be lacking you can disable it all-together. Here's how. Read More

Undock The On-Screen Keyboard In Windows 10 & Move It Anywhere

The on-screen keyboard in Windows 10 when enabled is docked to the bottom of the screen. It makes sense to have it appended to the bottom considering that's the easiest position for you to type in but if you find it gets in the way, particularly when you're using the screen to annotate images or draw, then you can not only detach the keyboard from the bottom of the screen but also move it around wherever you like. Here's how. Read More

How To Split The On-Screen Keyboard In Windows 10 Tablet Mode

Typing on a touch screen tablet isn't quite like typing on a smartphone. Where it ought to be much easier considering the larger keys and an overall large keyboard layout, the screen's touch capabilities often interfere with smooth typing. It's something you have to get used to or find a fix for. With tablets, both iOS and Android, there are third party keyboards available. The same can't be said for Windows 10 but the operating system has you covered to some extent. It comes with a built-in split on-screen keyboard that you can switch to and type better. Read More

How To Get The Standard Layout On The On-Screen Keyboard In Windows 10

Windows 10 has a tablet mode that you can switch to if you have a touch screen or a two-in-one laptop. The on-screen keyboard is centered and much smaller in width lacking a dedicated number pad as well as Control, Function, Windows, and Alt keys, among many others. The keyboard can be split down the middle for anyone who finds the keyboard too narrow to work with. If you would still prefer the same layout you have on your physical keyboard, here's how you can enable it. Read More

Test Your Hearing With An iPhone And A Quiet Room

Mimi Hearing-extended-results
Loud music can damage your ears and the best time to start taking care of your hearing is now. If you do have a habit of listening to loud music, or you've observed that you listen to most things on a higher volume you might already be suffering from mild hearing loss. Before you run to a doctor though, you should try Mimi Hearing, a free app for iOS that can test your hearing. Mimi Hearing requires iOS 8 or above to work. Read More

View Installed Apps On A Remote Desktop & Install New Ones [Windows]

Remote MSI Manager
Remote desktop access allows you to take complete control of a Windows desktop. It's a feature that comes in handy when you need to help someone troubleshoot their system and this might involve the removal and installation of apps. Remote MSI Manager is a free Windows app that helps system admins and network administrators get a list of all apps installed on a remote system. The one catch here is that an app must have been installed via an MSI installer file for Remote MSI Manager to be able to detect it. Similarly, you can only install apps that install via an MSI installer. Read More

How To Delete Your Facebook Password Stored By Windows 10

Social media has become such an important part of people's lives that operating systems, both desktop and mobile, have integrated popular services like Facebook and Twitter right inside them. When done right, as they are on Android, iOS, and OS X, they aren't a problem. Windows 10 does it differently, very differently. It might surprise you to learn that even if you aren't signed into the Facebook app, and Edge hasn't stored your login credentials, Windows 10 might still have your username and password stored. When you sign into an app, such as Deezer, via your Facebook account, Windows 10 will auto-fill both the username and password fields for you if does indeed have it stored. Here's how you can permanently remove it from your system and a look at where it came from. Read More

How To Fix Stuck Downloads In The Windows Store App

The Windows Store app doesn't yet boast a large population and for many Windows users, a majority of their favorite apps still reside outside the Windows Store. The app also isn't that great when updating your apps and can often get stuck so that an app is stuck in download-limbo. You're left unable to download and update all other apps. Closing and reopening the app, and even shutting Windows down and turning them On again will not fix your problem. The only solution is to clear the Windows Store app's  cache. Here's how. Read More

How To Fix No Sound On TV When Casting To Chromecast From Chrome

The Chromecast is easy to set up and easy to use from practically any device. You can cast to Chromecast using just your browser and if all goes well you will never experience a single hitch with your device. If however you have trouble casting, the help available from Google isn't going to help you much since it mostly just assumes you haven't set the device up properly. For users who can cast video to their TVs from the Chrome browser but aren't getting any audio, the problem isn't with the Chromecast but with the Chrome browser. Here's how to fix it. Read More

How To Stop Chrome From Opening The Windows Store App

The Windows Store is an app that comes preinstalled on Windows 10. It lets you browse, download, and update the modern UI apps available for the platform. When you open a Windows app store page in your browser it automatically opens the Windows Store app and directs you to the app download page for the app in question. This is how all links for dedicated app stores work, for example, if you were to open a link to a Mac app in your browser, it too would open the Mac Store app. A similar thing happens when you open an app store link in Safari or Chrome on an iOS device. If you aren't a fan of this behavior on Windows 10 and your browser of choice is Chrome, here's how you can stop it from opening the Windows Store app. This is a hack purely for Chrome users running Windows 10 or Windows 8/8.1. Read More

How To Duplicate A Photo In iOS

The Photos app in iOS has quite a few photo editing features built-in; you can crop a photo, straighten it, add filters, manage saturation, contrast, highlights, exposure, and so much more. The Photos app also lets you sort your photos into albums and moving one or multiple photos to a different album is pretty easy with the 'Move to' option. The 'Copy' option sounds as though it should also let you create a copy of a photo in the same album that it's originally in but it doesn't do that. Instead, it copies the photo to your clipboard so that you can paste it in an app like Messages. As of iOS 9.3 however, there is a new 'Duplicate' option that will let you create a copy of a photo inside an album. Read More

How To Turn On Night Shift In The Low Power Mode [iOS]

iOS 9.3 was released this past Monday and we covered in detail the new Night Shift feature that helps users sleep better by tinting the screen a warmer shade in the evening. The feature works pretty well but if you switch to the low power mode, Night Shift automatically turns Off. So long as your device remains in the low power mode, you cannot enable the Night Shift mode. All toggles and switches for the mode remain greyed out but perhaps that's just a bug. You can enable Night Shift in the low power mode by telling Siri to turn it on. Update: With the release of iOS 9.3.2, this hack is no longer needed. You can now turn on low power mode and night shift at the same time via the built-in switches and buttons. Read More

How To Search For Music By Genre Or Label On Spotify

Spotify lets you search for a track of your choice, or it lets you search tracks by album, artist, or perhaps a radio station. What it doesn't let you do is search for songs by genre. It isn't that Spotify hasn't sorted its library into genres. That's unimaginable for a music service and Spotify is no different. The genre's are definitely there and you can even search a particular genre of your choice if you know how to do it. Read More

How To Lock Notes With A Password And Touch ID [iOS]

iOS 9.3 now lets you password protect notes. The notes are locked with a password but can be unlocked either using Touch ID or by entering the password that you set for it. The app update now makes it possible for you to use the Notes app for storing more sensitive information instead of just random things you need to remember. One password, once set, is used to lock and unlock all other notes. Here's how the feature works. Read More

How To Enable, Customize Tint Intensity, And Schedule Night Shift [iOS]

iOS 9.3 has been released and with it comes the much awaited Night Shift feature which is a complete rip off of the Flux app banned by Apple. The feature tints your screen a warmer color, think a sepia filter, when it's evening or night so that every time you look at your phone, you aren't accidentally forcing your brain to wake up. The bright screen tends to do that and since most of us habitually read one more email or check one more social media app before going to bed, the bright white keeps our brain up. The tint counters that and lets us read whatever it is we want to read but the dimmed color doesn't force our brain to stay awake. The feature is neat and here is how you can enable and schedule it. Read More

Price & Specs For The New iPhone SE & 9.7 Inch iPad Pro

iphone SE
Apple's March 2016 event has just concluded and just about everything from Apple TV to the iPhone will see either an update or a new device added to the existing lineup. To get right to the point, iOS 9.3 will be released today and it features the much awaited Night Shift feature as well as the ability to have password protected notes in the Notes app. Apple TV will also receive an update that brings Siri integration among other things. The major product highlights though are the new 4 inch iPhone SE, the 9.7 inch iPad Pro and the serious price reduction of the Apple Watch that is now available starting $299. Here's the complete price range and specifications of the iPhone SE and 9.7 inch iPad Pro. Preorders start March 24, 2016 and begin shipping March 31, 2016 Read More

How To Get Chrome To Play Audio In Surround Sound [Fix]

Speakers, whether they come built into laptops or are purchased separately, commonly offer surround sound. They may differ in quality but stereo sound speakers have become uncommon with more and more people using laptops and desktops for entertainment and gaming. What you might have noticed is that despite games and media apps playing sound perfectly through your speakers, Chrome is usually a bit off. Chrome isn't really used to play media because a desktop app like VLC is always going to be the better option but you do watch YouTube videos in Chrome and sound doesn't always come out right. It comes off as stereo i.e. there is only sound coming from one speaker. If that's the case on your desktop, here's the fix for it. Read More

Test Your Flight Safety Knowledge & Learn To Survive An Air Disaster

Prepare for Impact-nav
Flight safety training is crucial for everyone on a plane but many of us barely listen to the safety instructions given at the start of each flight. Passively listening to the instructions means we retain very little of them and if disaster were to strike, chaos would more likely break out than order given how many people are usually on a plane. Prepare for Impact is an excellent iOS and Android app that quizzes you on the very basics of air safety and lets you go through air disaster simulations to test if you know what to do in them. It tests literally everything that you are told by air crew before you take off. The quiz is optional and you can opt to play the many disaster simulations instead. In the simulations, you must respond to the emergency at hand and evacuate the plane without dying. Read More

How To Retain The Formatting Of A Document When Publishing From Google Docs

google docs - publish
Google Docs is a tool used mostly for collaboration and/ore creating documents when a desktop word processor isn't available. They work exceptionally well and meet every single requirement and then some that you would have when using a word processor but the web app is also a publishing tool. You can use it to publish documents to the web. The only problem is when you use the 'Publish to web' feature, the document you come away with is less than appealing. The formatting is all but destroyed. Meet Google Doc Publisher, an amazing little app that will make sure any Google Doc file you publish retains its formatting and looks good to whoever opens it. Read More