Create A Shared Album In Google Photos That Others Can Add Photos To

create shared album -google photos
Google has long been adding collaboration features to its app. We don't have shared playlists on YouTube just yet but Google Docs is an excellent way to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Google Photos is the latest app to get a collaboration feature in the form of Shared albums. A shared album is an album that you can invite others people to add photos to. You could always share your photo albums before but now other people can add their own photos to it. Here's how to create a shared photo album and allow others to contribute to it. Read More

How To Fix Contacts In iOS 9 Not Showing Any Results

Smaller iOS updates that follow a new version are aimed at addressing bugs that users experience after the major update. On occasion, the updates do end up creating new bugs while still solving the ones they were meant to solve. This is what happened with the release of iOS 9.1. Lots of little new little bugs began to plague users but perhaps the more irritating one was the bug that affected the Contacts app. If you were to look up a contact in the Contacts app it would show you zero results. The contacts still existed on your phone, and were duly listed in the app itself. Contacts were correctly recognized in the Messages app but the update broke the search feature in the Contacts and the Phone app. If you're experiencing the bug, the fix is finally here in the form of iOS 9.2. Read More

Sync Windows 10 Reminders To Your iPhone & Android Phone With Cortana

If you're a Windows user and have either upgraded to Windows 10 or at the very least heard of the new features in it, you know that Cortana is part of the product offering. Cortana is Microsoft's virtual assistant and as of Windows 10, it is integrated into the Windows search feature. The general consensus about Cortana in Windows 10 is that it is far from perfect, quite far. Up until yesterday, Cortana was useful for anyone with a Windows Phone but Microsoft has released Cortana as a stand alone app for both iOS and Android. The apps are far from impressive. 'Work in progress' is perhaps a better way to describe the apps. It's actually still in testing for Android. There is only one reason for anyone to use it; Reminders. If you use Windows 10 and have created Reminders in Cortana, you can sync them to your iPhone and Android device by installing the Cortana app. Read More

Group All Messages In Your Inbox By Sender & Block Email Trackers

Email clients aren't something we switch every other month. Once we get comfortable with a particular email app, we're likely going to use it with prejudice. New email apps have a difficult time breaking out unless they offer something uniquely different. Unibox is an email client that offers to group emails by recipients. It's not the same conversation grouping that you see in Gmail where all emails in a thread are grouped together. Instead, it will group any and all emails sent by the same person into one regardless of the subject. Unibox has been available on OS X for over a year now but an iOS version of the app has just launched and it's free. The app is as feature rich as any email client but the hook is how it sorts the emails for you. Read More

Extract A Video Frame In PNG Format Using FFmpeg In Windows

FFmpeg is a very popular tool for recording and streaming media content. It's not one of those basic apps that just about anyone can use and it's definitely more popular among Linux users but it can, and does run well on Windows. FFmpeg is pretty powerful once you get to using it. It is essentially a command line tool and that's possibly why more people don't use it. If you're just starting out with FFmpeg and want to do something basic like extract a frame from a video here's how to do it. Read More

Delay System Sleep & Prevent Display Standby In Windows

In Windows, you can easily configure when your system should go into sleep or hibernate mode, and how long it should wait before turning your display off. You can configure different power plans for battery and power mode allowing the display and the system to sleep sooner when it's running on battery. Apart from the power options, there isn't an easy way to configure different profiles for when the system and display should hibernate or rather, when they shouldn't do so. Sleep, lock, hibernate are all useful if you're using your system at work but when you're at home, you don't need the system to do all that. Coffee_FF is a free Windows app that, among other things, lets you delay when your system enters sleep and prevents the display from sleeping. It comes in both a portable and install versions. Read More

How To Rearrange Items In The Left Column On Your Facebook Home Page

Facebook - rearrange
Facebook's interface has gone through lots of changes in the past. New features that are introduced by the social network are mostly welcome but the interface changes often upset people more than an interface overhaul should. One of the long standing elements of Facebook's interface is the column on the left side of your home page that features links to your favorite items, groups, apps, friends' lists, and events, and more. These sections all populate overtime based on which pages you visit most often. What you may not know is that you can rearrange these items within the Favorites, pages, events, etc lists. Here's how. Read More

Add An ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ Button To The YouTube Search Bar [Chrome]

YouTube I'm feeling lucky
Google's I'm Feeling Lucky button isn't used much. Most things that the average person Googles aren't answered by the very first search result. In the event that you're visiting a popular website like Apple, Amazon, or YouTube, you already know the URL to it and don't need to Google it. The same can't be said for videos on YouTube. Let's say you wanted to check out the music video for the latest single released by your favorite artist.  You would of course search for it on YouTube. The first result will be the video as published by the official channel that you will click through to watch. Youtube I am feeling Lucky is a Chrome extension that saves you a few clicks and adds an 'I'm feeling lucky' button next to the search bar in YouTube. All you have to do is enter the name of the video you're looking for and click it to go to the first search result. Read More

Find Out When The ISS Will Be Visible In Your Area

Star gazing is a fun hobby and if you can find clear enough skies that aren't washed out with the usual light pollution that is all too common when living in larger cities, you can have so much fun finding and identifying constellations, planets, and even spotting a shooting star or two. Of course, planets and stars aren't the only things to spot in the night sky. The International Space Station is one of the more popular objects to spot from Earth and NASA has a tool called Spot The Station that lets you easily find it in the sky above you. The tool asks for your current location and will give you a schedule of when the ISS will be visible above you in the coming days. You can share the schedule and sign up for alerts. Read More

Find The Noise Level Of Your Surroundings With Your Android Phone

If people have ever complained that you play music too loudly or you sometimes find yourself wondering if the noise level in the baby room is too high for an infant to enjoy a good nap, or you just randomly wonder how loud a particular place is, Deciber is a free Android app you might want to try out. The app is a simple, one screen utility that can measure the noise level of your surroundings and report the highest and average levels in decibels. It connects with your camera so that you can screenshot your screen to include your location. The noise level readings are superimposed on the screenshot that you can share with perhaps a noisy neighbor and make a compelling case for them to quite down a bit. Read More

Get A Lights-Out Dark Theme For Twitch TV [Firefox]

Dark TwitchTV
Watching people game is an incredibly popular way to pass time. It started with people just uploading videos of game play to YouTube and then evolved into something much bigger i.e. Twitch TV. Twitch TV lets people create gaming 'channels' where they can broadcast their game play to thousands of followers. Anyone looking to watch a live stream can search for their game of choice and view live broadcasts. People also have the option to view broadcasts archives. With Twitch TV, you not only watch players play games, you can also chat with other people who are currently watching the same stream. If you don't like to watch in either full screen or theater mode, you are left with the normal mode which has a white background. It isn't easy on the eyes and Dark TwitchTV is a Firefox add-on that fixes it. Install it and all of Twitch TV gets a dark theme. Read More

Control Your Mouse Cursor By Moving Your Head In Windows

Technology has come a long way as evidenced by our smartphones that are more powerful today than supercomputers were two decades ago. The true test of technological enhancement however comes from how much it can improve lives and where technology really shines in that regard is in helping people with disabilities live normal lives. Animouse is a free and open source Windows app that falls in the category of helpful technology. It lets you control your mouse cursor, complete with  left and right-click actions by simply moving your face. The app works on Windows 7 and above and requires you have a webcam attached to your PC. Read More

How To Change The Background Color In Windows Photo Viewer

Browsers, whether they're meant for the web, files, or images predominantly have a white background. Web browsers generally lack a setting to change the background color but third party image viewers and file browsers will either go with a dark color or give you an option to change it. The Windows Photo Viewer however doesn't have any such option. If you want to give it a darker background color and /or change it freely, you need to make a small change in the Windows registry. Here's how. Read More

How To Keep Siri Quiet When Your iPhone Is Set To Vibrate

When you're phone is set to vibrate, you expect everything on it to respect the 'silent' setting. The camera shutter shouldn't make a sound, neither should the keys, nor should Siri for that matter. If you ever decide to use Siri when your phone is set to vibrate, you're already breaching some level of noise but Siri will top you because she is set to the same volume as the ringer. If you accidentally press too long on the home button, Siri will pop up with a very loud tone. Ignore her, and she'll announce she didn't quite get that in an equally loud voice. Siri is meant to be controlled by audio commands and to read out texts, reminders etc, but she does come with a 'silent' mode which when enabled will keep her silent when your phone is set to vibrate. Here's how to switch Siri to silent mode. Read More

Find Budget Laptops Specifically For Gaming, Programming, Or General Usage

A laptop counts as one of the bigger purchases you make. When you buy one, you definitely want to make sure it's the right one and that it will last you a few years. Finding the laptop is the hard part and it usually involves browsing thousands and thousands of product pages, reading specs, and more. Some of the biggest laptop manufacturers have truly unhelpful websites making it hard to tell which laptops are meant for a specific purpose. The bottom line is, unless you already know the kind of specs you need in your laptop, the search for the right one is going to be a very long one. LappyList is a web app that can help you narrow down the choices and even educate you on what kinds of specs you need and why. Read More

Use The Hashtag Symbol To Find An Artist’s Music Only Channel On YouTube

hashtag youtube search
YouTube is where you can find and listen to just about any song you want. For even the more obscure, underground, and not-so-widely distributed songs and artists, chances are you can find their work on  YouTube. What some people might not know is that for some of the most popular artists, there exists an exclusive Music channel by them. The music channels feature only audio and no videos. The quality of the sound is often better and it makes for easier streaming compared to listening/watching a Vevo video. Unfortunately, a simple search on YouTube will not lead you to the music channel. To find it, you need to add the # symbol before your search. Read More

Use Your Browser’s Web Inspector Tool To View Masked Passwords

Accidentally entering the incorrect password when logging into a service is a common enough occurrence, as is thinking you may have entered the incorrect password. The usual course of action under such circumstances is to delete the entire thing and type it again. There are browser extensions available that let you unhide the password momentarily however, for a quicker solution that doesn't involve extensions or add-ons you can just use your browser's built-in web inspector. This only works for desktop browsers since they're the ones that are equipped with a powerful enough web inspector. All you have to do is make a small change in the page's HTML to allow viewing the typed in password. Read More

Get A Gift Suggestion Based On A Person’s Gender & Age, And Your Budget

The gift giving season is upon us. We're hoping that for anyone close, your mom, dad, a sibling, your best friend, or a significant other, you know what you're going to get them. There might be other people though, co-workers, neighbours, someone at the gym, that you don't know as well but need to get a gift for. Givetu is a little web app that helps you find a budget appropriate gift by asking you their gender, age range, and your relationship with them. Although it's geared towards closer family members, it's best used for people you aren't related to. The gift suggestions are meant to suit people with varying tastes. If you don't like a suggested gift, you can ask for another one. Read More

How To Resize And Fit-To-Screen A GIF Shared From Gyfcat

Imgur is the go-to service for sharing GIFs and with the introduction of the GIFV format, it has become all the more popular. That said, it still has competition. Gyfcat is another popular service for uploading and sharing GIFs. It supports embedding of large high quality GIFs and like Imgur, it also converts large GIFs to video-like format. In the case of Gyfcat, the video format is WEBM. When you play a GIF from Gyfcat, you can see how much of it has loaded, and how much left with the helpful load animation circle in the top right corner. What few people might know is that the GIFs uploaded to and shared from Gyfcat can be resized freely, and to fit your screen. Here's how. Read More

Play YouTube Videos In Any Aspect Ratio You Want

YouTube is by far the most popular video sharing service on the internet. Not only can you upload as many videos as you want but the site also makes it easy to share them either via social media or by embedding. The embed code is provided by Youtube and all you really have to do is copy and paste it. That said, if a video has aspect ratio problems, or while attempting to change the size of the video player, a video's aspect ratio has been upset, there's no easy way to change it. is a web app that lets you play a YouTube video in just about any aspect ratio. You are free to change it to any size while the video plays. Read More