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How to Overclock RAM and Make Your Computer Faster

RAM helps a system run faster, and more efficiently. Generally speaking, the more RAM you have, the better your system will run.

It stands to reason that if your system is performing poorly because there isn’t enough RAM, you will want to add more or upgrade to a system that has more RAM. Another solution that can’t hurt before you go shopping for more RAM is overclocking.

How to Overclock RAM

Overclocking RAM isn’t as popular a concept as overclocking a CPU or GPU because the benefits are often minimal. Overclocking the GPU will give you far better results than overclocking RAM but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth trying.

DRAM Frequency and timings

In order to overclock RAM, you need to know what its current DRAM frequency and timings values are.

  1. Download and install CPU-Z.
  2. Run the app and go to the Memory tab.
  3. Note down the DRAM Frequency. If you round it off and double it, you will get your RAM speed.
  4. Take note of the other timings as well. 

XMP – Extreme  Memory Profiles

XMP is a tool that is used via the system’s BIOS.

  1. Restart your system and boot into BIOS (how to access BIOS).
  2. Dig around and look for Extreme  Memory Profiles. Once/if you find it, enable it.
  3. Look for profiles that you can select. In some cases, all you can do to overclock RAM is enable XMP while in others, you can choose between different profiles.
  4. If you have multiple profiles available, try each one and see how well your system works.
  5. You can use a tool like MSI Afterburner to stress test your system and see how well the new settings are holding up.


A lot of users do not see XMP in BIOS. Unfortunately, if it isn’t there, you can’t do much about it. Your system may have blocked a feature so that it cannot be enabled or it may not be supported.

Dell systems don’t seem to have them, even on their more expensive line of systems.


It is important to mention that not all RAM chips can be overclocked. There will be some chips that are working as well as they ever will.

In other cases, you may need to add additional RAM sticks before they can be overclocked collectively. Remember that overclocking RAM only gives a minimal boost so if you’re unable to overclock it, you can always buy more RAM.

Many systems have unused RAM slots which means you can easily add more RAM.

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