FreeApps: Automatically Install Multiple Free Applications

Installing applications after a fresh Windows installation can be quite a hassle, as one has to individually search, download and install the updated versions for numerous applications. Some users use Ninite website to install the most commonly used application by simply selecting them and clicking the Install option. This enables automatic bulk installation of multiple applications. FreeApps is an installer package that provides the option to install several free applications like Firefox, anti-virus suites, torrent clients, PDF readers etc, in a single click. FreeApps has installers for Windows, and its website delivers a list of applications for iPhone and Android devices. Using the PC application, you can install famous applications and check for updates of existing apps installed on your PC. Read More

Blaze: Automate Tasks That Arise From Everyday Usage

What do you want to do? Launch an app, search for something, compose an email, rename a file, delete or add files in bulk, solve an equation, and what else? Fortunately, Blaze would be the best choice for you since it caters everything. It is a freeware application launcher and automation tool that would return whatever on the planet earth you want in absolutely no time.  Take a whir of it to witness yourself. Read More

22 Free Windows 7 Apps That You Should Know About

Microsoft’s Windows 7 brought with it a revolution in the way the Windows operating environment worked, behaved, looked and felt. Though loaded with a host of useful features, many third-party apps out there can actually make life much easier for any average Joe. Hence, we present a collection of 22 freeware for Windows 7. Hang on tight and enjoy the ride. Read More

Open Any File/Program From Windows Start Menu’s Run Command

To open a windows tools from the Run command, you will have to learn some specific commands. To open Registry Editor you will  have to type regedit, for Command Prompt it is cmd, and so on. But what if you want to open 3rd party tools such as FileZilla, Steam, Thunderbird, or any application from Run Command?

AddToRun is a free portable utility for Windows that helps you to open any file or application from the Run command. It works by assigning friendly alias to an application or a file, when you enter this alias in the Run command it will automatically open that application or file.

First select the program, then type the alias, and click Add. It will notify you that the alias has been successfully added.

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How To Test Anti-Keylogger Tools In Windows

Many viruses, spywares, and trojans that infect your computer contain Keylogger functionalities. Which means that everything that you type is logged by them and passed forward to the spammers and hackers who can then steal your confidential information such as credit cards, social security number, etc.

If you are working in a bank or other sensitive corporate field then there is 95% chance that anti-keylogger software are installed in your computer. Such software prevent keyloggers from logging every keystroke and thus keep all confidential information secure. But wait, there is not only one way to log keystrokes, there are actually different hidden ways to monitor your keyboard. So how exactly would you know that the anti-keylogger software installed in your computer by the corporate staff actually works against all such keylogging methods?

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Pictomio Is An Image Viewer That Lets You Organize And Tag Photos

Do you want to organize your photos by albums, category, rating, etc? Perhaps you want to tag your friends in the photo just like you do it on Facebook? Or maybe you want to mark the position on the map where you took the photo? The default Windows Image Viewer can neither organize the photos properly, nor can it tag or geo-tag them. Most people rely on 3rd party tools, such as Picasa to organize their photos. One reason why Picasa is popular is that it allows you to upload your photos, which makes it more easy to save images on the web.

Pictomio is a free photo and video organizer for Windows that makes organizing more simple. It allows you to edit your photo’s metadata by adding geo-tags, annotations, etc. One of thing you will notice about this app is the eye-candy look, it lets you browse your photos in different slideshow effects which makes it overall appealing.

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Find Files And Folders That Take Up Most Space In Your Hard Disk

To free up some hard disk space you need to delete the files and folders that take up most space. But how would you find such files and folders? Since there is no build-in tool in Windows, the only way is to manually check the properties of every file and folder. This process is obviously very tiresome. We reviewed a software last year called JDiskReport that lets you analyze the hard disk space, but the downside is that it requires java runtime and is also not portable.

SpaceSniffer is a recently launched free portable tool for Windows that analyzes your hard disk and loads a visual map which shows the files and folder structured in your hard disk along with the space they are taking. Just run the tool(no installation required), select the drive or path that you want to analyze, and click Start.

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Monitor The Total Time Spend On Computer With Counter

Do you want to monitor the total time your server was ON? Or maybe you just want to keep track of the time you spend on the computer daily. So far Windows does not have any build-in feature to count the total time the computer remained on.

Counter is a free tool for Windows that counts the total time spend on the computer. It also counts the total time spend after restart, in the current day, in the current month, and the total overall time spend. It can also show a detailed view of time spend every day and every month, so that you can keep track of your computer activity. If you are a server administrator, this can be a good tool to track the uptime of your servers too.

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Increase Or Decrease Your Hard Drive Cache Memory With CacheBooster

When you get a slow performance when running an application, it can be due to two reasons, hard drive cache and system memory. We have already solved the problem of system memory with MaxMem, now what about Hard disk cache? AnalogX CacheBooster is a free tool for Windows that lets you tweak the hard disk cache instantly. It helps in achieving the best possible performance from your system. We all know that different activities such as Gaming, Burning a CD, File Server, etc require different amount of cache size, so one setting will not be optimal for all activities. It is fairly simply to use, just select the activity you are doing from the list and it will optimize the cache size accordingly. Make  sure you have clicked Apply Changes and then restarted the system, since system restart is required for the cache size to take effect. Read More

A Complete Review Of Trillian Astra (With Tons Of Screenshots)

Remember the days when you used multiple instant messengers because all your friends were using different services, some were on MSN and Yahoo while others were on AOL. Then came Trillian and made life easy for us. But over a period of time Trillian has lost it’s limelight to other applications such as Digsby, Pidgin, and Adium. These 3 applications now collectively control a large chunk of market share. And you thought Trillian didn’t notice?

Trillian Astra is the next generation IM client that have been rumored since 2006 according to Lifehacker, but recently they have started to hand out invites to pretty much anybody who signs up for beta testing. Only Windows build is available at the moment, but they are working on both iPhone and OS X(seems like they are jealous of Adium’s success) versions too.

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How To Change File Extensions Without Changing The File Format

Do you want to change the file extensions without changing the actual file format? This question sounds a bit confusing at first, but I will clear it up. Suppose you want to convert a .JPEG file to .JPG, this changes the file extension but does not change the file format, another example is when you want to convert .log to .txt. There are many other examples, but for  the sake of convenience I have included only two. Now once you know what this all is about, let’s move ahead. AnalogX Extension Changer is a free tool for Windows that can batch change file  extensions in one go. It also has a build-in integration with Windows Explorer which is enabled by default. Just drag&drop the files and folders and it will list them all with their respective extensions. Read More

Super Finder XT Is A Fast Index-Free Search Tool For Windows

Are you tired of using Windows Search to find files on your computer? Windows Search has come a long way, but it lacks some decent features. It runs on the principle of indexing, every time you copy a new file to your computer it is indexed. If the file is not indexed, then you will have no luck in finding it. Also note that when a user performs a search, Windows first scans the whole index and then displays the result, this scanning can take a long time if your index is huge.

Super Finder XT is a free search tool for Windows that is both quick and robust. There are two modes: Simple(for starters) and Advanced(for pros). On the main window in advanced mode, you will find option to search for text(Text, Unicode, or Hex), exclude specified extensions or file/folder name, and other useful options.

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Quickly Convert Pdf Document To DjVu Format

DjVu is a format developed internally at AT&T that is both smaller and better in quality than PDF format. According to Wikipedia, this format has been designed primarily to store scanned documents, especially those containing a combination of text, line drawings, and photographs.

Pdf To Djvu GUI is a free opensource tool for both Windows and Linux that can quickly convert Pdf files to Djvu format in one go. In short, it is a Pdf To Djvu Document converter. Just load the PDF files, select the resolution and few general settings and click Generate DJVU.

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How To Move And Reorder Taskbar Tabs In Windows XP/Vista

If you are one of those users who tested Windows 7 beta, you will know that one of the most handy feature is that we can reorganize the tabs in the taskbar. Sadly this important feature(that increases productivity) lacks in older version of Windows, i.e XP, Server 2003/2008, and Vista.

Taskix is a free tool that adds the ability to move and reorder the taskbar tabs easily. Simply drag the tab that you want to move and it will reorganize itself. It is a robust program that has a very small memory footprint. And yes, it supports multiple monitors too.


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2 Awesome Tools That Remind You To Relax Your Eyes

Everyone needs to take frequent breaks while working on a computer, by not taking breaks there is a big chance your eyes are going to pop up(okay, not pop out, but at least your eyes will surely get damaged). Relaxing your eyes after every few hours while working on a computer is recommended since it is a healthy exercise and can prevent your eyes from going all crazy. Below I have reviewed two tools that will help you in relaxing your eyes and making them healthier than ever. ;)


Workrave is a portable program that assists a user in the recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). It frequently alerts the user to take micro-pauses, rest breaks, and puts a restriction to the daily work limit. It shows a small floating window where you can see the time left for each breaks. You can however close this window if it annoys you, closing this window will not close the program.

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CladDVD Rips A Single Video Or Whole DVD Easily

Before I begin, let me explain how CladDVD.NET is different from other DVD Ripping tools. Suppose you have a DVD which includes 2 versions of the same movie, theatrical and special edition. You want to Rip only theatrical version(main version) of the movie, what will you do? Almost every DVD ripping tool will rip the whole DVD, which means both versions, which can be quite a headache. On the other hand, CladDVD lets you choose a specific version of the movie to rip, saving lots and lots of time.

Insert the DVD and load up this tool, on the main screen you will find two modes: PGC and DVD. If you have two different versions of the same movie, they will be named as PGC 01 and PGC 02. The version with less playtime is usually the main movie, and the one with longer playtime is obviously a special edition of the movie.

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Copy/Move Multiple Files And Folders To A Single Location

If you want to copy or move multiple files and folders to a whole new location, it could be a problem. Suppose you have few files in D drive, and other files inside few sub-folders in different drives, now if you want to copy all these files and folders to a new location  together, what will you do? Copying them one at a time is the common way of doing it, but it wouldn’t it be better if you could copy these scattered files to a new destination in one go? n2ncopy does exactly that, it allows a user to copy multiple files and folders at different locations to a single(or multiple) destination(s) in one single step. The whole interface is based on drag and drop, you will see the small overlay window on the desktop. Drag the elements that you want to copy/move to the green area and drag the target folder where you want to move them in the Blue area. Read More

Desktop Media Adds Automatic Drive Shortcuts To Your Desktop

Desktop Media is a free tool for Windows that automatically adds a desktop shortcut when any removable media is plugged in. We all know that disabling AutoPlay feature is a great way to prevent the Autorun virus, but this also means that we have to manually go to My Computer every time a new CD/DVD disk or removable media is inserted.

If you are way too lazy, then a desktop shortcut is the best way to quickly and easily access the drive/media. It is a great alternative to the popular Desk Drive, since it has more features and takes far less memory to run.

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Capture And Monitor Desktop Activity With myDesktop Online

Suppose you are running a program that requires constant monitoring, but you have to leave urgently for a moment, what will you do? Or lets suppose you are away from your computer and would like to know what your husband/wife, kids, or any friend did on your computer?

myDesktop Online is a free tool for Windows that capture images and monitors the activity on your computer desktop while you are away. You can save the captured images either on your local computer or upload them to a server. The images can be saved in any one of the many popular image formats such as jpg, png, bmp, and gif.

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