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82 Essential Opensource Windows Utilities Under One Hood

There may be several applications that you as a regular user may be very used to. Most of the commonly used free tools require tedious installation, visiting websites and finding the right versions, and certain back and forth thoughts that render this task a cumbersome one for any individual.

One-click solutions for anything have always been the mainstream demand. Such a similar service is offered by ZeuApp, a portable tool that makes downloading and installing commonly used opensource freewares.


As of this write-up, the list offered by the tool contains 82 applications (and counting) under 10 categories. These categories range between archivers to video software to free games and more.

In order to download any application, click on the corresponding Download button. Confirmation window shows where you get to view the download URL, specify the folder in which to save the downloaded file. Once download is complete, installation fires up automatically.

ZeuApp Downloading

That’s it. Most of the commonly used open source freeware are just one click away! ZeuApp is free and portable, and we tested it to be working fine with Windows 7.

Download ZeuApp

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