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Open Any File/Program From Windows Start Menu’s Run Command

To open a windows tools from the Run command, you will have to learn some specific commands. To open Registry Editor you will  have to type regedit, for Command Prompt it is cmd, and so on. But what if you want to open 3rd party tools such as FileZilla, Steam, Thunderbird, or any application from Run Command?

AddToRun is a free portable utility for Windows that helps you to open any file or application from the Run command. It works by assigning friendly alias to an application or a file, when you enter this alias in the Run command it will automatically open that application or file.

First select the program, then type the alias, and click Add. It will notify you that the alias has been successfully added.

adding an alias to a program for Run Command - AddToRun

Since, I assigned an alias filezilla to the FileZilla application, typing it in Run Command would open this program instantly.

Running Filezilla from Run Command

To remove the alias from Run Command, select the program and the alias, and click Remove.

Quick Tip: You can open Run Command directly with a keyboard shortcut(Win+R).

This utility works on all versions of Windows, this is because the structure of Run Command has remained the same since the days of Win9x. Enjoy!

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