Manage Multiple Cloud Services, WebDAV, IMAP & FTP Servers With CarotDAV

If you have been following AddictiveTips for a while, you may know that previously we covered an exquisite cloud manager, Joukuu - a handy application to manage and control multiple cloud accounts from a single interface. Even though it had an alluring design, the application would only allow users to manage Dropbox, Google Docs and services, which means users of, SkyDrive, for instance, were left in the dust. Thankfully, CarotDAV has come to the rescue. This simple looking application doesn’t only support the aforementioned services, but also enables you to manage and synchronize SkyDrive and SugarSync, as well as WebDAV, IMAP and FTP servers. In addition, it’s very easy to configure, and provides a simple file explorer to easily navigate between folders to sync with required cloud storage service. Read More

Droid Manager: Comprehensive ADB Front End & Management Suite For Android

While Android users have the luxury of accessing and manipulating several sensitive aspects of their OS through various ADB commands and custom recovery tools, remembering the precise usage of these tools and commands can prove to be quite vexing for a casual user. Whether you wish to backup/restore existing ROMs, flash new ROMs, modify file permissions, install custom boot animations, execute fastboot commands, transfer data back and forth between your device & computer, modify ZIP files, install a bunch of APK files to your device, modify the build.prop file, or tweak the boot image file, you normally have to rely on multiple tools and carefully memorize, as well as input a whole lot of commands to achieve your purpose successfully. Having said that, there are apps like the previously-reviewed Android Commander, which can expedite usage of all such commands through its easy-to-use Windows-based GUI. Adding to the list of such user-friendly apps is Droid Manager by XDA member DeepUnknown, which seems to be supporting as many different ADB commands and recovery tools in a single package as one can possibly imagine. Ranging from wireless data transfer between Android and PC to total modification of local, as well current device ROMs (and pretty much everything in between), this desktop-based tool comes across as a comprehensive free Android manager. Read More

MultiWall: Set A Different Wallpaper For Each Monitor Or Stretch One Across All

Wallpapers Desktop customization is rather important for one to increase overall productivity. While working, a good wallpaper can have very pleasant and positive effect on you. The default Windows 7 wallpaper management for a multi monitor setup is a little different from Windows 8. For example, in Windows 7 when you set a wallpaper as desktop background, the same wallpaper is applied on both monitors and there is no option to set a different wallpaper for each display monitor, while Windows 8 lets you set a different wallpaper for each screen and span one wallpaper across multiple monitors. A while back, we covered an application for Windows named DisplayFusion, a multi-display desktop window manager that lets you adjust the Resolution, Refresh Rate and Color Depth of each monitor separately and set primary monitor, manage its position and change wallpapers for both monitors. Today, we have another application, called MultiWall that allows you to set an individual wallpaper for each monitor and stretch a single wallpaper across all connected monitors. Read on to find out more about MultiWall. Read More

PasswordBox: Secure Online Password Vault & Manager [Chrome]

Passwords are perhaps the sole protectors of your identity in a lot of cases, and even more so when it comes to online accounts. We all have different passwords for our personal email, work email, Twitter, Facebook, Google accounts and what not, as using the same password for all services is practically suicide. On top of that, it's recommended that you regularly change your passwords, so they don't get compromised. Managing old passwords and remembering new ones can be a real pain, particularly if you use a lot of different services. This is where PasswordBox can help. This slick Chrome extension simplifies your life by keeping a record of all your login details, all protected by one master password, so in case you forget a password, you can always retrieve it with merely a couple of clicks. It even provides you with the option to set your passwords to be shared to an address of your choice in case something happens to you,. The extension comes with multiple categories, each having an extensive list of popular services. Another thing; if you're interested in giving PasswordBox a try, you should hurry on past the break and to the download link as the password manager will be absolutely free for the first million users. Read More

Tabster: Music Tablature Manager With Search, Store & View Options

Learning to play music is a difficult job, specially when you are doing it on your own. Instruments like the guitar, drums and keyboard require a lot of practice and demand dedication from the learner. If you are one of those people who are (or have been) lucky enough to attend a music school, you must know the importance of being able to read “Staves”, but most self-taught music enthusiasts rely on tabs (tablatures) to learn how to play new songs. Ultimate-guitar is a hugely popular website specially among people learning to play guitar because of its massive collection of songs. However, with all the tablature versions each song has on the website, it is difficult to manage all your favorite tabs. Tabster is an application for Windows that takes care of this problem and provides you with a simple tab manager to search, store and retrieve stored tabs for easy viewing. Moreover, you can edit, as well as create new tab documents to save them to your computer or upload onto the internet. More on Tabster after the break. Read More

Wallpaper Master Switches Between Wallpapers By User-Defined Rating

In the past, we have covered some great Windows 7 Themes, and applications like Mourao Wallpaper ChangerSyncWall and Kuvva that automatically change desktop wallpaper after a specified time. Wallpaper Master is another powerful and highly customizable desktop wallpaper manager that allows you to cycle through specified desktop wallpapers. Apart from changing wallpapers after defined time interval, you can set various wallpaper-related settings in order to customize the wallpaper changing process. For instance, you can set the default position of wallpaper, change wallpaper order in the list, set wallpaper ratings and more. Keep reading to find out more about Wallpaper Master. Read More

Quick Quote: Easily Save, Retrieve & Manage Your Favorite Quotes

Quotes are past statements of a famous personality or writing. They are used as repetitions by many folks, as an ideal way to express one's feelings and thoughts on the subject at hand. They also give a powerful starting to an article or an essay. A good quote instantly catches the attention of the reader, giving them an insight into what to expect from the article. We read quotes almost everyday on different websites and magazines, but what usually happens is that a lot of us forget the right quote when we really need to use it. What you can do is write them down on a piece of paper, but that will also require you to take care of that paper and not misplace it. Moreover, you can't expect to keep it with you all the time. A better alternative is to store the quotes in your computer. If you were looking for a software specifically designed to store your favorite quotes, then Quick Quote might give a helping hand. It is an open source quotes manager that allows you to save and make a library of your favorite quotes. You can bring them up whenever you need them using different tags. The application allows you to search for quotes using tags such as names, dates, events, author or the quote title. Keep reading to find out more about Quick Quote. Read More

TweakNow PowerPack 2012: All-in-1 PC Maintenance Suite, Updated

Keeping your computer safe from crashes and random BSODs is very important in order to be productive and efficient in your work. Imagine how frustrated you would get if your PC stops responding or reboots randomly in the middle of making an important presentation or working on a report. As they say, prevention is better than cure, it's better to regularly clean your PC without waiting for it to crash first. It will only take a little out of your time, and you wouldn’t have to miss any deadlines because of lost work. Previously, we covered a PC cleaning application called FixBee that lets you clean, defragment and repair errors from your PC. Today, we have a very comprehensive PC management application called TweakNow PowerPack 2012. It is a suite of utilities that lets you manage every aspect if your computer and tweak it according to your needs. Back in 2009, we covered TweakNow PowerPack 2009, an older versions of the same application. Read on to find out about the new features included in the suite. Read More

Stickies: Attach Notes To Specific Programs & Recur After Specific Time

Most of us have been in a situation where a random but really important thought crossed our mind but we did not have anything to note it down at that moment, and it slipped out before we could note it down. The default Sticky Notes gadget of Windows comes pretty hand in such situations, and has found a lot of utility in both office and home computers. It allows you to save and quickly access important information. If you are “go green” type of person, using virtual Sticky Notes instead of the real Post-It notes can also help in conservation of the environment, since it is becoming a big issue. More and more trees are getting cut down to meet the world demand for paper. However, the problem with Sticky Notes is that there is no unified interface to manage the sticky notes that you have placed on your computer screen. Some days ago, we covered Sticky7List, an application for Windows that lets you manage and search the Sticky Notes stored on your system. Stickies is another utility for Windows that provides you with extensive options to create and manage Sticky Notes on your desktop. Read More

Sticky7Notes Lets You Search & Manage Windows Sticky Notes Database

For people who often forget their ToDo's of the day or want to keep reminded for something pivotal, the Sticky Notes feature of Windows is definitely something to commend about. It is pretty handy and has a lot of usage both in offices and for personal work. It allows you to quickly jot down important information, which you would want to keep in front of your face at all times. It is a very good replacement for the PostIt notes that have been in use for more than 2 decades. Since conservation of environment and specially the trees is becoming a big issue around the world, virtualizing common tasks previously done on paper allows us to waste less paper resulting in less trees getting cut down for paper making. However, there is one problem in using Sticky Notes on your computer, i.e., how to keep track of and find the notes stored on your computer when you have a huge amount of items noted down? Apparently, a third-party application that you can use is Sticky7List. It is an application for Windows that allows you to manage and search the Sticky Notes stored on your system. It has an easy to use interface and contains handful of different options and settings. Read More

Klick Todo: Easily Create, Prioritize, Schedule & Track Tasks [Android]

Who would want a task management app that requires you to sift through multiple screens, menus and options in order to define a simple to-do task? The simpler the interface of a task management app, the better it is. Previously reviewed Any.DO is a very good example of what an ideal task manager should look like. Fresh to the Android Market, Klick Todo is yet another fine addition to the list of clutter-free and easy to use task management apps for Android. In all, the app provides you with a solitary homescreen on which you can list all your tasks, set priority levels, relevant reminders, and scheduled date/time for each with just a few taps. Read More

Add & Manage Shortcuts In Windows Send To Menu With Send To Manager

The Send To menu is a very useful but underrated feature of Windows. The reason for it to be underrated, is the fact that the default number of application shortcuts provided in the Send To menu is very low, and editing it is a bit of a hassle if done without a tool designed to edit the Send To Menu. If you don’t want to manually navigate to the Send To folder and add shortcuts to the menu, you can use Send To Manager. It is a portable application for Windows that allows you to manage the shortcuts present in the Windows Send To menu. It lets you view the list of currently available shortcuts, remove unwanted shortcuts, add new custom shortcuts and view the target path of each shortcut. More on Send To Manager after the break. Read More

Blacksmith Brings Mac Desktop Spaces, Launchpad & Mission Control To Windows

Previously, we have covered some very good desktop management applications, such as Desktop Panorama, WindowSlider and mDesktop. All of these desktop managers have their own strengths and weaknesses, some provide you with unlimited side ways scroll capability, while other allow you to preview all the virtual desktops to locate and manage the position of every running application. Today, we have another, very comprehensive, desktop management application for you, which allows you to have more than just multiple virtual desktops on your system. Blacksmith is a portable GUI extension tool and virtual desktop manager for Windows that provides you with the feel of Windows, Android and Mac OS X Lion operating systems. More on Blacksmith after the break. Read More

CloudBerry Explorer: Desktop Manager For OpenStack, Rackspace & Clodo Cloud Services

Cloud computing has seen some mainstream usage for the past few years. Dropbox for instance, has become quite a popular phenomenon among file sharing aficionados. Cloud sharing allows an easy access to your files from anywhere, provided you have an internet access, even from your smartphone. If you have an OpenStack or Rackspace account and looking for an easier solution to manage your files, then CloudBerry Explorer might help you out. It is an open source cloud service account manager that lets you manage your OpenStack, Rackspace and Clodo storage accounts from your desktop. It provides you with a two-pane, tabbed interface, allowing enabling you to manage multiple accounts at a time. The interface is designed in a way that it works as if your managing the files in your local directory. The application allows you to connect to any number of accounts, create, rename, browse and delete files and folders, copy folders between your computer and cloud storage, synchronize data between different services, generate URL for files etc. CloudBerry Explorer has the capability to remember user settings, generate storage capacity reports and move & copy data in background without interfering with your work. Read on to find out more about CloudBerry Explorer. Read More

SyncWall: Sync & Auto-Change Wallpapers With Effects Between Multiple Computers

I have covered various wallpaper applications in the past, the reason for which being my own fondness for new and attractive looking wallpapers. One of the awesome feature introduced in Windows Vista was its ability to automate the wallpapers, so you don't have to look to the same old boring background everyday. Third-party applications however, simply provide a lot more. Desktop wallpaper managers we have covered, such as, DisplayFusion, Mourao Wallpaper Changer and Kuvva, let you manage and automatically change desktop background after a certain period of time. These software were good for sure, but as we are always looking for something even more feature-rich, it looks like we found one.  SyncWall is an open source wallpaper manager that allows you to synchronize wallpapers between multiple computers. It lets you  changes wallpaper periodically and also has multi-display support. Coupled with a neat looking design, it enables you to set schedules for automatically changing wallpaper, define global hot key for changing the wallpaper, and add special effects to wallpapers, such as emboss, blur, sharpen, edge etc. Wallpapers can be synchronized, along with the basic display parameters, between multiple computers, by defining the server and clients. More on SyncWall after the break. Read More

Launcher: Manage Shortcuts For Applications, Files, Folders & URLs

Shortcut managers allow you to access your frequently used applications, files, folders, URLs etc, directly from the desktop, without cluttering it up. Having too many icons make the desktop look dirty, and the wallpaper gets permanently hidden behind them. Shortcut managers let you keep the desktop clean, while having access to your favorite shortcuts. Some days ago, we covered a portable shortcut manager called Quick Pop Menu that let you manage and access shortcuts for frequently used applications. Even though it is a great application, it only supports application shortcuts. If you want a portable shortcut manager that can handle application shortcuts, as well as website links and shortcuts to local files and folders, give Launcher a try. It is a tool for Windows that allows you to easily create shortcuts for your favorite web pages, frequently used files & folders and applications. You can run applications, with command line parameters, directly from the Launcher menu. If you are fond of having a lot of shortcuts, you can group them together into separate folders. The application allows you to create unlimited folders for organizing shortcuts into separate categories. More on Launcher after the break. Read More

Battery Manager Pro: Improve iPhone Battery Life & Track Battery Usage

Battery Manager Pro is one of the more popular battery apps for iOS, and has quite a lot of users. The app claims to be the ultimate battery-related app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and we have to admit, it does cover just about every aspect of battery usage you could hope to handle. The app is not new in the App Store by any means, but the big news about it, is that it recently went free for a limited time. Read on to find out what makes Battery Manager Pro such a useful app. Read More

Manage Shortcuts According To Categories With Quick Pop Menu

There are various application launchers available on the internet, each with their own set of features and UI design. Application launchers provide an easy route to access your programs. Earlier, we posted articles about how Coolbarz adds shortcuts on four sides of the screen, and how you can enable beautiful toolbars on the desktop with Gizmo Toolbar. These launchers allow you to easily access applications without opening their specific directories. However, most toolbar applications require users to do a lot of configuration before being able to use them, while most user prefer something simple and easy to use. Should you need a simple looking toolbar application then try Quick Pop Menu. It is a portable shortcut manager that lets you create shortcuts for frequently used applications, and access them with just a click. The application allows you to manage your shortcuts by creating folders for different categories and access them with hotkeys. More on Quick Pop Menu after the break. Read More

myCollection: Manage All Your Media & Auto-Update Information From Web

myCollections is an open source application to help you manage your Apps, Books, Games, Movies, Music, NDS, Series and other types of media under separate tabs. The application allows you to view all or just some of the tabs, depending on your preference, and shows detailed information about each selected media item. You can apply various filters to displayed content, such as View Files with Cover, Without Cover, Complete, Not Complete, Heard, Not Heard etc, and different views such as Card View, Covered View, CoverFlow View etc. It comes with a built-in duplicate checker and a tool to automatically download media information from the web. Moreover, myCollections has multi-language support, and offers different skins to choose from. More on the application after the jump. Read More