Real Network Monitor: Monitor Internet Traffic & Benchmark The Connection

Monitoring in bound and out bound internet  traffic plays an integral role for network administrators. As various viruses, trojans, spywares, malwares and other malicious threats can harm the computer, it is advisable to keep an eye on your network. Thankfully, we have various software programs at our disposable that does the job. One software solution that i stumbled upon is Real Network Monitor.  The application is portable, and monitors the internet traffic and displays the received local IP’s. It is compatible with all adapters, including Dialup, Bluetooth, LAN and Wireless Connections. This nifty little piece of software lets you view the properties of the current adapter, such as Download Speed, Upload Speed, Maximum Download Speed, Maximum Upload Speed etc. This can help to rectify the problem if you see some abnormalities in your traffic. In addition, you can benchmark your internet connection by performing a speed test for Bits Speed, Bytes Speed and Ping Latency Time.Read More

Add A Stick To Your Mouse Pointer With PointerStick

PowerPoint presentations are a handy way to indulge your audience into what you’re trying to demonstrate. But in order to get the most  out of it, you need proper equipment and tools at your disposal, which also includes what is being presented on screen. And when we talk about what's been shown on the screen, mouse pointer plays an integral part. It is quite easy to lose track of mouse cursor position during PowerPoint presentations on large projector screens. Another problem is that, if you have to point something out to the audience, there is no way for anyone to locate the mouse cursor if they are sitting a bit far away or unless you move it around a little bit. Today, we have software solution for you that might come in handy in such scenarios. Simply labelled as PointerStick, it is a portable application that adds a stick to your mouse cursor, enabling you to easily point at objects on you computer screen. The stick itself seems quite reminiscent of a magic wand. The beauty here is that you can also fully customize the stick, for example, you can change size, transparency and texture of the stick, and use hotkeys to enable and disable it, accordingly.Read More

Desktop Context Menu Customizer: Add Apps To Windows Context Menu & Create Cascade Menus

Context menu is a great way to access frequently used settings and applications without going to their default location. You can create a context menu shortcut and quickly open the required setting or program through just a couple of clicks. Desktop Context Menu Customizer is a portable application to add frequently-used application's shortcuts as well as Windows native utilities and Control Panel applets to Windows right-click context menu, so that you can quickly open them without having to manually navigate through different locations.  It lets you add items to both normal view and extended view (accessible via Shift+right-click) of the context menu. Furthermore, you have the option to create and edit cascading context menus, add specific items to either desktop right-click menu or Windows Explorer right-click menu and change the positions of items in context menus.Read More

OverDisk: Pie Charts, Histograms & Advanced Search For Local Storage

Yesterday, we covered a disk space management application TDP x-Ray Lite, and today, we bring to you yet-another application for the same purpose, called OverDisk. Even though TDP x-Ray Lite has a better interface in terms of visuals, OverDisk provides the user with more details about files and folders. It enables you to search statistics according to specified queries, and view histograms of file sizes, cluster information and information about disk drives such as Total Space, Used Space, Cluster Size etc. You can change the coloring method for the pie-chart, set transparency and define the sorting method used to create the pie-chart. OverDisk displays the current folder in a tree structure, giving you a complete sense of the location of folder being analyzed. More to follow after the break.Read More

Flickr Photo Downloader: Download Flickr Images From Public Profiles

We have previously reviewed a number of Flickr image editing and batch downloading applications, like Flickr Edit and Bulkr. However, such applications are either restricted to downloading images from personal accounts or have convoluted settings and are often resource hogs. Recently, we came across a light weight Flickr batch download application known as Flickr Photo Downloader. Despite being a Java-based program, it has a memory stamp of just 12 MB (approximately), and provides simplified options for downloading images from any Flickr profile that has made images public.Read More

WatchMe Lets You Add And Manage Timers For Multiple Tasks

If you are in the habit of doing multiple tasks at a time and want to track the time spent on each task, WatchMe is worth a try. This timer application features extensive options to set timers, add alerts and manage timers for all your tasks. It lets you add timers for different tasks, and run them individually or simultaneously without conflicting with each other. You can add notes, set alerts and enable hotkeys for individual timers. The application allows you to view individual times for each task, as well as the total time. WatchMe can track time spent during work, and calculate hourly billing according to specified rates. It monitors how often you switch between your tasks, and the focus light informs you about your focus level.Read More

Download Music From Last.FM, Aupeo & Vkontakte With Last.FM Downloader

The internet has evolved a lot in the past few years, just like computers did gradually. Only some years ago, it was used only for reading documents or watching images due to limited bandwidth, but now, almost everything from doing our grocery shopping and streaming online videos to listening to music and storing data, has gone online. One of the most obvious uses of internet these days is grabbing music off the net. Various services are available that let you download songs of any kind and genre, from various sources. One such application we found is Last.FM Downloader. Just as its name implies, it is a portable application that lets you download music to your PC from Last.FM, a renowned music website that has millions of subscribers. In addition it also allows you to download music from Aupeo and Vkontakte. The application enables you to login to your Last.FM and Aupeo accounts, and download your favorite music just by entering the URL of your playlists. It downloads the cover art for each song, along with letting you choose a custom download folder and can also create a deep folder layout for your collection. Along with its ease of use, it looks quite handsome. More details about Last.FM Downloader after the break.Read More

Desktop Hunter: Take Screenshots With Defined Image Compression Level

Screenshots play a pivotal role in making your target audience understand the steps involved in configuring or installing an application. When you provide an image with a description, readers can easily comprehend the description as well as verify the sequence of steps involved. As they, "A picture is worth a thousand words", so true this quote stands. Capturing screenshots is quite easy, and while, in older version of Windows you were limited to Print Screen on your keyboard, the options have evolved in Windows 7 Snipping Tool. However, if Snipping Tool still doesn't satiate your appetite then third party tools are the way to go. There are various Windows applications that provide a number of screenshot options, and some that even feel somewhat unnecessary. One of those tools you can try is Desktop Hunter. It is a screenshot-taking utility that lets you capture screenshots and save them in multiple image formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP and GIF. Unlike previously covered tools including Shotty and GreenShot, both of which are quite awesome too, it allows you to set individual compression levels for each image format. You can set custom hotkeys for taking screenshots of a selected region, active window or the complete desktop.Read More

Simple IP Config: Create & Switch Between Network Configuration Profiles

Whenever our PCs connect to the internet, they are assigned some particular parameters like IP address, Subnet Mask and Gateaway. Most routers and Windows is designed in a way that an IP address is automatically assigned to them, saving users from the tedious task of manually doing the job. It is known as DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). Users who don't use DHCP have to change their IP settings when they go home from work and vise versa. Remembering and changing all the IP settings becomes tedious, especially when you're required to switch between two or more internet connections on daily basis. One has to go to Windows Network configuration console for network adapter settings to manually change IP. An easier solution would be to try Simple IP Config. It is a portable IP configuration tool that allows you to create DHCP settings (IP address and DNS server address) and save them in profiles. For instance, profile for you work, home, public hotspots and so on. You can add, edit and delete as many different profiles as you want for different locations and apply them just with a click, whenever you so need.Read More

Easily Recover Permanently Deleted Files With Kickass Undelete

We have all come across situations where we felt the need to restore a file that was deleted even from the Recycle Bin. Well it sure seems to be a headache, as losing important file, especially by mistake, is nothing short of a severe accident. But one thing you should know is that data recovery is possible even when the files have been deleted from the hard disk, as only the reference to their location in directory structure is removed, and the space they occupy becomes available to write more data. In short, the files are not actually deleted but are overwritten by other files. So, its quite plausible to retrieve the original file before any data is overwritten on that space. There are various file recovery tools that need no introduction, they aid you in recovering the lost files to some extent. Such file recovery solution we found is Kickass Undelete. It is a portable recovery tool for Windows which can recover all the deleted files on your hard drive or removable flash drive. It's quite easy to use which both advance and novice users would give a warm welcome. Lets find out how it works.Read More

PC On/Off: Graphically Display PC Uptime For Past 3 Weeks

Many a time, one can end up leaving a system running for a longer period of time than might be required. In fact, some people seldom turn off their computer, which results in straining system components (such as the battery) and the computer on the whole. When it comes to more professional requirements, servers are almost never shut down, except for perhaps maintenance windows and repair purposes. Either way, it becomes necessary to check the time a system's uptime in order to calculate the load that the system is facing. For example, if a backup server is shut down on a periodic basis, while load is transferred to another server (as a rule), then it might be worth checking out if any of them are being run more than their designated time.Read More

Win7Se Brings OS X Expose Feature To Windows

The Mac OS X expose feature enables quickly performing tasks such as locating an open window, hiding all windows or showing the desktop by hovering the mouse to a corner of the desktop. Win7Se is a portable application that brings the Mac OS X expose feature to Windows 7 and Windows 8. It provides a number of options that can be enabled to perform tasks by hovering the mouse to a corner of the desktop.Read More

Easily Create Loop GIF Animations With AnimateGIF

A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) image consists of an animation created by combining a number of still images. It is one of the earliest digital image formats that was introduced back the 80's. It is a very popular image format on the internet, especially on various web forums, as it enables users to create animations without using any complicated image or video editing application. Head over to websites like neogaf and you'd find countless GIF images, shared by various users. If you have ever wondered how to make your own GIF animations, then you'd be surprised to learn that the whole process is quite easy and requires a simple software and some little use of brain. Among a number of GIF creaters available on the internet, one really caught our attention is AnimateGIF. It is a portable application that can create flawless GIF images within a few clicks, complete with custom frame delay and selecting whether the animation will run once or in a loop. You can add & remove as many images as you like and change the quality of your final GIF image. Keep reading for more on AnimateGIF.Read More

Add & Subtract Time From Time Stamps Of Files & Folders Using dtouch

Whenever you create and store files on your computer, the modification and creation times of files and folders are embedded as time stamps in the respected item's Properties. Windows, by default, does not let you modify these time stamps, without making changes to the files. To make the change, you need to alter the file in some way or the other as you make a change, the time stamp also gets updated. But it does not mean that it's not plausible without modification. You can use a multitude of different applications to alter this time. One such we found is dtouch. The application is portable and lets you add or remove specific time spans to and from the time stamps of files and folders, without modifying the contents themselves. The application is capable of changing the time stamps of multiple files one go by just dragging and dropping them into the interface. More after the break.Read More

Unlimited Mouse Unlocks Your Cursor To Move Around Screen Edge

As technology made progressed in LCD manufacturing, they got bigger, better and bolder. As more and more screen real estate was pushed to the consumers, they craved for even more and now we work on multiple displays at the same time. If you have four displays sitting on your desk, then you'd definitely been enjoying all the real estate luxury. However, sometimes multi-display setups cause difficulty for people to manage things and becomes difficult to move mouse pointer from one end to the other, especially horizontally.If you are looking for an application that will let you move your mouse cursor over the edge of the screen to the other side, then try Unlimited Mouse. This miniscule application is extremely useful especially for dual, triple or more display setups. This portable application allows you to move your mouse cursor across the edges of your screen, i.e. you move it through one edge and it emerges from the other side. It unlocks your mouse, and enables cursor movement from right-end of the screen to the left-end and from top to bottom without getting stopped by the screen edges. Not only that but you can also unlock and lock you mouse whenever you want to use this feature. More to follow.Read More

Extract Required Windows 8 Log Files With Windows 8 Log Collector

It is often required by system administrators to fetch different kinds of log files to identify system issues. For example, you might have to check event logs in order to identify issues with a startup applications and to investigate a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). Collecting these log files from numerous sources can be quite a time consuming task. Windows 8 Log Collector is a portable application that quickly fetches numerous Windows 8 log files for MSINFO32, Mini dump, event logs, host file, and Internet Explorer.Read More Is An Easy To Use GUI For rsync

We have previously reviewed a number of rsync GUI applications that enable synchronization of your local and offsite files with powerful backend agent of rysnc. is a portable application which uses rsync as the backend agent to perform synchronization between source and target locations. Unlike previously reviewed rsync-based Grsync and Qtd Sync tools, it has a more simplified interface, and doesn't require configuring any type of settings.  For those who aren't familiar with rsync, it is a Command Line tool for Windows & UNIX to synchronize files and directories. What makes rsync quite handy is the ability to support a wide range of features and options that help users customize the synchronization jobs as per requirements. Read More

iPadian Lets You Emulate iPad On Windows With Select Custom Apps

Ever wanted to bring iOS UI to Windows? If yes, then try iPadian. It is a Windows application that clones iOS user interface. It comes with a custom app store, complete with a few pre-installed iPad apps. With iPadian, you get support for full screen mode, access to resources which provide free music and videos, Webkit browser, Social Chat, Facebook notification support and much more.Read More

Control Screen Brightness And Turn Off Monitor With iBrightness

Picture clarity in modern displays depend on the difference between brightness and contrast ratio. The farther these two are to each other, the better your image or video would look. Surely, keeping your LCD brightness high during gaming sessions or while watching a movie does make sense, as the picture becomes more vivid and bright. But when you're using your PC at night with the lights turned off, doesn’t the screen seem a bit too bright? It puts strain on your eyes, and in the worst case scenario, can also harm your eyesight. Furthermore, when you're surfing the web or doing some writing stuff on MS Word or writing an important email to your boss, you don't want to keep the brightness level to the full. Whether you know it or not, more brightness also squeezes out more electricity, thus hefty bills to be paid at the end of the month. Although, you can change brightness level from within your LCD's OSD, with iBrightness, a brightness control tool for Windows, you'd keep monitor power and display brightness controls at your fingertips. Whilst you can change the screen brightness from native display options available in Control Panel, iBrightness provides you a unified interface to change brightness. What's more, it also enables to turn off monitor and activate desktop screensaver. More details after the break.Read More

Transfer On LAN: Easily Transfer Files Between Systems Running Different OS In Network

If you are moving or copying files from one location to another, the process is fairly simple, all you have to do is use the copy/move and paste operation to get the job done. Transferring files between two computers is also quite easy, but only when they are running the same operating systems. In a heterogeneous network environment, one has to configure numerous sharing options to ensure seamless file sharing between systems running different operating systems. In this hectic and busy life, no one has the time to configure complicated settings to get the things worked and everyone is looking for rather simple solutions, for everyday computer work. We have found a handy solution that might help you out in transferring files between computers with distinct OS environment. Labelled as Transfer on LAN, it is a cross-platform utility that allows users to transfer files without having to configure any type of file sharing options, and therefore suitable for heterogeneous network environment. The application lets you specify custom computer identification name for sharing files with others. Additionally, it comes with an option to hide system name from its list, so that other connected clients can't identify your system. More details after the jump.Read More