How To Flash MAGLDR & Custom ROMs To Samsung Omnia 7 And Samsung Focus

The concept for Windows Phone 7 custom ROMs is nothing new, the Dark Force Team has developed ROMs for first-gen HTC phones using Mango (as discussed here), but now it appears that they are taking things a step further, and Samsung users can enjoy their work as well! Just yesterday, DFT released Sammy Rainbow, which is the MAGLDR for Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus (first-gen Samsung WP7 devices). If you are wondering what MAGLDR is, read our detailed guide on the subject. This release has paved the way for custom ROM development for Samsung WP7 devices, and even presently you can flash the Freedom custom ROM, which is pretty awesome to say the least. Read on to learn how to install MAGLDR on your Samsung WP7, and then flash a custom ROM through MAGLDR. Read More

Extra Settings Brings Auto Brightness To First Gen Samsung WP7 Phones

HTC might have raced ahead in the Windows Phone 7 device market with Titan and Radar, but on the apps front, Samsung remains the most active developer for WP7. As we said in our reviews of FunShot and Wireless Manager, Samsung Zone is getting updates and new apps pretty regularly these days. People had started to accuse Samsung of ignoring their first generation WP7 devices, and to counter those allegations, the developers over at Samsung have come up with Extra Settings. This is an app that, once downloaded, will disappear from your app list and make additions to the Settings menu. So what are the new settings brought by this app? Read on to find out. Read More

How To Interop Unlock Samsung WP7 Devices & Get Internet Tethering

It was annoying to find out that despite all its awesomeness, Mango still hasn’t introduced internet sharing and tethering in Windows Phone 7. Another annoying thing about the Mango update is interop unlock. Now devices cannot be simply dev unlocked. There are two levels of unlocking WP7 now. You can have a developer unlock or there is the more privileged interop version of unlocking. If you are a Samsung WP7 user, then you are in luck as both these problems (interop unlock and internet sharing) can be solved in one go using a rather simple method, which is for developer unlocked devices. Read More

How To Enable MMS On Samsung Focus & Samsung Omnia 7 [Guide]

Just yesterday we covered the method to fix MMS on Dell Venue Pro. But as discussed in that post, the problem is pretty widespread and Venue Pro is just one handset. Unfortunately there is no universal fix yet, but it is possible to get MMS running on most Windows Phone 7 devices. The latest ones to join the “fixed” bandwagon are Samsung Focus and Samsung Omnia 7. So if you are a user of Samsung WP7 devices, then all your MMS-related problems just got solved. The MMS fix that has come to light for Samsung phones was originally figured out for Focus, but upon testing we discovered that it works on Omnia 7 as well. It makes sense now that any first generation Samsung Windows Phone will support this hack. Read More

How To Unbrick Samsung Omnia 7 [Guide]

No matter how rich you are, it always hurts to brick your smartphone. You are sure to have a special kind of bond with your phone as it is with you almost all day. Many of us today live by our phone. It is not at all a good feeling if you feel like you have killed your friend with your own hands, and that’s how you feel if you somehow brick your device. Samsung Omnia 7 is a pretty decent Windows Phone 7 device with a knack of hooking new users to it. If you are an owner of this classy pone, but unfortunately it has been bricked, them don’t think there is no way out. Read on. Read More

Samsung Omnia 7 WP7 Zero Battery Workaround

Using my newly acquired Samsung Omnia 7, I was understandably quite lost in checking out the apps and features for pretty much most of the night. The result was inevitable, my battery went zero. I tried to put it on charge, but there was no sign of life. I tried turning it on to get the Samsung logo at least, no effect. I have to admit that I was pretty much horrified and endured a few really depressing minutes. All this sounds familiar to you? Well, I got my phone running in the end, and the trick was absurdly simple. It might not make much sense, but all that matters is that it works, and you are sure to have your device up and running in no time at all. Read More

How To Enhance Samsung Omnia 7 Headphone Sound

Music is an integral part of many people’s daily lives. And your phone is your constant companion which is always with you and lets you enjoy the music of your choice on the go. Many people attribute the iPhone's success to focus on music, and that is quite true. It is a common sight today to see a person walking down a road with headphones plugged into their ears. This constant obsession with music has been fuelled even further thanks to the latest rise to fame of smartphones. Android, iOS and Windows Phone all lay special emphasis on letting users listen to their favorite songs in an optimal and convenient manner. Samsung Omnia 7 is a Windows Phone 7 device which comes with pretty good acoustic properties. And that’s why you can really enjoy it’s headphones (specially if you got the original Samsung ones with your device). But if you feel that there’s still room for improvement, you can increase the headphone volume of this device using the procedure described below! Read More

Increase Speaker Volume In Samsung Omnia 7 [Guide]

Samsung Omnia 7 is the phone I personally use, and to be honest, I am quite in love with it. However, my first disagreement with it arose when I was late for work in the morning because I missed my alarm. Being a heavy sleeper, the speaker volume wasn’t enough to wake me up. Also, while listening to music, you might feel that the volume is not as high as you want it to be. The sound is pretty good on this Windows Phone 7 goodie, but that does not mean there is no way of improving it. In fact, it is possible to increase the volume of this Samsung Windows Phone by a large factor. Of course, there are risks involved, but if you are really looking forward to a louder phone, or are just curious about how you can get a little bit more out of your Omnia 7, well, here’s how to do it. Read More

How To Flash A ROM In Samsung Omnia 7 [Guide]

If you have converted to Windows Phone 7 from Android then you must be pretty used to changing ROMs in your phone and enjoying the customization and enhanced usability they provide. However unlike Android (which is an open source operating system), WP7 provides a lot less freedom. You will be hard pressed to flash a ROM in a WP7 device or to access the hardware of your phone. But as it is commonly said, nothing is impossible, and so developers have started to come up with ways to break in to WP7 phones. Now it is possible to flash a ROM of your choice even if you own a WP7 phone like Samsung Omnia 7. Read More

How To Jailbreak Samsung Omnia 7 On Windows Phone 7.5 Mango [Guide]

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango beta has caused quite a buzz in the smartphone community straight from its release. Developers are scrambling to get their hands on this latest OS update by Microsoft. If your phone is running on WP7 and is developer unlocked, you are free to get a taste of this almost-ripe, delicious-looking mango. But if you are a developer or even an advanced user, you have got to be thinking that what’s the point of having Mango when you don’t have root access on it. Without jailbreaking it, the OS must be feeling like a treasure in your hands but with a guardian serpent slithering vigilantly over the box. However, Samsung Omnia 7 users do not have to contend with such despairing thoughts any more. Read More

Get USB Tethering On Samsung Windows Phone 7 Devices

Although WiFi hotspots are increasing exponentially over populated areas with the deployment of wireless broadband, there is hardly any area that does not have some form of internet coverage. However if you’re in an area with no coverage and own a Samsung Windows Phone 7 device, you can now share your device’s 3G connection and share it to your laptop or PC via a USB interface. Read on for a step by step tutorial that guides you all through the process. Read More