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How To Enable MMS On Samsung Focus & Samsung Omnia 7 [Guide]

Just yesterday we covered the method to fix MMS on Dell Venue Pro. But as discussed in that post, the problem is pretty widespread and Venue Pro is just one handset. Unfortunately there is no universal fix yet, but it is possible to get MMS running on most Windows Phone 7 devices. The latest ones to join the “fixed” bandwagon are Samsung Focus and Samsung Omnia 7. So if you are a user of Samsung WP7 devices, then all your MMS-related problems just got solved. The MMS fix that has come to light for Samsung phones was originally figured out for Focus, but upon testing we discovered that it works on Omnia 7 as well. It makes sense now that any first generation Samsung Windows Phone will support this hack.

Same as yesterday’s fix, its Samsung variant also needs tinkering with the phone’s Diagnostics settings to bring the MMS back to life. Turns out the problem was with the hardware MMS settings all along, and you need to enter nothing more than a few commands before the picture sharing starts working robustly on your device. Before attempting to follow this guide though, make sure that you contact your carrier and request them to enable MMS and internet on your phone. Alternatively, you can choose to do everything on your own and configure these settings if you ave any source other than your carrier.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.


Diagnostics MenuConfirmation Flash

  1. From your phone’s dialer dial ##634#. This will launch the Diagnostics screen, which is just another dialing screen.
  2. Once there, input 40*047#3
  3. Now that you have entered the above-mentioned code, you will see the Confirmation flash as shown in the screenshot (taken on Omnia 7) above. Tap OK. The message deals with Auto SIM settings, and just reaffirms that the auto SIM configuration of your phone has just been revamped by the diagnostic code you entered in the previous step.
  4. As said in the confirmation message, tapping the OK button in the dialog screen will reboot your device. Wait for the device to turn back on, and do not do anything with your phone until the Start screen becomes properly visible again.

And that’s all there is to it. Your MMS should be up and running now. WPCentral got this tip for Samsung Focus, and now we can confirm that it’s working on Samsung Omnia 7 too.

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  • Jeffrey Santos

    work for me! thanks

    Unlocked Unbranded Samsung Omnia 7
    Globe Telecoms PH

  • Ivan

    not work on my omnia 7, so give mms mesnssagens of error!

  • Bostjan

    no go… did the procedure as shown, no difference… still cant send message… and getting media content…

  • Seneca Green

    work great thanks

  • Howard

    Worked great for me too! Much easier than other online crazy firmware upgrade suggestions.

  • Linell

    ddnt work i got windows 7.5 please help me

  • Saad

    does this works in Pakistan too with Telenor Network

  • Jet73

    This only works on some firmware.

    This is how I got mine to work
    1) flash with I8700ITVKC1
    2) apply Device_Update_Support_Tool_for_OMNIA7_KC3_Ver1.2.exe from samsung website
    3) update to latest using Zune
    4) use instructions above (doing it twice)

  • Jet73

    This only works on some firmware.

    This is how I got mine to work
    1) flash with I8700ITVKC1
    2) apply Device_Update_Support_Tool_for_OMNIA7_KC3_Ver1.2.exe from samsung website
    3) update to latest using Zune
    4) use instructions above (doing it twice)

  • Alysaphilips

    picture message not workin try to reboot still not workin wat to do?

  • prince

    the phone isn’t responding to the command

  • April

    didn’t change anything on my samsung focus…..

  • Dannyman909

    This actually worked for me! I tried it a few times and it would actually disabled it. So I said OK go ahead and disable and restart. Then I went back and did it again so that this time it will say “enable” and restart. Tested an MMS and it worked! I am using an unlocked samsung focus on tmobile.

    • Evenmetal99

       Do you think you could give me the steps that you did?  I also have an unlocked samsung focus and it really sucks I cannot get mms to work.  Please help!  It would be appreciative.

  • Juglo_j

    I had to go into the “Samsung Zone” section of the marketplace and install “Network Profile”. Went into the app and changed my network from AT&T to T-Mobile. Then I did the fix on this post and it works!

    • Juglo_j

      If you haven’t figured it out, I am using my Samsung Focus unlocked with T-Mobile.

    • Michelle

      This worked for me – thank you

  • Randy

    This is a lie.  BOGUS do not waste your time.

  • Evenmetal99

    Did not work on my unlocked samsung focus using straight talk……Please Help!  Thanks.

  • Lordakira

    Will this work for a wp7 set to work on straight talk?

  • Neighbourhood_Nerd

    Does not work on my Samsung Focus i917.

    This isn’t a fix-all for everybody – the available networks have to be known to the phone first. Hence complete fail using this to get MMS on NZ Vodafone :S

    • Nadirah

      did you ever find a solution? I am having the same issue with the focus I917

      • Neighbourhood_Nerd

        Sorry buddy, not at this point. There may be some options for this if you used a custom ROM or hacked the phone :S

  • Sloop JB

    Thank you for this. These instructions worked perfectly on my wife’s Focus.

    • Hamza Khalid

      Glad to be of help

  • put in code on samsung omnia after field test but confirmaion flash didnt come up

  • HMan

    Great. Worked for my Samsung Omnia 7 in Norway.

  • No Name

    Once you do this, make sure and it again. The message will tell if it’s currently enabled or disabled. Make sure it says enabled.

  • bbb

    yu r the best mine workin now

  • Foxyboy

    mine working too