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Install ClockworkMod Recovery On LG G2X In Linux [How To]

The latest ClockworkMod recovery has now been made available for the LG G2X, that is the T-Mobile variant of the LG Optimus 2X. Often has been the case that most rooting, or recovery installations on Android devices are meant to done on a Windows based PC. However, this time around, RootzWiki forum member krylon360 has released the ClockworkMod recovery package just for the Linux users in particular what is otherwise not that common a practice by developers. Even better, the installation procedure is as easy as a breeze! So if you have a Linux based PC and an LG G2X, read on after the break to learn how to get ClockworkMod up and running on your device.

If right about now you’re wondering what’s the fuss about recoveries and all and this ClockworkMod recovery in particular, you should know, that without a custom recovery, you would not be able to install custom ROMs and basically any unsigned packages. Nowadays you will find half the mods and themes and ROMs in zip packages that can only be flashed via a custom recovery. For a detailed overview of the ClockworkMod recovery, head over to our guide on what is ClockworkMod recovery for Android and how to use it. t-mobile-g2x-clockworkmod-recovery

If you already knew what the hype is all about or if you were just convinced as you went through this article, here’s how you can get this recovery up and running on your phone.

Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.



  1. To begin download the recovery from the link above and extract it.
  2. Turn the phone off and take the battery out.
  3. Hold the Volume up and down keys as you plug in the USB cable.
  4. You will not see anything change, but the phone will mount.
  5. Now open terminal and navigate to the folder where you extracted the recovery to enter the following command:
  6. Once you see that the .img file has been sent successfully, unplug the USB and put it back in.
  7. Hold the Volume down + Power button, and once you see the second logo, let go of the keys. This should boot you into ClockworkMod recovery.

For updates and any queries related to this recovery, head over to the forum thread at RootzWiki.

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