MacDropAny – Link Local Folders In Mac With Dropbox To Sync

MacDropAny is a tiny application which provides the functionality of previously covered DropboxFolderSync for Windows.  It is developed solely for Mac users who need to sync multiple folders without creating links with Dropbox folder manually. MacDropAny allows user to easily create symbolic links with Dropbox folder to keep synchronization process as seamless as it can be. Leaving aside the details, suffice it to say that it’s the best solution for creating links between user-defined local and Dropbox folders in order to perform distraction-free synchronization. Read More

EvImSync Syncs Evernote Notebooks With Gmail

If you are an Evernote user on Windows, you might want to have a look at backing up your Notebooks to Gmail account. EvImSync is a new applications that does just that. It synchronizes Evernote notebooks with your Gmail account, thus saving them as emails inside one folder (of your choosing). Keep in mind that it is not a two-way sync, it can only sync one-way from Evernote to Gmail. Therefore, if an email is removed from Gmail, the note will not get removed from Evernote, you will have to remove the notebooks from Evernote to delete it from Gmail. The same goes for changes in tags. You must change them in Evernote to reflect changes in Gmail, not vice versa. Read More

Perform Scenario-Based Data Sync & Backup On Large Scale With SyncBack

If you’re planning to deploy a complete data synchronization system to seamlessly perform the backup tasks regardless of how big the work scale is, odds of you coming across one feature-rich but paid synchronization utility are high. What if you could find all the essential synchronization and data backup features for free? SyncBack attempts to offer all the characteristics which you’d like to have. It can perform sync and backup operation remotely while covering numerous scenarios to fit the need of advanced users. Despite having features of previously reviewed sync utilities, it takes data back up and synchronization to the next level, allowing users to backup and sync data over network and to optical drives, launch application after and before the sync/backup task, schedule by day/monthly basis, filter both files and directories, and compress destination data by 4 different levels. If data backup or synchronization is to be performed on a large scale, you can turn-on Expert mode to generate reports and send confirmation/ errors logs through inherent email system after sync or backup task gets finished. Read More

ResophNotes – Take Plain Text Notes And Sync With Simplenote

ResophNotes is a fast and lightweight free Windows application for capturing plain text notes and syncing them to the cloud. It brings the concept of Notational Velocity – a popular note taking program for Mac – to Windows. Other programs like Evernote and Microsoft OneNote offer similar functionality but what sets ResophNotes apart is its simplicity for those of us who just need the ability to capture and organize plain text notes. Read More

Synkron – Sync Multiple Folders, Restore Overwritten Or Deleted Files, And More

Synkron is an ingeniously simple application to carry out synchronization between two locations which has a lot different to offer as compared to previously reviewed sync utilities. Beyond the obvious features of every synchronization tool, which includes, scheduling sync job, supporting incremental synchronization, applying filters, etc. It allows you to sync hidden files and folders between two specified locations whilst offering novel features like Multisync (to backup data from multiple sources to one target location), Propagate deletion, and Detect collisions. With Synkron, you can also create a Blacklist of folders, files, and extensions to add an eternal exclusion from sync process. Read More

Automatically Sync All Documents With Google Docs After Every 5 Minutes

If you are an avid Google Docs user and like to keep all of your important documents synced with Google Docs cloud, here we have a simple desktop application called Up The Sync, which promises seamless synchronization with Google Docs. Not only it can sync silently after regular intervals, it has an ability to sync documents residing in multiple folders, which means that if you’ve already grouped up documents in multiple folders, with this application, you can sync all the selected folders with Google Docs. Read More

Sync User Ratings And Play Counts Between iTunes And Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player and iTunes are both very capable, comprehensive and user-friendly music management solutions. Both support features like comprehensive libraries, smart playlists, etc, and they monitor your listening patterns to generate their own playlists. They also like to track your favorites, based on ratings you assign. If you’re using both WMP and iTunes at the same time, chances are you’ll run into the frustration of your playing preferences not being in sync. Orzeszek Ratings is a portable, free application that lets you sync track ratings and play counts between both these music management solutions. Read More

Sync iTunes Library Across Multiple Computers With MediaRover

Ok, so you’re an avid iTunes user with a decent music library collected over years. A friend, family member or colleague of yours likes your music collection and wants it, but there’s no easy way to transfer all those files to them. Or, you want to have the same music collection available at your home and work computers, but cannot figure out an easy way to do so? MediaRover comes to the rescue! Read More

Android Manager WiFi Syncs And Transfer Files Wirelessly To Windows PC

With Android phones, the most troublesome thing for users is the lack of decent PC-phone management solution. Most other mobile platforms have some official offering that makes this task really easy, for example, Nokia’s Ovi Suite, iPhone’s iTunes management system, and so on. Some vendors have their own in-house solutions which are not really up to the mark, the classic example of which is Samsung’s Kies. Hence users really appreciate any third-party solution that can ease their life when it comes to Android backup, restore and management through PC. Read More

ZumoDrive – Upload And Sync Media From Windows Right-Click Context Menu

Dropbox and SugerSync (see comparison) are two services which allow users to upload and access files from any device. And then there is as well. ZumoDrive is another web-based application which is designed on the same plane to upload your files to a central location and access your content on any of your device (Smartphone, desktop, tablet). Contrasting to aforementioned applications, it offers greater customization and creates a virtual drive (Z drive) in Windows Explorer to upload your files instantly. Read More

Synchredible Schedules Sync Two Folders, Alternative To SyncToy

Synchredible is small but powerful synchronization tool which looks quite similar to Microsoft's Synctoy, as far as the primary functionality are concerned. It supports bi-directional synchronization and offers a very straightforward way of syncing two folders, but also differs from SyncToy when it comes to syncing options. It hosts plenty of features which are not there in Microsoft SyncToy, some of which are; sync files which are added/updated after a specified date, sync after every X amount of time, set date for the sync process, action automation before/after synchronization, etc. Read More

Advanced File System Management Toolkit FlexTK Express

FlexTK Express is a toolkit developed to perform the most important operations and functions which are related with file management. It packages features like; searching and classifying files, scanning file system, file organizing and data migration, file/folder synchronization, analyzing storage utilization, and fault-tolerant copying of large files. The user-defined commands help execute any available function in the way user wants, allowing complete flexibility. Read More

iGoSyncDocs: Sync Google Docs Across Multiple Computers [Desktop]

iGoSyncDocs is a desktop application that lets users access, download, and upload files to Google Docs across multiple computers. Using this application, you can instantly launch an instance of Google Docs on your computer. All you need is to enter the username and password to your Google Docs account. This tool will then import all your Google Docs files to your PC, allowing you to modify them just the way you like. Read More

PhoneAble Allows Multiple Computers (iTunes) To Sync With iPhone

Technically an iPhone is always associated with one iTunes library, which means you cannot sync it across multiple computers. Lets say that if you want to sync music from Home computer and contacts/calendar from Work computer, then it is not possible by default. However, this can be enabled by performing a simple hack which requires you to copy the iTunes Library ID from iTunes Music Library.xml file and paste it in another computer’s iTunes Music Library.xml file. Read More

Synchronize, Backup, And Transfer Files With PureSync

PureSync is a multi-lingual feature-rich synchronization and backup tool having capability to perform synchronization and data backup in multitude of ways. To ease the process of syncing and backing up all the specified content, it provides user with self-explanatory wizards to easily begin with the process. As name implies, it mainly capitalize on syncing content from two different locations and can handle multiple (up to 5) syncing process concurrently. It also let users to keep tab on all the previous synchronization processes by offering its native file format for saving backup jobs. Read More