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Dolphin Browser HD 7.0 Syncs Bookmarks, Gestures & More [Android]

Dolphin Browser HD is easily among the most popular web browsers for Android and iOS. Browsing through tabs and gestures, easy bookmarking, content-rich webzines and customizable settings are some of the salient features of said browser that make it a standout contender among its counterparts. If you’re using Dolphin Brower HD on your Android, rejoice, for we bring good news! Dolphin Browser HD for Android has just been updated (to v7.0) with a couple of handy features, and is available on the GetJar App Store for free (download link provided at the end). As of now, the updated browser would remain available exclusively on GetJar until coming Sunday (Oct 23), after which it would be released on the Android Market as well. Dolphin Connect and improved webzines are some of the noteworthy changes that come along with the update, and we shall explore both the features in detail after the jump.


The Bookmark Sync feature/add-on, initially released as a standalone app and allowed users to sync their favorite Dolphin Browser HD bookmarks to/from the cloud, has been incorporated into the latest update via the aforementioned Dolphin Connect feature. This means that you are no longer required to install the Bookmark Sync app separately, as the feature can be accessed right from within your favorite browser. That’s not all; the Dolphin Connect feature extends it sync support beyond bookmarks, and lets you sync your browsing preferences as well as gestures, allowing access whenever and wherever you like. Once this feature gets added to the iPhone/iPad clients of the browser, users would be able to sync their favorite Dolphin HD content not only across devices, but also across different platforms. This accounts for truly hassle-free web browsing on the go!

Moreover, you can now use your Gmail/Facebook accounts to log in to Dolphin Connect. In order to access Dolphin Connect, swipe to the right on the browser screen to launch the Bookmarks page, tap the sync button (the one with a star and rounded arrows) and tap Sync Now. Remember, you must be logged in with a valid account to gain access.

The revamped Webzines of Dolphin Browser HD let you quickly access some of the best web content, ranging from sports-based websites to the top-notch technology blogs (including your very own AddictiveTips), through an eye-catching and easily-readable interface. If you’re looking for the Add a Column… button on the Webzine screen to add your favorite pages, be advised that it’s not there anymore. Instead, the updated browser lets you add a website to said screen in a brand new way. On the Webzine screen, tap Featured… > View More, navigate to your favorite category and then select a website, open it, and tap the (+) button from the toolbar on the bottom. That’s it! You’ve successfully added your preferred web service to your Dolphin HD Webzines.


Until the updated Dolphin Browser HD makes its way to the Android Market, you may visit the GetJar Store to download the app for free. While the link to the app’s GetJar page is provided below, you may also download the Dolphin Browser HD v7.0 directly to your device through these simple little steps:

  1. Open m.getjar.com on your phone’s browser
  2. Navigate to the bottom of the page and tap on the Quick Download button
  3. Enter the product code ‘40963’ in the provided box
  4. Your download should now begin.

Download Dolphin HD Browser 7.0 for Android (GetJar Link)


  1. Apparently you need the Getjar App installed.
    Certainly thats what happened on Dolphin 6 on my HTC Desire running Leedroid HD.

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